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Chapter 117: Fierce and Tough Murderer

When Mo Ruyan arrived, the shadow attacked from the side. She jumped quickly to avoid it. The group of people were powerless in front of the enemy.

“Move away!” shouted Mo Ruyan.

She jumped over one of the escorts’ shoulder with her long sword. Mo Ruyan raised her sword and lights twinkled. Energies emerged from her sword and surrounded the shadow.

The group of people moved away to give her space. The shadow had its back turned to her but it sensed the attack. It turned around and jumped towards Mo Ruyan brandishing its claws.

Its hands looked like hen’s claws, long and narrow, except they were rotten. Its nails were huge. The long sword and the two hands collided. Sparks flew but Mo Ruyan managed to stop the shadow.

“You stupid creature, I don’t care what you are, you’ll die!” shouted Mo Ruyan.

After the first attack, she felt more confident. She jumped aside and hit the shadow’s head. She was extremely fast. The shadow didn’t have time to react.

When Mo Ruyan’s sword hit the shadow’s head, it didn’t pierce through. It was almost as if she had struck iron. The shadow shouted furiously. It instinctively raised its hand and slapped the sword.

Mo Ruyan’s sword shook violently and bent. Mo Ruyan was unruffled in the face of danger though. She didn’t stop attacking. She moved as quick and gracefully as a snake. Not only did it save her life but it also allowed her to keep her sword. It didn’t break.

When the creature’s strength penetrated her sword, it made it shake even more. Mo Ruyan’s sword shone in the light. Her attack this time was even more explosive. She struck the creature’s head again.

After that, the creature lost its ability to fight and collapsed. Mo Ruyan pulled her sword back. The people around took a deep breath in relief. Uncle Cai frowned. He felt like something was wrong.

Mo Ruyan also looked skeptical. The creature was wearing a hat. She used her sword to knock it off. When she saw the creature’s face, she was astonished.

“Negotiator Song,” said someone in the crowd.

Everybody knew the murderer. It was the negotiator, Negotiator Song. He had disappeared earlier. How had he become a zombie though? Besides, he was really strong. He had killed three of them in a row.

“It can’t be,”  said Uncle Cai suddenly.

He walked to the corpse and crouched down beside it.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mo Ruyan.

“His fingers,” said Uncle Cai inspecting Negotiator Song’s hand. “His fingers are really clean. There’s no blood. He didn’t kill the victims.”

Mo Ruyan lowered her head to look. Even though his hands looked scary, they were clean indeed. There was no blood.

“He’s not the one who killed Brother Wang,” said the one who had seen the murderer.

When the crowd heard him, they went into a frenzy. It wasn’t easy to fight the murderer. The murderer was still hiding.

Two screams spread through the air at that moment. The crowd turned around and saw a gigantic shadow remove two people’s hearts. The hearts in his hands were still beating. The shadow slowly raised its head and smiled at Mo Ruyan.

“A ghost!” someone shouted.

The crowd was even more panicked. The shadow enjoyed it. He was firmly holding the hearts. He brought them to his mouth and chewed on them vigorously.

“Bastard!” Mo Ruyan yelled.

Blood splashed out of the shadow’s mouth. Mo Ruyan was enraged. She ground her teeth. The shadow was green-faced and long-toothed but she wasn’t scared.

As everybody ran away, Mo Ruyan firmly held her sword. She was even more determined to fight. She wanted to kill.

“Master, be careful!” shouted Uncle Cai as he raised his sword.

“Brothers, don’t be scared. Let’s kill him together,” said Mo Ruyan.

Mo Ruyan and Uncle Cai were at the front. The people around them gradually came back to their senses. It wasn’t time to escape. After all, if anything happened to Mo Ruyan, they wouldn’t be able to survive. It was better to join hands.

They tried to control their emotions. The people at the front were the mysterious stern men, the four ones who protected the last carriage. They were stronger than all the escorts.

Mo Ruyan was the fastest. It was if she flickered and she landed in front of the creature. Sword Qi moved towards the monster from all sides. She aimed at the creature’s white eyes. She was fast, however, the creature was even faster.

He raised his right hand and moved towards the sword. The sword crashed onto his hand. The sound of metal hitting something filled the air. The sword had gotten even more bent.

Mo Ruyan wanted to pull her sword back but the creature closed his fingers around the sword and grabbed it firmly. He even managed to break the tip of the sword.

“Collapse!” shouted Mo Ruyan.

She sensed a terrifying pressure. She brandished her sword to protect herself from the new attack, but the tip of her sword was broken and the sword was cracked so it broke into pieces when it collided with the enemy’s attack.

Some of the pieces even brushed her face making small wounds appear. At that moment, Uncle Cai also attacked but the creature glanced at him in a disdainful way. It simply threw the tip of Mo Ruyan’s sword at him.

The tip of the sword whistled through the air as it moved towards Uncle Cai’s chest.

“Piss off!” shouted Uncle Cai.

He wasn’t as strong as Mo Ruyan but he was strong. He had been traveling for so many years. Even though the tip of the sword was fast, he wasn’t frantic in the face of danger. He shouted furiously and spat out Qi when the tip of the sword arrived in front of him.

The tip of the sword collided with his own sword and bounced. Uncle Cai was pushed back a few steps. He looked stunned, luckily, he had protected himself. The creature didn’t give Mo Ruyan anytime to react and threw itself at her.

Mo Ruyan didn’t have time to dodge. She jumped to the ground. Since it seemed that the creature wanted to kill her, the four men jumped in front of her.



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