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Chapter 103: Reaching the Second Difficulty (Second Part)

The copper lamp’s light was weak and had started to flicker. Mu Yi felt as if he was going to fall asleep. He stopped moving too. The black shadow also felt weak but when he saw that Mu Yi seemed to be in worse shape than him, he felt happy.

He released more strength. He collided with the copper lamp again. The light in the lamp was about to go out.

“Little Yi!” a voice called.

Mu Yi was absent-minded but he heard someone calling him. The voice sounded familiar.

Who’s calling me? he thought.

Mu Yi felt lost. His consciousness was fading.

“Little Yi!” said the voice again.

The voice sounded so familiar. Mu Yi couldn’t figure out whose voice it was. The voice had managed to prevent Mu Yi’s soul from leaving his body. Mu Yi gradually came back to his senses, as if the sheer will to figure out who the voice belonged to was enough of a reason to survive.

“Little Yi!” the voice called.

Finally, he was able to sense something moving in front of him when he heard the voice this time. Even though his vision was blurry as if was in the middle of a fog. He also figured out whose voice it was. It was the old Taoist Priest that was calling him.

“Grandpa, is that you?” shouted Mu Yi.

Unfortunately, nobody replied. Mu Yi knew that the old man was near him though.

I can’t die. He thought.

He felt more determined than ever to win. While he was thinking and rebuilding his determination, he felt something break inside of him. The black shadow kept attacking Mu Yi. He was convinced he had won.

Mu Yi had no strength left. Yet, the black shadow was sure that after he took possession of Mu Yi’s body, he’d be able to recover. Finally, the lamp went off after his constant attacks.

The black shadow looked absolutely delighted. He was even a bit dumbstruck. He hadn’t thought that it would happen so fast. He giggled frantically and threw himself at Mu Yi again. Nothing could stop him anymore.

As the black shadow threw himself at Mu Yi, Mu Yi broke through! Mu Yi had the feeling he had suddenly gotten rid of a huge burden in his heart. It was if his blood was boiling and about to explode. His face turned red.

The black shadow crashed into the blood strength head on and shrieked horribly. He retreated faster than he had attacked.

“His blood Qi exploded? He reached the second difficulty? How’s that possible? Why is his blood Qi so dense? Why would he level up now?” shouted the black shadow furiously.

Nobody replied to him though. Mu Yi sensed that chains inside his body had been broken. His perception became even more acute. He felt all the strength he had accumulated over time becoming available.

When Mu Yi punched the wooden dummy before, he was wondered what the heat he sensed in his body was and where it came from. Unfortunately, nobody could help him understand back them. Now, he understood.

He sensed the change in his body. It was as if he could see inside of his body. A round light surrounded him. It was different from the light of the copper lamp. It was filled with warmth. It kept flowing and growing around him. It was as if the light contained an unlimited amount of strength which kept brushing against his body.

Mu Yi sensed that he had become stronger. He felt so strong that it was like he had been reborn. His body had changed and it wasn’t done, it was still changing. The kind of change it was going through couldn’t be completed within such a short amount of time.

He had used all his mind strength a few minutes before. He had been completely suppressed, every time, he pushed himself to the limits. His mind strength was injured in the process, but now, he could feel his mind strength healing quickly.

It healed rising from ten percent to twenty percent to fifty percent to a hundred percent. When his mind strength reached one hundred percent and its original level it didn’t stop increasing. It rose over his previous maximum threshold. His mind strength became more powerful.

From a hundred and twenty percent to a hundred and eighty percent to two hundred percent and then three hundred percent. Mu Yi was kind of scared. His mind strength was increasing exponentially and he couldn’t believe it. Was this the second difficulty?

Mu Yi had been waiting for an opportunity to reach the second opportunity. He had almost died but he had survived and he had broke through. He had no experience but he wasn’t confused or panicked about the situation. He had thought about the process more than once. It was different from what he had thought but he could imagine what was happening to his body. He was progressing.

Mu Yi looked over at the black shadow. The black shadow was about to finish the fight. He would have never thought things would happen like that. How come right now? What had happened? It was incredibly annoying for him.

He had experience unlike Mu Yi. He knew what was going on. Mu Yi had reached the second difficulty which meant that he wouldn’t be able to defeat him anymore. Even worse, he was potentially now in life-threatening danger and unable to escape.

He was also furious and didn’t want to give up. He had thought the opponent at the top of the mountain would be an easy one. He had thought he’d use a little strength and the person would be very helpful in the future.

He hadn’t thought that Mu Yi, a Taoist monk of the first difficulty, would have more powers than a monk of the second difficulty. The copper lamp for example which was a precious treasure and that he would break through during their battle.

A precious item like the copper lamp had different effects if different people used it. After having gone through hardships, tribulations and being injured everything about Mu Yi was different.

“People have seven mortal forms which correspond to the seven chakras. The seven chakras can rob Heaven and Earth of their creative powers. It is said that a heavenly curse prevents people from using their seven chakras, and in order to use them, we have to break the chains which prevent us from using them,” said a voice inside Mu Yi’s head.

The voice was emotionless, cold, and detached. It was a rather random explanation regarding the second difficulty and the mystery of the seven chakras.

Grandpa, is that you? thought Mu Yi

He was actually shouting on the inside but nobody replied. The voice didn’t stop at all.

“The seven chakras are…” it continued.

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