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Chapter 106: Nian Nuer’s Footman

When Mu Yi arrived in the bamboo forest, he saw the giant just as he had expected. He was just sitting there. The giant noticed Mu Yi. They couldn’t help but glance warily at each other. They both looked at the other like a predator glaring at a prey.

“Big slave, don’t move,” said Nian Nuer.

She didn’t give the giant time to react. Nian Nuer moved quickly and landed on the giant’s shoulders. She patted his head lightly.

Mu Yi grew tense when he saw her actions. He could imagine the giant flying into a rage due to the humiliation and injuring Nian Nuer. He was dumbstruck when nothing happened.

Even when Nian Nuer patted him on the head, the giant continued to looked obedient and docile. He looked sad for some reason.

“That’s…” Mu Yi started.

However, he didn’t know what to say because he couldn’t believe his eyes. How was such a thing possible? The giant listened to Nian Nuer? A tiny ghost being followed by a giant? It was a strange scene.

She also called him big slave. Had he told her to call him that? Or had she chosen the name? Mu Yi thought it might be because Nian Nuer’s name also had the word slave in it.

“Brother,” said Nian Nuer.

She jumped and landed in front of Mu Yi. Mu Yi’s blood strength had disappeared so Nian Nuer didn’t feel pressured anymore. She acted like a little girl most of the time, but she wasn’t currently. Mu Yi knew why she was acting different but he didn’t say anything about it. Besides, after seeing that the giant didn’t intend to hurt her, he was relieved.

Mu Yi had no real grudges against the giant. If he wasn’t mistaken, the giant was under the evil man’s control before. When Mu Yi had attacked him, he had probably broken the soul link that existed between them. Mu Yi had injured the evil man accidently using that method.

He was sure that the soul link between them had been broken. Otherwise, the evil man would have taken the giant. The giant didn’t pose a threat now and he listened to Nian Nuer, so he wasn’t worried.

Even if the giant had great defense abilities and was extremely strong, he was extremely simple-minded. That was why Nian Nuer had been able to keep him. Unfortunately, the giant was born in the wrong time. Weapons made of cold steel were used the most in the past. People only had cold steel weapons and heavy armor.

In the current time, people had firelocks, big guns, heavy artillery and cannons. The giant couldn’t compete with such weapons. Mu Yi was certain that the giant would be useful for his plans. After all, he didn’t intend to fight a war.

“Can you be sure he’ll always obey you?” asked Mu Yi.

He couldn’t let her keep someone if they posed a threat to their safety.

“Yes, I’m sure,” said Nian Nuer with a nod. “Brother, I don’t know what’s going on. However when I saw him, I thought he looked friendly. I was positive he wouldn’t try to harm me. Plus, he listens to me. ”

She saw that Mu Yi’s worried expression and tried to explain. Nian Nuer was a ferocious ghost but she had mental abilities. It was a blessing from the gods. She was special. She had a different perception than human beings. Mu Yi trusted her instincts.

He saw Nian Nuer’s serious expression and decided to trust her. He also agreed to her keeping the giant. Mu Yi was just like Nian Nuer and called the giant, Big Slave. Mu Yi looked at the giant to check his injuries. However, to his surprise the giant had already healed.

So fast! Even though his skin was still charred because of the charms, he would soon recover. The giant was reluctant to let Mu Yi get close at first. However, after Nian Nuer intervened it was fine. It would take a long time for the giant to listen to Mu Yi like he listened to Nian Nuer.

Mu Yi knew that, no matter what, he wouldn’t be able to get close to the giant like Nian Nuer had. He didn’t care too much about that. Nian Nuer even had a new friend to play with. That alone made Mu Yi happy.

He spent most of his time practicing cultivation. He didn’t have much time to play with her. Now that the giant was there, Nian Nuer had someone else. As long as Nian Nuer was happy, Mu Yi was happy.

That afternoon, Gu Yaosen came to the top of the mountain personally. He felt really guilty about what had happened. The field in front of the Mountain God Temple was clean now. There was no evidence that there had been a great battle.

Gu Yaosen had heard about it though. He knew the battle had been intense. He also knew that Mu Yi, someone they saw as superhuman, had been injured. He had seen how strong the Church of the Thousand Children was at the time. Some people of his clan had even told him to abandon his wife and protect himself.

Gu Yaosen had flown into a rage when he had heard that, but still he was powerless in front of the Church of the Thousand Children. He had hoped Mu Yi could help. He didn’t even care if he died, as long as his wife was safe.

The Church of the Thousand Children had sent people to kill Mu Yi. The protector had even come himself. He didn’t know what had happened in the end with that. However, he did know that the Church of the Thousand Children had quickly withdrawn.

Things were over now and the issue was resolved. Gu Yaosen was relieved. He was also touched and moved by what Mu Yi had done for him. Mu Yi had saved him and his wife.

Mu Yi didn’t think too much about it. He had reached the second difficulty during the events. He had changed and would leave Funiu Mountain soon. He didn’t know when or if he would come back.

He said a few essential things because of the Su Clan. He was convinced that Gu Yaosen would understand his meaning. The Su Clan would be able to achieve much more with Gu Yaosen’s help.

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