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Chapter 110: Mo Ruyan

The Far Ink Professional Organization couldn’t be considered as leaders of anything but they enjoyed a good reputation in Jiangnan and Jiangxi. They were big shots and had a great reputation. They had never stolen anything from anyone. It was something very important to people, especially in times of crisis.

People who were familiar with the Far Ink Professional Organization knew that they specialized in armed escorts. Even though the leader was well-known, they were even more famous because of his daughter, Mo Ruyan.

Even though she was a woman, Mo Ruyan was famous. She had more fame than her father. Two years before, she had started working in the industry. Any time there were problems, she handled the situation without any trouble. If someone wanted Mo Ruyan as an armed escort, the price was very high.

Lin’An County was a hundred li away from Qingjiang Prefecture but Mu Yi and Big Slave arrived there by the afternoon. It had been quite fast because it was a public road. They would have taken longer if not. Of course, to get there even faster, they could have rode swift horses.

Mu Yi didn’t know how to ride a horse and Big Slave couldn’t because he was too heavy. If they had headed straight to Luoyang, they would have needed a lot more time. Mu Yi didn’t want to waste time, so he decided to hire an armed escort.

The wagon stopped at the gate of the Far Ink Professional Organization. Mu Yi got down and looked at the building. In front of the gate, there was a public field. Even though there weren’t many people, there were many wagons. Some men were making weapons and shouting.

At the gate, there was a huge flag. On it was written Far Ink Professional Organization in gold letters. It was done in beautiful calligraphy. On both sides of the gate, there were two gigantic, imposing, and awe-inspiring stone lions.

Some people came over to take Mu Yi’s wagon. They did business in a lot of places so they tried to welcome their clients properly. When they saw Mu Yi’s wagon, they thought he was wealthy and high-ranking. They liked such clients. Therefore, when Mu Yi got down from the wagon, a 40-year old man also came to greet him.

“Master, do you require the services of the Far Ink Professional Organization?” asked the man enthusiastically.

He didn’t sound arrogant and he didn’t look strong.  Mu Yi looked young so some of the people were surprised when they saw him. However, the middle-aged man didn’t even blink or look surprised when he saw Mu Yi. He didn’t look surprised until Big Slave got down from the wagon. His facial expression changed. He didn’t look scared just confused.

“Indeed,” said Mu Yi.

“Master, please come with me. Welcome,” said the middle-aged man.

He took Mu Yi inside. They walked through a courtyard. There were many tall, strong and sturdy men there. They were exchanging opinions on various topics.

The Far Ink Professional Organization had other spaces, but practicing their military skills in the courtyard was part of their method. The leader could come and see them that way. It forced them to do their best.

Even though Mu Yi looked young, he was well-traveled and he understood the groups’ methods. He didn’t mind. It was a part of their business strategy. Plus, they had a good reputation.

When they arrived in a room, Mu Yi noticed that the middle-aged man made some gestures. Mu Yi acted as if he hadn’t seen anything. Big Slave was walking behind him. Even though many people looked at him, he didn’t care. He only paid attention to his backpack.

They arrived in a vestibule and Mu Yi sat down. Some people brought tea.

The middle-aged man asked, “So, what do you need, Master?”

“People. He and I want to travel from Qingjiang Prefecture to Luoyang,” said Mu Yi pointing at Big Slave.

“You want to go to Luoyang?” asked the middle-aged man curiously.

“What’s wrong? Do you need any more information from the people who require your services?” asked Mu Yi impolitely.

The atmosphere became a bit tense.

“No, no. I just thought it was a strange coincidence is all,” said the middle-aged man.

“A coincidence?” said Mu Yi.

“Indeed. Master, did you see the merchandise outside? They’re going to Luoyang,” explained the middle-aged man.

Mu Yi understood why the man was surprised now. It was indeed a rather odd coincidence. Mu Yi didn’t think the man was lying because nobody knew anything about him here so what would be the point in lying.

“I have only one request. I want the fastest and safest method to get to Luoyang,” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“Safety is not a problem. We’ve been to Luoyang many times. The road is safe. We don’t have any staff left. They’re all assigned already. However, if you wish, you can leave with the cargo, and we’ll offer you a good price,” said the middle-aged man.

Public transport wasn’t a good way to make money. Transporting goods was the best way to make money. The professional organization couldn’t put aside a whole part of the business though. If Mu Yi agreed, that would be best. He would be able to kill two birds with one stone.

“I’ve heard that you have a professional named Mo Ruyan?” said Mu Yi giving a noncommittal reply.

When the middle-aged man heard Mu Yi, he looked startled.

“You think I don’t have enough money?” said Mu Yi smiling.

He stared at the middle-aged man. Even though Mu Yi didn’t do anything, with one glance the middle-aged man felt pressured.

“Oh, what you mean is you want me as your armed escort, Master?” said someone with a pleasant voice.

A woman in black clothes entered the room. She was one of those women who tied their hair to the back and didn’t wear ornaments or anything. The kind that put on minimal makeup. Those kind of women were more beautiful.

She didn’t need to introduce herself. Mu Yi already knew who she was, Mo Ruyan, the best armed escort. When he saw her, he was a bit surprised, but just a little bit. He had seen many beautiful women in his life at this point, he was used to it.

Su Yingying, Peng Mi and her sister, Little Frost’s brigand chief all of those women were beautiful in their own way.

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