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Chapter 114: Horrible Shrieks at Night

“What are you thinking about?” Someone said.

Mu Yi was meditating. The question pulled him back into reality. The only person who talked to him in the convoy was Mo Ruyan.

“Don’t you think that it’s strange that the carriage broke apart?” said Mu Yi.

“Oh, so what?” said Mo Ruyan. “The journey was boring, now something is happening, don’t you think it’s good?”

She had noticed but didn’t seem to care. Mu Yi turned and stared at her. She was startled by his gaze and a little frightened. She couldn’t help but take two steps back.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Mo Ruyan didn’t know why she reacted like that. Her face turned red. In her eyes, Mu Yi was very ill. He was just a weak and young Taoist priest. She was still frightened by him and had to take two steps back. It was shameful.

“You’ve become a famous armed escort with such a temperament, that’s surprising…extremely surprising,” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

His opinion of her had changed since he had started traveling with her.

“What is extremely surprising? Strength is important when you travel the world. I’m strong, that’s why I’m a young leader. These men only listen to me. That’s why I’m famous. People ask me for help constantly,” said Mo Ruyan. “If I were weak, I would just be a girl from a wealthy family. Do you think people would respect me?”

Mu Yi didn’t reply. He didn’t know what to say. He agreed with her though strength was the most important thing.

If someone wasn’t strong enough, becoming an emperor was impossible. When someone became an emperor, everybody listened to them and respected them. What they said was always final.

“You’re right. Strength is the most important thing,” said Mu Yi nodding.

He stopped looking at her. He had only said something insignificant but she seemed to care a lot. Mu Yi didn’t care though. He didn’t need to.

Besides, she hadn’t escorted people only once or twice. She was famous because she did her job well. Mu Yi couldn’t do as good as her in that aspect.

“You’re not very stubborn, little Taoist priest,” she said.

Mu Yi ignored her. She was going to let him off just because he did. She looked amused and continued talking, trying to get a reaction out of him.

Mu Yi naturally understood she was doing all of this on purpose. She had just lost face and she wasn’t happy about it. The first time he had seen her, he had seen an indifferent woman. He didn’t imagine she’d be like this at all.

She was an armed escort and she was a woman. She couldn’t spend too much time with them. She had to look unapproachable to be respected. That was the only way nobody would want to get close to her. She was used to that.

She was very curious about Mu Yi ever since she had met hem. She kept talking to him. Besides, even though he was young, she found him quite attractive. The most important thing was that he was just a little Taoist priest. He was also really ill so he didn’t pose a threat to her at all.

She stopped pretending to be someone she wasn’t when she was with Mu Yi. She also wasn’t married.

Mu Yi didn’t stay and listen to her talk nonsense. He went back to the carriage. They could sleep in the wrecked Taoist temple but Mu Yi preferred staying in the carriage. He didn’t want to sleep with all those men anyway.

“Little Taoist priest, if you hear anything, hide and don’t come out. Let’s hope Big Slave can protect you if you do,” said Mo Ruyan.

Mu Yi was climbing into the carriage. He paused for a moment but said nothing before he entered the carriage. When Mo Ruyan saw Mu Yi enter the carriage, she sighed. However, when she turned around, her expression was cold and deadly again.

The temperature had increased over the past few days but it was still very cold at night. Except for the people patrolling there was nobody left outside. All the armed escorts had gathered inside of the wrecked Taoist temple.

Mu Yi was doing the sacrificial ritual for the Bamboo Tree of Life. He also made sure to leave focus some mind strength outside. If anything happened, he’d sense it.

He couldn’t stop the sacrificial ritual but it wasn’t too restricting. If anything happened, he’d be able to go out and help.


Someone screamed in pain in the middle of the night. It woke everyone up and disturbed Mu Yi while he was doing the sacrificial ritual.

When he heard it, he didn’t stop. He just focused some more mind strength on the outside. He didn’t know what was going on out there.

“Who’s that?” someone said.

“What happened?” someone asked.

The escorts and people reacted quickly. Some were already outside in front of the wrecked Taoist temple with broadswords in their hands. Some even jumped onto their horses to inspect the area.

“Torches!” someone shouted.

In a few seconds, the surroundings were well lit by the torches.

At the entrance of the Taoist temple, the different carriages of the convoy which contained goods made a circle. It was their means of defense, especially in the evening. Even if someone wanted to attack by surprise, the convoy was like a fortress.

They found no enemy even though their torches illuminated area. Who had screamed so horribly?

“Who shouted?” someone asked.

“Where’s the person?” someone else said.

The armed escorts were well-trained. Some were also hiding in the darkness. Mu Yi heard arrows being shot.

“Feng II has disappeared!” shouted someone.

“Feng II, are you dead? If not, reply to us quickly!” someone else shouted.

Those people were shouting to draw attention to themselves. Mu Yi listened to everything. His heart was pounding. As expected, there was a reason for everything. The Far Ink Professional Organization was famous for a reason.

“There!” shouted someone after a few seconds.

Some of them rushed over to the spot. A lot of the others stayed where they were positioned.

“What’s going on?” someone asked.

At that moment, a shadow flickered.

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