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Chapter 119: Big Slave’s Intervention

Chapter 119: Big Slave’s Intervention


Mo Ruyan was knocked back and crashed into the carriage. Everyone was startled and shouted. She fell off the carriage and onto the ground. She coughed up blood and three wounds appeared on her chest.

Mo Ruyan knew how powerful her armor was. Even the most powerful arrows couldn’t pierce through. Now it was almost broken. If she hadn’t had the armor on, she would have died.

She was surprised, but she wasn’t scared.

“Master, be careful!” shouted all her colleagues, including Uncle Cai.

The creature jumped into the crowd and horrible screams spread through the air again. A few people were knocked away. This time the creature didn’t eat their hearts, he just crushed them. They all fell to the ground and coughed up blood.

“Move back!” Mo Ruyan said.

She didn’t care about her injuries. She immediately grabbed another spear. She knew that the creature wouldn’t let them off. Her friends would die if they fought against the creature, they would definitely die.

“Little Taoist priest, hurry up and make Big Slave help us! If I die, you’re going to die too!” shouted Mo Ruyan loudly.

She didn’t think that Mu Yi was such a coward. He only cared about himself. Did he think that if they died he would survive? Big Slave was strong but he couldn’t protect Mu Yi. After all, the creature was strong and fast. The giant wouldn’t be able to catch up with him.

At the moment, they needed to join hands. Mu Yi knew what was happening outside but he hadn’t thought the creature would be so strong. Mo Ruyan couldn’t even compete with him. Even though a lot of the escorts had died, he had thought he didn’t need to intervene.

Even though he couldn’t stop the sacrificial ritual, it didn’t mean he had no way of fighting against enemies. He had to protect himself at all times. Of course, Mo Ruyan didn’t think Mu Yi could do anything. She thought Big Slave was their only hope.

Big Slave was the most powerful weapon of the Church of the Thousand Children. He could probably do something for them.

“Big Slave,” said Mu Yi. He addressed Big Slave using telepathy. Big Slave stood up but he didn’t listen to Mu Yi at first, he just shook his head. Mo Ruyan was already upset and Mu Yi was speechless at his response.

Since Mu Yi had reached the second difficulty, he was able to communicate using telepathy thanks to his increased mind strength. It was very convenient. Before, he couldn’t say anything to Big Slave, but Nian Nuer was there so it was fine. He hadn’t thought he’d be able to tell Big Slave things on his own one day.

Mu Yi made a noise. Big Slave sensed that Mu Yi was getting angry. Finally, he looked at the creature.

The creature was still there and he still had instincts. He maybe still had some mental abilities too. When Big Slave looked at him, he sensed that Big Slave was dangerous. Finally, he stopped chasing the armed escorts. Uncle Cai and the others ran aside. The creature turned around and looked at Big Slave.

“Right, good, Big Slave, hurry up! Hit him!” shouted Mo Ruyan hopelessly.

Big Slave ignored her. He didn’t even glance at her, he just stared at the creature. The creature moved towards Big Slave while staring back. Finally, Big Slave also started moving towards him. They both attacked at the same time.

The creature seemed to flicker because he moved so fast. He raised his hand and threw himself at Big Slave. His attack wasn’t any weaker than when he had attacked Mo Ruyan.

Big Slave released a lot of fierce and tough Qi when he saw that. He raised his gigantic hand and aimed at the creature’s head.

The creature scratched Big Slave’s abdomen. He raised his other hand to block and started moving faster. Mo Ruyan saw it as an opportunity. She had rested for a few minutes so she felt better again.

She moved quickly and jumped behind the creature. She threw her spear at the creature. Big Slave bombarded the creature with hits from his gigantic hand. Even though it was painful, the creature wasn’t injured. He stood up quickly but then Mo Ruyan’s attack reached him.

Mo Ruyan had attacked again but this time she didn’t aim at the head or the chest anymore. She aimed at the creature’s legs, specifically for its ligaments.

The creature’s legs weren’t as hard as his head or chest. Therefore, Mo Ruyan’s spear pierced through easily. The creature roared furiously and Mo Ruyan pressed the spear until it sank deeper.

The creature staggered. Mo Ruyan started to pull her spear back. The tip of the spear was stuck in the creature’s leg though. The tip of her spear had double blades so it got stuck between the creature’s muscles and ligaments.

The creature tried to take off the tip of the spear but failed. He almost collapsed. Mo Ruyan moved away after that. She had used all her strength for that attack. She couldn’t do much anymore.

Even though her spear had no tip anymore, it still had a smaller sharp head which initially was under the tip. The spear had now turned into a lance.

“Big Slave, hurry up!” shouted Mo Ruyan.

She hadn’t chosen to aim at the head or chest because she wanted to slow down the creature. Big Slave would be able to help more that way. In their current circumstances, Big Slave was their only hope.

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