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Chapter 116: One After Another

“I was with Brother Wang and everything was fine. Suddenly, a shadow appeared above Brother Wang. Brother Wang didn’t react. He didn’t have time. The shadow put its hand through Brother Wang’s chest and ate Brother Wang’s heart,” said the man.

Even though there were a lot of people, he was still scared when he thought about what had just happened. He wasn’t a coward but he had seen something eat his friend’s heart. It was normal for him to be terrified. He was still shocked and panic-stricken.

“And then? Did you see the murderer’s face?” asked Mo Ruyan calmly, even though she was furious.

“I did. He’s hideous, too terrifying,” said the man.

He wanted to describe the face but when he was in shock. He was scared and the words wouldn’t come out.

“Hideous? Was he some kind of green-faced and long-toothed monster? Did he not look like a normal human being?” asked Uncle Cai.

“Green-faced and long-toothed? Yes, that’s it. His eyes were white. His neck and arms were covered with gross bubbles and hair,” the man said hastily.

Uncle Cai nodded at Mo Ruyan. He had been right. It was a zombie. Ordinary armed escorts couldn’t compete with such creatures. Even if a group of people attacked at the same time, they would all die.

Many people were terrified after listening to him. If it was a human being, even if he was a really strong martial artist, they wouldn’t have feared him, but a zombie… They couldn’t fight against a zombie.

They were ordinary people, in such circumstances, they were scared. Some people were extremely strong but in circumstances like these they looked weak. It was natural.

Mo Ruyan ran outside and another wail was heard. It had come from outside. The people in the wrecked Taoist temple looked even more terrified. They paled but they didn’t hesitate and rushed outside together.

This time, nobody stayed in the Taoist temple because it was unnecessary. Besides, nobody wanted to be divided anymore. They wanted to stay together. When everybody arrived outside, they all frowned.

“There’s a third one!” someone shouted.

The third victim was lying on the ground. In such a short time, three armed escorts had been killed. It was the third time but they hadn’t see the murderer. Mo Ruyan was getting angrier. She had never been in such a situation.

In the past, she had faced many enemies. Some of them were really strong, but she had never felt so upset and so powerless.

“Everybody, never mind the goods. Now, let’s stick together. Unless I give you the order to leave, stay with the group,” shouted Mo Ruyan.

Currently, that was the only solution. Everybody formed a circle. With the torches, they could clearly see everything around them. As for the assassin who was hiding in the darkness, they were convinced he’d show up again.

Mo Ruyan climbed up on top of a carriage and stood there. She put a hand on a flag and looked vigilant.

“Make the client come out. Protect him,” said Uncle Cai.

“Uncle Cai, the negotiator has disappeared,” shouted someone.

“He disappeared? Who saw him last?” shouted Uncle Cai immediately.

After all, the negotiator was there to trade the medicinal herbs. They needed him in Luoyang to settle the accounts. In Luoyang, without him, whom could they find to sell the medicinal herbs or to get the money? Would they have to take the goods back?

“He hasn’t shown up once, this whole time,” said someone.

Uncle Cai frowned.

“Alright, never mind that, just stick together,” said Mo Ruyan when Uncle Cai was about to send someone off.

“Master…” said Uncle Cai.

He wanted to say something but Mo Ruyan shook her head. She was more worried about her colleagues’ safety than about the goods and the money.

“Little Taoist priest, hurry up and come out! We won’t be able to protect you otherwise!” shouted Mo Ruyan.

Nobody replied. Mo Ruyan looked sullen. She didn’t understand. The negotiator was an ordinary person.

Mu Yi was different. He had Big Slave, one of the most precious weapons of the Church of the Thousand Children, with him. Even though Mu Yi called him Big Slave, she knew he was terrifyingly strong. The murderer could easily kill her colleagues without being noticed, but he couldn’t kill Big Slave easily.

Nobody had replied to her, though. That was strange.

With all the noise, even those who were sleeping soundly had been woken up. There were only two options. They were either gone or there was something else going on.

“Master, should I go and see?” someone asked.

Mu Yi’s carriage was a bit far from the circle of armed escorts. There was no light around his carriage so it looked really gloomy.

“No, I’m going,” said Mo Ruyan shaking her head.

She ran towards Mu Yi’s carriage. She arrived quickly in front of it.

“Little Taoist priest, are you there?” shouted Mo Ruyan.

She tapped his window with her sword. When she did that, she saw a big hand open the curtain inside. When she saw that big hand, she didn’t know why but she took a deep breath. She felt relieved.

Big Slave was there, so Mu Yi was probably fine. After that, she jumped onto the carriage behind his. Big Slave stood up. She was in a bad mood.

“Since you’re alright, why are you feigning death?” she asked.

Still nobody replied, so she frowned. She was about to say something when she heard another sound. Mo Ruyan couldn’t just take care of Mu Yi. She turned around and saw a shadow move towards the crowd. They entire crowd was frozen in fear.

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