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Chapter 108: Bamboo Tree of Life

Mu Yi had already spent about six months on Funiu Mountain. He was rather sad to leave. He quickly let go of the attachment. Besides, he was convinced that the Su Clan was going to take care of the Mountain God Temple. The Mountain God Temple would be in the same state as when he had left when he got back. However, he didn’t know when he would come back.

Mu Yi started walking. He was holding a cloth-wrapped bundle. It looked extremely important. He was wearing a Taoist robe and walking light-heartedly. Big Slave was behind Mu Yi and was carrying a backpack half his size. He was carrying things they needed for their daily life, utensils and such.

Attached to him was something long wrapped in cloth. Each time he took a few steps, he couldn’t help but turn around to look at it. The walking stick Mu Yi had obtained from the spirit protector was also in his bag and the bells were jingling as he walked.

When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, a huge wagon was waiting for them there. Su Chongshan had gotten it built to suit the giant’s needs. Su Chongshan already knew that Mu Yi was leaving because Mu Yi didn’t lie to him. Su Chongshan and Mu Yi talked quite often. Mu Yi had mentioned it a few times.

It was now time for him to go. Mu Yi had already done a lot for them. He had also saved Gu Yaosen and his wife from the Church of the Thousand Children. All of Lin’An County would be safe for a while. Everybody knew someone with incredible powers could intervene at any time, so nobody would dare do anything. At the same time, Gu Yaosen would support the Su Clan for a while.

Those were all the external things, but Mu Yi wasn’t done. There were a few other things he wanted to do. He only knew how to draw a few magic symbols but they were very powerful now. He knew that a few home-guarding charms and wealth-inviting charms would help the Su Clan rise.

Mu Yi didn’t like being obligated to people, especially to the Su Clan. Therefore, he wanted to help the Su Clan a little bit more before he left. When they arrived at the Su Clan’s estate, Su Chongshan, Su Jun, Su Jinlun and Su Yingying welcomed them at the main gate.

After he had defeated the Church of the Thousand Children, people in the Su Clan thought highly of him even more than before, but Mu Yi didn’t care too much about it. He didn’t want to stay in this place. He just wanted to show his gratitude to the Su Clan.

“Master, please!” said Su Chongshan.

The wagon stopped and Su Chongshan stretched his hand to help them get down.

“I wouldn’t dare lean on you, Mister Su,” said Mu Yi shaking his hand.

Big Slave also came out of the wagon. When Big Slave jumped to the ground, a crater appeared under his feet and the horses were spooked. Nobody had seen Big Slave except for Su Jinlun. They were all startled and scared when he appeared. Their hearts were pounding. He was so big and his backpack was gigantic.

Big Slave didn’t mind them at all. He turned around and looked at his backpack. When he deemed that the long thing inside was fine, he smiled. Mu Yi and Su Chongshan entered the Su Clan side by side, the others stayed behind them. Most importantly, Big Slave followed Mu Yi and didn’t get too close to the others. The members of the Su Clan were obviously scared of Big Slave.

After Mu Yi arrived, Mister Su’s wife also came out and thanked him for his help. She also came to Mu Yi because she had a request. She wanted to see Nian Nuer. Mu Yi could understand her feelings, so he didn’t refuse. He just said that she would have to wait until the evening.

Mu Yi took a few walks around the Su Clan and gave a piece of paper to Su Chongshan. Su Chongshan looked at his expression and could tell it was very important. He thanked him three times.

Mu Yi also gave him a dozen magic symbols. He had wrote down how to use them on the piece of paper. He also said two things. The first, when the jar is full, the water spills over. The second when the moon is full, it begins to wane.

Mu Yi was in a room later that day. He asked the giant to take out the long thing he had in the bag. A bamboo tree appeared. It was Nian Nuer’s tree of life. The first time Mu Yi had seen it, it was thirteen nods, now it was fourteen nods. They called it the Bamboo Tree of Life.

One year, one nod. When Mu Yi had decided to leave, he had thought about the fact that Nian Nuer couldn’t be away from her bamboo tree for too long. It was like her life force. If the bamboo was damaged, she would be injured.

Therefore, if he wanted to take Nian Nuer with him, he needed to take the tree with him. The problem was that the tree couldn’t be uprooted for long. It’d die if it was and Nian Nuer would be critically injured or potentially die as well. However, Nian Nuer didn’t want to stay behind alone.

Nian Nuer thought of a solution. She asked Mu Yi to refine the tree. Even though the Bamboo Tree of Life was a integral part of Nian Nuer’s life, it was also a spiritual being. Since it was a spiritual being, it could be refined. It could be transformed into an authentic religious tool, besides, it was extraordinary in comparison to other random religious tools.

The Bamboo Tree of Life became Mu Yi’s religious tool. Naturally, he didn’t need to worry that it would wither anymore. Nian Nuer’s problem was also solved. Since the Bamboo Tree of Life had become Mu Yi’s religious tool, Nian Nuer had also partially become a spiritual religious tool. It meant her life was in Mu Yi’s hands.

Nian Nuer knew that. She was well aware of the fact. She trusted Mu Yi more than anyone else in the world. She was also happy because she would never have to leave Mu Yi.

Mu Yi had spent seven days refining it. Everyday, he had offered the Bamboo Tree of Life a drop of blood to establish a connection. The Bamboo Tree of Life had absorbed the blood. Mu Yi then used his mind strength to make the connection between them stronger.

The refinement method he was using required forty-nine consecutive days to complete. Not one day could be missed. A drop of blood everyday was a lot to give but luckily, Mu Yi had reached the second difficulty. He wouldn’t have been able to do it before.

For Nian Nuer, Mu Yi was prepared to do anything. Mu Yi inspected the Bamboo Tree of Life and Nian Nuer entered the room through the window. She sat down on Big Slave’s shoulder before crawling down.

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