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Chapter 102: Reaching the Second Difficulty (First Part)

Mu Yi had become stronger so the copper lamp was also more powerful. In critical situations the copper lamp could suppress evil yin and ghosts, but it could also injure people badly. He put all of his strength into activating the copper lamp. The copper lamp emitted flames that collided with the giant.

The giant groaned in pain. No visible wound appeared on his body but he fell to the ground anyway. He put his hands on his head because it hurt. Not too far away, the evil man who had wanted to attack Mu Yi by surprise shouted in pain as well

Mu Yi’s eyes glinted with a hard light. He didn’t think that by attacking the giant, he could also injure the evil man. The evil man most likely controlled the giant using his soul and so his soul had also been injured.

The man had been able to dodge the five thunders charms by hiding underground. His defense was really good. Mu Yi had finally found a solution. He threw the last five thunders charm without hesitation. It was as if he had no scruples.

Light flashed around the man. He shrieked in pain. The five thunders charm had definitely reached the man but Mu Yi didn’t relax. He had no more five thunders charms though. If he had some more, he would have thrown them.

However, Mu Yi had many evil spirit slaying charms. As soon as the lightning dispersed, he threw an evil spirit slaying charm. He threw seven of them without stopping. They were thrown one after another and so quickly that it was impossible to know which one he had thrown first. They all landed on the man’s body at the same time. He was burned by the explosion. His skin turned black before he exploded.

Mu Yi saw the man’s body explode and thought for sure he was now dead. Due to his sharp senses, he noticed something was wrong. His opponent’s body had exploded but there was no blood at all.

The five thunders charms and evil spirit slaying charms were extremely powerful. They could easily kill most of his opponents. However, it was impossible to kill an enemy without spilling blood. The fact that there was no blood wasn’t at all related to the charms but to the man’s condition.

When Mu Yi was thinking what the cause could be, black smoke emerged from one half of the man’s body. It rose halfway into the air and turned into a shadow.

“I wouldn’t have thought that after more than a hundred years, I would be killed by a little boy like you. Someone who hasn’t even reached the second difficulty,” said the black shadow.

The voice was hoarse. It didn’t sound like the same as the evil man. Mu Yi was mostly surprised by what the shadow had said. When he was in a corporeal form, he looked young. He looked like a twenty-year-old man. He didn’t look like a hundred-year-old man.

Mu Yi wouldn’t have thought that an old man could hide in a young body. Now, Mu Yi understood why no blood had spilled.

“Who are you?” asked Mu Yi.

He didn’t dare act carelessly. Even though his opponent had died, Mu Yi still felt that it wasn’t over.

“You want to know who I really am? You’re not strong enough to know but your body can become my new body,” said the black shadow laughing madly.

“You think you stand a chance?!” yelled Mu Yi.

His fury was sparked by the words. Even though he had no more five thunders charm, he still had the copper lamp. He wasn’t scared of his opponent. The copper lamp was the perfect tool against evil energy and ghosts. He could get twice the results using half the effort with the copper lamp.

“We’ll see, little boy!” shouted the black shadow furiously.

He threw himself at Mu Yi. Since he had lost his body, he was even faster. He  arrived in front of Mu Yi in less than a second. Mu Yi didn’t even have time to raise his arm. He could only push mind strength into the copper lamp and watch as its light grew dazzling.

Light flashed and the shadow with it. Mu Yi sensed a terrifying strength forcing its way towards him. He was pushed back by it but he continued to hold the copper lamp firmly. He looked at the black shadow again once the light from the copper lamp had dispersed. Cyan smoke was coming off the shadow in waves.

He didn’t seem to be in a good condition anymore. He didn’t stop attacking though and threw himself at Mu Yi again. Mu Yi was vigilant. He continued using mind strength to fuel the copper lamp but such a method used lots of mind strength.

After a few attacks, the shadow had faded a lot. Mu Yi’s face had also paled. He was staring at his opponent without blinking. There were blue veins on his temples and they were really swollen.

He had injured the black shadow a great deal but he couldn’t relax. He had used most of his mind strength as such he had to remain determined. Each time he thought one more attack would suffice to defeat the shadow, he was proven wrong. He would continue though saying to himself that one more attack would be enough.

Since Mu Yi hadn’t broke through, he lasted longer by sheer determination. This way he kept surpassing himself.

I can’t lose. I need to find the old Taoist Priest. I need to take care of Nuer. I haven’t seen them yet. I haven’t been able to ask the many questions I want answers to… thought Mu Yi.

Mu Yi could barely see and was on the verge of collapse. He felt like a candle that was about to go out. He continued to somehow find more strength in himself and persevered. The black shadow was already in bad shape, but he had gone so far for this. It was impossible for him to stop halfway. He also had to fight on and they would see who the last one standing would be.

Nian Nuer was still in the bamboo forest. She was worried. She wanted to go and help but she remembered that Mu Yi had been firm when he had told her to stay. She kept pacing in the bamboo forest. Each time she heard thunder and shrieks of pain, she worried even more.

Nian Nuer was well aware that Mu Yi didn’t have many five thunders charms. When he used a lot of them, it meant that the enemy was really strong. He had no five thunders charms left but the battle wasn’t over. She was unsure of what to do.

Should I go or not? thought Nian Nuer.

Am I going to die? thought Mu Yi.

His body started to feel numb. It was odd but he felt happy, relaxed and light-hearted. It was as if he could fly away if he wanted to.

Is that my soul? thought Mu Yi.

He didn’t understand what was going on.  He didn’t know what it felt like to die either. However, in the moment, he thought he was dying.

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