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Chapter 109: Sacrificial Refinement

Nian Nuer ended up next to Mu Yi. She crawled up to his shoulder without saying anything. She looked unhappy. Big Slave walked to the side of the bed. He wanted to be close to Nian Nuer but he was worried about Mu Yi.

“Big Slave, go to bed,” said Nian Nuer with a wave of her hand.

Even though he didn’t want to, he obeyed her. He crawled onto the bed and laid down. He turned his head in Nian Nuer’s direction and forced himself to close his eyes. He started laughing foolishly. He wanted to open his eyes again.

“What’s wrong? Are you not happy?” asked Mu Yi.

He could see that she wasn’t happy. She had gone to see her grandmother. Even though Nian Nuer was a ferocious ghost, she had emotions. She could feel things.

“That’s right,” said Nian Nuer with a nod.

She never lied to Mu Yi about her emotions. Whether she was happy or sad, she was always honest with him.

“She’s your grandma. Even though you don’t remember her, she remembers you. What happened back then has nothing to do with your grandparents. Don’t worry too much about it,” said Mu Yi.

He wanted to cheer her up but he wasn’t really good at it. When he was young, the old Taoist Priest had never tried to cheer him up. No matter what, he had always had to control himself and his emotions. So with Nian Nuer around, he was learning how to take care of people and how to cheer people up.

“I know,” said Nian Nuer.

Actually, she understood things even if Mu Yi thought she didn’t. When she was with Mu Yi, she enjoyed acting like a little girl. Her grandma had told her so many stories about her mother and it had made her sad.

“Don’t worry. I will always be with you, no matter what,” said Mu Yi.

“Good!” said Nian Nuer

She didn’t spend too much time with Mu Yi because she was sad. She soon went back to her bamboo tree. Even when Mu Yi did the sacrificial refinement, she didn’t leave the tree.

The Bamboo Tree of Life was becoming stronger each time. Mu Yi let a drop of blood fall onto the tree. The tree absorbed it. The Bamboo Tree of Life was emerald green at first but now it had red veins.

Mu Yi’s mind strength surrounded the tree. The Bamboo Tree of Life started to glow. Mu Yi started meditating after. Big Slave was pretending to sleep, but he glanced once in a while at Mu Yi. He stood up slowly and walked over to Mu Yi. Big Slave was odd but nobody had noticed him.

Even though Mu Yi was meditating, some of his mind strength was still surrounding him. He could sense that Big Slave had moved. He didn’t mind because Big Slave had done it several times already. Each time Mu Yi came to after the sacrifice, he saw Big Slave.

Mu Yi proceeded with the sacrificial refinement. His mind strength surrounded the Bamboo Tree of Life and he could see inside it. It was empty inside except for Nian Neur who was sleeping. It was similar to the Ghost King Banner, only spiritual beings could go inside.

Mu Yi continued going neither too fast nor too slow. He had to do everything at the right moment. The night passed. When Mu Yi came to the next day, he looked over at Big Slave. He was on the bed and was sound asleep. He was even drooling.

Mu Yi didn’t disturb him. He just put the Bamboo Tree of Life on the bed and left the room. Mu Yi’s face was pale due to all the energy he had used. He used his blood for the sacrificial refinement but he was also very tired because he had spent the whole night on the ritual. His mind strength recovered quickly.

However, his physical body didn’t recover that fast. Mu Yi practiced his punching technique early in the morning so he had to use drugs to recover physically. Mu Yi was in the courtyard practicing. His punches didn’t look explosive. It was as if he wasn’t using any strength at all.

Mu Yi could sense his strength though. He was the only one that could. He was focused during his training and knew that he was becoming stronger. He was continuously absorbing the essence of the moon and the sun.

The essence flowed through his body and replenished the energy he had used previously. On a normal day, after each punch he could recover almost instantly. While he was carrying out the sacrificial ritual, he couldn’t recover completely.

Mu Yi had done everything he wanted to do the day before. Today he wanted say goodbye to Su Chongshan. Su Chongshan knew that Mu Yi wanted to leave so he didn’t force him to stay, however, Big Slave’s traveling bag had become much bigger. Su Chongshan was very generous and Mu Yi had wholeheartedly accepted all his gifts.

While on Funiu Mountain, he didn’t need so many things. However while traveling, he’d be happy to have a stockpile. Mu Yi said goodbye to Su Chongshan and the others before climbing into a wagon. The wagon took them to Qingjiang Prefecture.

Mu Yi was sure he wanted to take Big Slave with them so he gave up on the idea of walking to the Qu Mortuary. It was far and anything could happen on the way. They would end up wasting time. He didn’t want to travel for fun or to make a living. He wanted to find the old Taoist priest so being able to travel quickly was best.

In the past, being able to travel a bit faster without encountering trouble was already great. Mu Yi had heard about a clan who were experts in protection and bodyguards in Qingjiang Prefecture. That was Mu Yi’s destination.

The Qu Mortuary wasn’t far from Luoyang. When Mu Yi and the old Taoist Priest were traveling together, they had passed through Luoyang but they hadn’t stopped. Mu Yi didn’t know what kind of place it was.

Lin’An County wasn’t close to Luoyang. However, Luoyang was on the way to Cangzhou. Mu Yi would save some time that way. When Mu Yi left, the people from the Su Clan who had seen him off stayed at the big gate for a long time.

“Grandpa, will Master Mu come back?” asked Su Jinlun.

“He’s not a goldfish. He’s like a dragon in this chaotic world,” said Su Chongshan.

He was gazing off into the distance, but everybody heard his next words clearly.

“How could a dragon stay in a pond?” he said.

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