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Chapter 113: Investigating

It was a long journey. They bumped into a few robbers and bandits on the way but when they learned that the caravan was from the Far Ink Professional Organization, they ran away quickly. In the evening, they stopped at an old hotel.

Mu Yi rested and enjoyed the trip. He didn’t see the people from the two other carriages at all. Mo Ruyan only went into the last carriage once. The four guards were always near the carriage.

“What a great punching technique,” Mo Ruyan said.

Mu Yi practiced his punching technique early one morning in the courtyard for guests. She had noticed him and come over.

“Master Mo, I really don’t deserve so much praise. I don’t understand punching techniques. I just understand some Taoist techniques,” said Mu Yi.

He was sweating. He didn’t need to turn around to know who it was, but he turned anyway. Mu Yi continued the sacrificial ritual with the Bamboo Tree of Life while they traveled. He only used a little bit of blood everyday but he was tired and pale. He looked sick.

“If Taoist techniques are not suitable, then martial arts techniques are useless,” said Mo Ruyan to Mu Yi. She had made such remarks a few times already.

“Even though Taoist techniques are good, they can only help one have a longer life. They’re not as good as martial arts techniques which can allow people to be chivalrous and help those in need without reward. One could rob the rich and give to the poor, get rid of bullies and bring peace to good people,” said Mu Yi.

“Chivalrous and helping those in need without reward? Robbing the rich and giving to the poor, getting rid of bullies and bringing peace to good people? You’re a Taoist priest and a modest gentleman. Excuse me for my lack of manners,” said Mo Ruyan pretending to praise Mu Yi.

“No need to spy on me. I have nothing to do with the Church of the Thousand Children. Big Slave and I met accidentally,” said Mu Yi without preamble.

He didn’t like being spied on. He didn’t think Mo Ruyan posed a threat to him. However, he didn’t want someone hovering over him.

“Is that so? That gia… I mean Mister Big Slave was a terrifying fighter of the Church of the Thousand Children. Apart from the protector, nobody could else could use him. You think I will believe you if you tell me you have nothing to do with them?” asked Mo Ruyan.

“You’re an armed escort. You shouldn’t be investigating your clients. Are you not afraid your reputation could be tarnished?” said Mu Yi firmly.

“No, I don’t care. Anyway…” said Mo Ruyan but she didn’t finish her sentence.

She looked at Mu Yi. She wanted to see how he would react to what she had said. She was disappointed because Mu Yi’s expression didn’t change. He was calm.

“I stole Big Slave from the Church of the Thousand Children’s protector. Are you satisfied now?” said Mu Yi.

“Since you’re not willing to tell me, I won’t ask anything. Even if you’re a member of the Church of the Thousand Children, you’re my client. I’ll take you to Luoyang safe and sound. There’s a famous doctor in Luoyang, do you want me to introduce you?” asked Mo Ruyan.

“A doctor? Yes. Thank you very much, Master Mo,” said Mu Yi. And then he ignored her.

He stopped talking to her after that. Big Slave was asleep on the bed and snoring when he returned to the carriage. Mu Yi didn’t wake him up. He took some herbs and an earthenware pot from his bag and went outside to decoct the medicinal herbs.

Mu Yi didn’t comment on Mo Ruyan’s guesses and suspicions. His face was deathly pale and he didn’t look normal. He practiced Taoist techniques every morning, and then he needed to decoct the medicinal herbs for himself. His target destination was also Luoyang.

It was good that Mo Ruyan knew a famous doctor. She still didn’t know what the link between Mu Yi and the Church of the Thousand Children or their protector was.

That’s because nobody knew that the protector had gone to Funiu Mountain. Even the church itself didn’t know much. Mo Ruyan only knew that Big Slave was from the church.

She didn’t believe anything Mu Yi had said. She just thought he said it because he was angry.

The reason why she was investigating Mu Yi was that she didn’t know anything about him. The Church of the Thousand Children was a powerful group. If Mu Yi was an important person for them, he wouldn’t have needed her services.

He was also alone. She considered Big Slave as a person. She even thought highly of him. His Qi was powerful after all but he was simple-minded. His intelligence was that of a child at most. Therefore, she found it difficult to consider him a normal person.

She was very confused though. Big Slave was a precious weapon of the Church of the Thousand Children and they let him travel with Mu Yi. How could the protector accept that if Mu Yi wasn’t important?

Therefore, she kept thinking about as they traveled. People were naturally curious, it was normal. Nobody would ever think that Mu Yi wasn’t sick and that he was actually extremely strong.

Nobody would think that he could defeat the protector of the Church of the Thousand Children or make the giant submit. Nobody would ever believe that if anyone told them.

Mu Yi didn’t care about what Mo Ruyan thought. Even though he had to decoct medicinal herbs everyday, they made him stronger. He spent most of his time in the carriage anyway. He didn’t need to put too much effort into other things.

He knew if Big Slave hadn’t been with him, nobody would have paid attention to him. Half a month passed soon. The journey was longer than Mu Yi had expected. The Far Ink Professional Organization’s members weren’t slow but sometimes there was no road at all. It was more difficult for the horses at that time. Some carriages had even collapsed a few times.

Everybody was exhausted, including Mo Ruyan. The other armed escorts were even more exhausted. The only good news was that if nothing happened for the remainder of the trip, they’d be in Luoyang within three to five days.

Mu Yi realized that the medicinal herbs negotiator was strange the more they traveled. As they got closer to Luoyang, the negotiator was acting stranger. Mu Yi had a bad feeling about it. If Big Slave and he had to escape on foot, they would be able to reach Luoyang within a few days though.

That afternoon a carriage suddenly broke apart so they couldn’t continue until they found a hotel. It had already happened a few times during the trip so it didn’t matter.

The professional organization had anticipated such incidents. Therefore, having to stop in the middle of nowhere once in a while was something normal. Luckily, this time, it happened near a wrecked Taoist temple. They decided to camp there.

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