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Chapter 101: Insane Doton Master

The evil man was startled because Mu Yi had freed himself. However, he noticed the copper lamp and understood how he had done it.

“So, what do you think? Do you want to swear allegiance to the protector?” asked the man.

This time his voice wasn’t as beguiling. He was no longer trying to charm Mu Yi or be friendly. He still sounded like a woman though. Mu Yi knew what he was trying to say.

“Acknowledge allegiance to you? Then what? Follow you and help you become an emperor?” said Mu Yi ironically.

“Out of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, which one has been selected by the gods? (Translator’s note: for more information: The Qin Dynasty collapsed and the country was invaded by the Manchus. This country should belong to the Hans,” said the evil man to Mu Yi with fervour and confidence.

His voice was devoid of warmth, but he knew what he was talking about.

“Do you want to rebel against the Qing Dynasty and re-establish the Ming Dynasty?” said Mu Yi.

Since the Manchus had taken over, many rebels said the Manchus weren’t legitimate rulers. The evil man was no exception in that regard.

“Ming Dynasty? No, after the Manchus, it should be the Yan Dynasty. My name is Yan. We need the Great Yan Dynasty!” said the evil man shouting and shaking his head

“Great Yan Dynasty?” Mu Yi said.

He stared at the evil man strangely. Was the man referring to one of the seven powerful states during the Warring States period? Or did it mean something else? It didn’t matter because for Mu Yi, all the emperors were insane.

The word insane was an offensive term. It was necessary to be insane to be an emperor. The man in front of him was already insane. Mu Yi was curious as to why he was so confident. Did he think he’d be able to build an empire by relying on the Church of the Thousand Children?

“Now, I’ll give you one more opportunity. Pledge allegiance to me or die,” said the evil man.

“I’m sorry. I’ll choose the third option, kill you,” said Mu Yi.

He had already prepared a five thunders charm which he threw while he was still talking. The sound of an explosion spread through the air. Lightning surrounded the evil man.

Mu Yi had taken the evil man seriously from the beginning, just like he had taken Qiu Yuetong seriously. Qiu Yuetong was a reasonable person though. The man in front of him was irrational.

When facing opponents whom he couldn’t understand well, Mu Yi’s strategy was to strike first. He needed to gain the advantage, and in the best case scenario, he could destroy them quickly. He didn’t want to give them time to react.

For the past few days, apart from practicing cultivation, Mu Yi had prepared five thunders charms. His success rate hadn’t increased a lot but he had time to make five. Mu Yi wanted to make more but he had realized that when he had more than five of the charms with him they had a strange affect on him.

He had tried carrying more so he knew for sure. After having a bad experience because of it he had decided to keep only five on him at any given time. It didn’t matter. Five of the five thunders charms were enough.

If five thunders charms couldn’t destroy an enemy, then having more of the same charms would be useless anyway. After throwing the first one, Mu Yi didn’t stop, he threw a second one and then a third one without hesitating. Two more charms exploded and lights flashed.

Mu Yi jumped back after the attack. He had just thrown three five thunders charms without missing a beat, even Qiu Yuetong hadn’t had to experience such a thing. Mu Yi was confident that five thunders charms would work but he still couldn’t afford to be careless. As long as he hadn’t won, he had to be vigilant and strike against the enemy.

He held onto the other two five thunders charms though and waited to see the result of the previous attack. After a moment passed, he decided it was best to just use them. He felt the ground shaking under his feet.

When he looked over at where the man was again, someone was coming out of the ground. It was the man Mu Yi had been attacking. He had managed to hide underground. The lightning completely disappeared and he could see them all clearly again.

The one with the protruding ears had followed the giant. He had died since he wasn’t able to make it underground. He was completely carbonized.

The giant was on his knees. The chair he was holding before had exploded into pieces that littered the ground. He was also badly injured. He had been burned until he was black. Some of his bones were showing.

He wasn’t dead though, his chest was still heaving as he breathed. Mu Yi looked at the evil man as he was coming out of the ground. His eyes were filled fury. He wanted to crush Mu Yi now.

He hadn’t thought Mu Yi would attack without warning. He hadn’t had time to react. Mu Yi just threw another five thunders charm without waiting for the man to climb up.

The evil man hadn’t come here to die or resigned himself to that. When Mu Yi threw the five thunders charm, he tried to hide underground once more. The ground shook violently as he dug into it. Mu Yi felt like he couldn’t touch him at all, only craters appeared when Mu Yi used the charms. He hadn’t even injured the man.

Could it be that he’s a doton master? (translator’s note: 土遁 (doton), like in Naruto, is the ability to control the earth) thought Mu Yi.

It was strange though. People who knew the arts of doton were legendary beings. That didn’t seem likely but he didn’t know how else to explain how the evil man could control the earth. He could even use the power to dodge his attacks.

Mu Yi didn’t stay where he was. He started moving around without stopping. He jumped onto the giant’s shoulder. The giant didn’t react quickly enough to do anything to him. Mu Yi jumped from his shoulder onto a gigantic stone. From his new perch he saw the evil man come out of the ground right where he was previously standing.

“Kill him,” said the evil man.

He quickly realized Mu Yi had escaped. He was furious. He pointed at him. He didn’t look as confident and at ease as before. His expression had twisted.

When the giant heard the evil man, he raised his head and stood up. Even though he was staggering, he was tall, so he could easily reach Mu Yi. Mu Yi felt pressured, but wasn’t scared. The giant turned around. Mu Yi made a dismissive and cold sound before he raised the copper lamp.

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