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Chapter 112: Strange Convoy

The next day, early in the morning, Mu Yi and Big Slave arrived at the gate of the Far Ink Professional Organization. When Mu Yi arrived, Mo Ruyan was already there. She looked annoyed because she had been waiting for a while.

There were about thirty carriages there already. They were all filled with goods. There were flags of the Far Ink Professional Organization on all of them. It was rather spectacular sight. There were also a lot of men with broadswords standing around the carriages. They looked powerful and mighty.

There were three more carriages, as well, for people.

“Get on board,” said Mo Ruyan as she pointed to a carriage.

She was wearing black clothes and a black cape. She looked valiant and gave off the aura of a heroic woman.

Mu Yi didn’t hesitate and got into the carriage with Big Slave. The wagon that the Su Clan lent to him, Mu Yi sent back. Even though it was big and made specifically for him and Big Slave, it wasn’t suitable for long trips. The horsekeeper was married and had a family too. Mu Yi was traveling far away. It wasn’t appropriate to make that man follow him.

After Mu Yi got into the carriage Mo Ruyan had prepared for him, he felt that he hadn’t wasted his money. From the outside, the carriages didn’t look good. On the inside, it was completely different.

There was a thick rug inside. It was beautiful and pleasant to walk on. The carriage had looked small from the outside but inside, it wasn’t narrow at all. Even Big Slave could sit properly inside. He couldn’t stand up, but that wasn’t a problem.

There was a big bench which could also be used as a bed. It was probably better just to put something on it. There was a little table next to the window and utensils to make tea. The glass of both windows was colored. They were obviously expensive and there were curtains.

When the curtains were closed, one didn’t feel suffocated by the darkness because some small beams of sunlight filtered through from the top. It still remained dark enough to sleep. Whoever had made the carriage had shown ingenuity. He had wonderful artistic skills.

When they started traveling, Mu Yi felt even better. It wasn’t moving too much inside. It was much better than the wain the Su Clan had lent him.

Big Slave had set his bag next to him to keep it close. He took out the Bamboo Tree of Life with the greatest care and put it in the middle of the carriage. Big Slave stared at Mu Yi with his big eyes. Mu Yi had stretched his legs so his feet were now near the tree.

He stopped looking at Mu Yi when Mu Yi pulled his feet back.

After Mu Yi and Big Slave entered a carriage, Mo Ruyan had walked to the carriage at the very front. She jumped onto a fine, black horse’s back.

“Far Ink Professional Organization, let’s go!” shouted Mo Ruyan waving.

Mo Ruyan was at the front and she galloped quickly. It was a big procession but it wasn’t long before they started moving at full speed. The flags fluttered in the wind.

Everyone knew what it meant when Mo Ruyan was in a convoy.

The convoy drew most of the people’s attention in Qingjiang Prefecture. Many people looked at them with respect. Even though being an armed escort was a dangerous job during troubled times, it was still better to be an armed escort than a starving ordinary family.

What the Far Ink Professional Organization earned for one trip was what an ordinary family needed to live for six months. Many people wanted to work for them. Mo Ruyan was expressionless. She was used to people staring at her when she traveled. Each time she was on a journey, it was the same.

Mu Yi looked out of the window. At the beginning, he was excited as everything passed by but then he got used to it. Once they had left the city, there were only desolate landscapes, so there was nothing to see.

He closed the curtains and glanced at Big Slave. He closed his eyes soon after and started meditating. Mu Yi had read in the hoodlum’s scriptures that the outside world was a big world and the body was a small world. The body changed a lot like the world.

Mu Yi had been in the second difficulty for a month already. His level was stable but he had the impression that there was much more to discover regarding the second difficulty, especially regarding the seven chakras. That was the reason why he hadn’t attempted to progress to the second step of the second difficulty.

He had the impression that the Mūlādhāra wasn’t enough. If he considered that he used lots of blood these days, it wasn’t a good time to level up.

Besides, Mu Yi was already strong enough. If he reached the second step, he wouldn’t become much stronger. It was better for him to understand his current level properly and then try to breakthrough.

They had left early in the morning. He had rested twice already. At noon, they were only a bit more than fifty li away from Qingjiang Prefecture. They slowed down as they went since the horses needed rest.

Armed escorts usually only did sixty li on odd-numbered days. That was a common rule. The carriages were filled with goods. They were obviously heavy. It was even more important for the horses to rest.

Mu Yi smelled some rich herbal aromas as they were traveling. From what the armed escort had said, the carriages were carrying medicinal herbs but they seemed a bit too heavy for that. Mu Yi noticed that something was wrong but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t even come out of the carriage.

Mo Ruyan had prepared three carriages. Mu Yi and Big Slave were in one. One of them was for the businessman in charge of the medicinal herbs. He was in his forties and he only came out of the carraige once.

When the two carriages got close to each other, Mu Yi sensed another person’s Qi. Someone that wasn’t the forty year old man, which meant that there was someone else in the carriage. That person hadn’t come out even once.

The last carriage was a even more mysterious. Mu Yi didn’t sense any Qi coming from it but he saw four tall, sturdy, and stern men around the carriage. They looked strong, stronger than the armed escorts at the front.

In just half a day, Mu Yi noticed quite a few strange things. He had nothing to do with any of it. He just wanted to get to Luoyang safe and sound, as quickly as possible.

At noon, during the lunch break, many of the armed escorts were dumbstruck when they saw how much Big Slave ate. Mu Yi had anticipated that though. Mu Yi also hoped that Big Slave would eat a lot, he had spent one thousand Liang of gold after all.

Mu Yi didn’t act like a young man of his age. He seemed much older to people.

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