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Chapter 118: Armor

Mo Ruyan stood up and staggered. She didn’t attack again.

“Armor!” she shouted.

A lot of people ran towards the mysterious carriage and pushed it forward. The carriage had four wheels so it moved even without horses. Rumbling sounds spread through the air. Mo Ruyan looked at the creature and jumped into the carriage.

The creature was surrounded by four strong men, but he didn’t look scared. He didn’t even mind getting stabbed. Two people stabbed him but in the same moment he had taken two more hearts.

The crowd was astonished and terrified. Some people threw themselves at the creature one after the other to give Mo Ruyan time.

“Far Ink Professional Organization.” someone said.

The carriage rolled fast towards the creature. Those who had pushed the carriage couldn’t catch up. It was now rolling too fast.

Some of the horses neighed. After that, the escorts didn’t care anymore and ran away. The carriage continued to roll towards the creature. The creature looked at the carriage but didn’t understand what was happening.

Suddenly, a loud sound resounded in the air. An arrow flew out of the carriage and moved towards the shadow.

At that moment, the creature didn’t have time to dodge. He just instinctively raised his claws. The creature really didn’t understand. The arrow was sharp beyond its expectations. Mo Ruyan’s sword hadn’t pierced through his hand but the arrow instantly pierced through.

Thanks to his hand, it pierced through his hand and stopped. It didn’t end up in his chest. Two more sounds came from the carriage. It was two more arrows. The creature didn’t try to stop them this time, he jumped to the side to avoid them.

The two arrows disappeared in the distance. After the creature dodged, he was even more upset. He shouted furiously and ran towards the carriage. At the same time, the carriage cracked open and a silhouette in armor appeared. It was holding a long spear.

It was Mo Ruyan. She was completely protected in the armor. Her arms, legs, organs, all of her body was protected. Her armor was shining too. She was holding a long spear that looked deadly.

Mo Ruyan looked imposing and awe-inspiring in her armor. She looked at the creature fearlessly. She raised her spear. It seemed to be a spear that could lacerate anything, dragons, the sky, nothing could stop it.

Mo Ruyan looked like someone else in the armor. Her Qi had changed too. Her spear streaked across the sky as it flew towards the creature.

The creature was mid-jump and didn’t have time to dodge. The spear stabbed into the creature’s chest and it was knocked back. Mo Ruyan seemed to be in harmony with her spear.

The creature crawled up off the ground. The spear was in his chest. He was staggering before he fell down again. The people around them were astonished. They were watching the battle intently.

Mo Ruyan threw another spear and the creature collapsed again.

She threw spears one after the other. One spear pierced through the creature’s head and pushed him into the ground. Even Mu Yi could have been destroyed by Mo Ruyan’s spears at that moment. She was really strong. However, she didn’t manage to kill the creature.

The creature grabbed a spear. Mo Ruyan didn’t look worried. She just smiled coldly. She put her palms together and moved aside.

As the creature was trying to take the arrow out of his hand, she threw another spear. This one was aimed at the creature’s third eye. The spear rotated rapidly and pierced through the creature’s third eye.

The creature roared like a beast. Everybody was convinced Mo Ruyan had won. However, the creature suddenly became much taller. It tripled in size. Its Qi also increased a lot.

It grabbed the spear in its third eye and took it out. The area smelled like something had been burning. The spear stopped rotating.

Mo Ruyan was astonished when she saw that and she took half a step back. She raised her right hand and tried to make her spears move with Qi. The spear started rotating again but it couldn’t dig any deeper.

Mo Ruyan didn’t dare stop. The creature’s Qi had increased. If the creature managed to stop the spears completely what would she do. She released Qi and recalled her spears but the creature didn’t let her.

When she moved back, the creature crawled up. His face was initially pale but now it was a bit red. A terrifying Qi rolled in waves off of him.

Mo Ruyan was shocked. Even though she had a sword, she was actually better with spears. Usually, when she used spears, she killed her enemies instantly. However, she hadn’t managed to kill the creature.

The creature was much stronger than she had expected.

Mo Ruyan was breathing quickly. She tried to control herself. She was the only one who could compete with the creature. So if she lost, all her friends would lose too.

The creature was staring at Mo Ruyan. He looked at her with hatred. He didn’t look well. His left hand still had an arrow stuck in it.  The worst part was the spear that had hit his third eye. There was a big hole. And black blood started spilling. He looked hideous and ferocious.

“Die!” said the creature finally.

Mo Ruyan’s heart twitched. She blinked and the creature disappeared. She took out two more spears and turned around. Her spears then streaked across the sky and whistling sounds spread through the air.

She sensed suppressive energies and her hands felt numb. By the time she understood what was happening, a terrifying strength had hit her in the chest.

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