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Chapter 105: Case Closed

Mu Yi reached the second difficulty so he wanted to stick to his plans. He wanted to find the old Taoist Priest. It was the most important thing for him. Also, Mu Yi didn’t completely understand, but when he had almost lost consciousness while advancing, he’d thought about his parents. He’d thought about finding them.

In the past, Mu Yi didn’t really care about it. It was difficult to talk about it. He used to think that his parents had died during the war anyway. It was another reason to never really think about it.

He had been so close to unconsciousness he had started to think about painful things from his past. Thinking about those things meant he had been freed from some pressure. He needed to remove his hauntings thoughts. He started feeling depressed about it all but he did his best to cheer up.

“Eh? He’s not dead?” Mu Yi said.

He’s mind was about to wander when he saw the giant. He had used three five thunders charms against him and he still wasn’t dead. He had even used the copper lamp. Mu Yi was convinced the giant should have died.

However, he was still alive. He didn’t look like someone whose soul was badly injured. He seemed to be okay. When Nian Nuer heard Mu Yi, her expression changed. She seemed concerned

“Brother, you want to kill him?” she asked.

“Dang…” Mu Yi said.

He jumped over to the giant but when he landed on the ground he lost his balance and collapsed. Everything went dark as he lost consciousness.

“Brother!” shouted Nian Nuer.

She was in distress after witnessing the scene. She rushed over to Mu Yi but he didn’t reply. He was unconscious for a long time. When woke up, he felt rather carefree and very happy. He felt good. His perception was more sensitive. He could hear almost imperceptible sounds in the distance. He even heard people whispering elsewhere.

He got up from the bed. He felt really great and more powerful. He could perceive things very clearly around him. Mu Yi remembered that he’d fainted and his face turned red. He hadn’t thought that breaking through would make something like that happen, luckily, Nian Nuer was with him. He didn’t have to feel ashamed at all.

Who had taken him inside after he had lost consciousness? Nuer? She could do it with the help of the Ghost King Banner, Mu Yi thought.

He looked at his body before he put on his Taoist robe and left the room.

“Master, you woke up,” the two women said.

When Mu Yi came into the main hall, he saw Peng Mi and her sister. They were busy working on something. He had heard people whispering from his room earlier. It had been them. The two sisters looked rather happy to see him.

When they were in the bamboo forest, they had heard the sound of thunder and they had been really scared. They had decided to trust Mu Yi though. He hadn’t disappointed them. After they waited for a long time in the forest, yesterday evening, a cute little girl appeared and told them they could leave the bamboo forest. The little girl had disappeared soon after.

She had frightened them. They had spent some time at the top of the mountain and except for Mu Yi, they hadn’t seen anybody else. They would have definitely noticed such a beautiful little girl. They had doubted whether they should but had left the forest anyway. They quickly realized that the little girl hadn’t lied.

They had seen how chaotic the field in front of the Mountain God Temple was and also the giant was still there. They had been astonished by it all. They wanted to go and see Mu Yi but the little girl had reappeared. She told them Mu Yi was injured and he needed to rest. She asked them not to disturb him. The two women had felt guilty the entire night.

When they saw Mu Yi come out today, they were extremely happy to see him. He looked okay. They were relieved.

“Did the county magistrate send people to the mountain?” asked Mu Yi.

He didn’t know how the evil man had fared in the end but he knew that without a body, he couldn’t be a protector anymore. He could have still gone back though. Mu Yi had reached the second difficulty so he wouldn’t be able to come and get revenge against him.

He couldn’t go harass Gu Yaosen either. He would have to destroy Mu Yi first. Gu Yaosen and his wife were out of trouble now so the women could leave.

“My husband did send some people. He asked about the situation. However you weren’t awake so I didn’t dare leave. The heir of the Su Clan also came. He went to the bamboo forest and then he left,” said Gu Yaosen’s wife in response.

“Regarding the Church of the Thousand Children, the issue has been resolved. If the county magistrate sends people again, both of you can feel free to leave,” said Mu Yi.

“Thank you very much, Master. We’ll remember what our benefactor has done as long as we live,” Gu Yaosen’s wife said.

They knew the problem was solved. It was different since Mu Yi had said it himself. They felt even more relieved. The two sisters were really grateful, especially Gu Yaosen’s wife. Her eyes were red and filled with tears. She didn’t know how to thank Mu Yi.

“Thank you very much, Master,” said Peng Mi.

“Don’t worry. I promised so it was my duty to ensure your safety. Everything is fine now. Tell the county magistrate to be careful of the Church of the Thousand Children,” said Mu Yi.

“Alright, I will tell him,” said Gu Yaosen’s wife with a nod.

Mu Yi chatted with them for a bit before going to the bamboo forest. The sun was high in the sky, so Nian Nuer wasn’t in the Mountain God Temple. She felt better in the bamboo forest anyway. Mu Yi had a purpose for going. He wanted to ask what had happened to the giant.

Before he blacked out, he guessed that Nian Nuer had plans for the giant. Mu Yi wasn’t the type of person who wanted to seek revenge just for an angry look. He was worried about Nian Nuer though. When he woke up and saw that the giant had disappeared from the field, he’d already considered what could have happened.

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