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Chapter 104: Mystery of the Seven Chakras

“The seven chakras: the Sahasrāra or crown chakra also known as the fontanel chakra, the Ājñā or brow chakra also known as the third eye chakra, the Viśuddha or throat chakra, the Anāhata or heart chakra, the Maṇipūra or solar plexus chakra, the Svādhiṣṭhāna or navel chakra also known as the libido chakra, the Mūlādhāra or root chakra also known as the ****** chakra. The seven mortal forms in Daoism correspond with the seven chakras from the first to the last. The central chakra is the Mūlādhāra.

“The Mūlādhāra is the tree of life. It contains life and provides you with your abilities. The more you advance through the chakra, the more abilities you’ll gain over time. It is said that some people even use the chakra to break through. However, such things are not recommended. The best way to advance is to proceed step by step in the proper order. Remember that and be careful.

“The Svādhiṣṭhāna contains the fundamental substance that helps maintain the function of the body. It is the essence of life…” the voice continued.

Mu Yi was really happy and sad at the same time. The old Taoist Priest had put a lot of time and effort into Mu YI. He had prepared the path for him already. It wasn’t that the old Taoist Priest hadn’t told Mu Yi about the second difficulty, Mu Yi just couldn’t understand at the time.

Now, Mu Yi had started walking on his own path. He progressed quickly due to his determination. It was also because the old Taoist Priest had put a lot of thought towards his future.

He’s doing two things at once, right now. There is something going on in his head and he’s trying to control his new strength, thought the black shadow while looking at Mu Yi’s Qi.

The shadow had kind of come back to his senses at this point. He didn’t hesitate at all and decided to leave. He knew that he couldn’t injure Mu Yi anymore. If he stayed and Mu Yi came back to his senses, he’d be in danger.

After the black shadow left, a strong wind started blowing in the area. Nian Nuer had arrived. Nian Nuer had finally made her decision and disobeyed Mu Yi. After her mother’s soul had dispersed, Mu Yi had become her only relative. He was the closest to her and the only person she had in life.

Mu Yi had quickly become the most important person in her life. He was even more important to her than herself. She arrived too late though and didn’t bump into the black shadow. He had already been weakened by Mu Yi but it wasn’t like she needed to fight against him anyway.

Nian Nuer arrived, yet she didn’t find any sign of the enemy. She only saw Mu Yi. He was standing completely still and staring blankly into the distance. His blood was boiling so she didn’t dare get close to him.

She was happy that Mu Yi wasn’t injured though. She was really relieved. She looked at the surrounding area and imagined how impressive the battle must have been. Finally, she noticed the motionless giant on the ground.

The giant was a really strong opponent. If Mu Yi hadn’t used three five thunders charms in a row, he wouldn’t have been able to injure the giant. His defense was incredible. Mu Yi had also used the copper lamp and that’s how the giant had lost his ability to fight.

He had been lucky as well because by injuring the giant, he had also been able to injure the evil man. The giant had lost his ability to fight but he wasn’t dead. The evil man had to leave without the giant because he didn’t have any other options.

Nian Nuer looked at the giant and felt compassion for him. She didn’t why. After hesitating for a few minutes, she walked over to the giant. She knew he was Mu Yi’s enemy but she checked the giant’s condition with a lot of care.

The giant sensed Nian Nuer’s presence and opened his eyes. He looked at her. Nian Nuer was startled and flew back. She was staring at the giant from her new position but the giant didn’t move. He couldn’t get up. He only stared back at Nian Nuer.

When Nian Nuer saw that the giant wasn’t moving, she was relieved. She didn’t dare get close to him again. She looked at Mu Yi and then at the giant and then at Mu Yi again. She could only wait for Mu Yi to come back to his senses.

When Mu Yi’s mind strength finally stopped increasing, he noticed that it had increased by six hundred percent. It had stopped because Mu Yi had tried to control it. It could have continued increasing if he had let it. He had a terrible headache. It was difficult to get used to it.

Mu Yi didn’t know how much his physical strength had increased. He didn’t have any experience with that. The sensation he had felt was different from the one he had felt as his mind strength increased.

Inside his body, his Mūlādhāra was still saturating his body with power. Mu Yi sensed that a great door to his Mūlādhāra had opened. He felt like if he wanted, he could open the door and advance again.

If the old Taoist Priest hadn’t told Mu Yi a few things, Mu Yi wouldn’t have been able to break through. After all, the hoodlum had reached the third step in the past. Mu Yi had asked himself whether he was weaker or stronger than him.

The old Taoist Priest and the hoodlum seemed to have different views regarding the different concepts. Who should he believe, the hoodlum or the old Taoist Priest? There was no way the old Taoist Priest be wrong. Mu Yi didn’t mind doing what the old Taoist Priest had told him to do. He would progress step by step in the proper order.

Mu Yi finally opened his eyes and saw Nian Nuer. Nian Nuer saw Mu Yi open his eyes and her eyes sparkled. She wanted to jump into his arms but she after getting close to him she stopped. Mu Yi had woken up but his blood strength was still boiling. He hadn’t recalled it.

She sensed the overwhelming power of his blood strength. It would be especially powerful against a ghost like her. Mu Yi saw Nian Nuer and knew why she had come out. He understood her really well. It was obvious after seeing her eyes light up. She hadn’t listened but could he scold her?

“Are you alright?” asked Mu Yi.

The evil man had attacked him. He didn’t really know what had happened after that. He figured out that the evil man had probably left after seeing him advance. Nian Nuer’s Qi didn’t look like she had been in a battle, but he just wanted to confirm.

“I’m fine. When I arrived, you were alone,” said Nian Nuer.

She seemed like a cute and obedient little girl. She looked really happy when she realized that Mu Yi wasn’t going to scold her.

“Did you reach the second difficulty?” asked Nian Nuer.

Mu Yi had told her about cultivation and the different steps before. He couldn’t help her cultivate but he could give her something to think about. That’s how she guessed he had broke through.

“I broke through by accident,” replied Mu Yi with a smile.

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