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Chapter 120: Misunderstood

Chapter 120: Misunderstood

A piercing noise sounded in the distance. Mu Yi was still doing the sacrificial ritual but he opened his eyes. He gazed into the distance out of the window.

The creature initially intended to continue fighting. His white eyes became red and he suddenly took a few steps back. Mo Ruyan was shocked and turned quickly to run. Even though the creature’s leg was injured because of the spear tip stuck inside, he could still move quickly.

The creature moved away quickly. He appeared a few times in different places before he disappeared in the darkness.  When the crowd saw the creature disappear into the distance, they took a deep breath. Mo Ruyan was relieved too.

When Big Slave saw the creature disappear, he stood there for a few seconds. He went back into the carriage right after. Mo Ruyan glanced at the carriage and then started picking up things from the ground.

The Far Ink Professional Organization had suffered important losses during that battle. One fifth of the people they had brought had died. They hadn’t faced such a tragedy in a long time.

Even though she was sad, she also knew that she had to persevere. She couldn’t give up. She was a pillar for the organization. Everybody was depressed though, including Uncle Cai.

The next morning in one of the carriages, there were eight pots filled with bone ashes. Travelers were used to such things though. It was most important to be able to bring back someone’s ashes to their native land.

The negotiator had turned into a zombie. It was strange, but either way, they had to deliver the goods in Luoyang. They would do their best to find the buyer. It wasn’t only about the money, it was also about their reputation.

Everybody agreed on that in the organization. Therefore, even if everybody thought there was something strange about the goods, nobody checked them. Rules were rules. It was important to respect rules in business.

After that, everybody motivated themselves. Even though they were only about three days away from Luoyang, they knew that these last days wouldn’t be fun.

Mu Yi came out of the carriage and glanced around. He hadn’t come out at all during the incident. Some people were angry. They thought that if Mu Yi had made the giant fight before, they wouldn’t have lost so many people.

Therefore, their opinion was now completely different from before. They now considered Mu Yi as a weakling and a coward, and Big Slave as a hero. Now, even if Big Slave ate a lot, they didn’t mind. Some people even shared their own portion with him. They looked at Mu Yi coldly.

Mo Ruyan ignored Mu Yi as well. Mu Yi didn’t care at all though, especially since it was just a misunderstanding. Not to mention that he was their client. It was these people’s job to protect him. He didn’t need to help them.

“Please accept my apologies in their names.” said Mo Ruyan that evening.

After all, Mo Ruyan had seen people looking at Mu Yi with disdain the whole day. Now, she was less angry. She looked detached from the world again.  She was almost back to normal.

“It’s alright. I am afraid to die too,” said Mu Yi indifferently.

“What I said has nothing to do with you fearing death or not. You’re a client. We need to protect you. Therefore, even if we all died, it wouldn’t be your fault either,” said Mo Ruyan shaking her head.

“If you all die, who will bring me to Luoyang?” said Mu Yi.

“We’re only two days away from Luoyang now. If you can, leave with Big Slave tomorrow morning,” said Mo Ruyan.

She turned around and stopped looking at him.

“You’re making a client leave alone? That’s how the Far Ink Professional Organization works?” said Mu Yi mockingly.

“You know that’s not what I mean. If you follow us, you’ll be in even more danger. Your target destination is Luoyang, isn’t it?” said Mo Ruyan ignoring his mocking tone.

“Yes, but yesterday evening Big Slave also got involved. Who knows what could happen next? Maybe the enemy will want to attack us now. If I leave alone, maybe that the enemy will kill me,” said Mu Yi.

“Alright. Tonight, don’t stay in the carriage, otherwise we won’t be able to save you,” said Mo Ruyan, then she turned around and left.

She was worried about what would happen in the evening too. After she left, Mu Yi shook his head but he still went to the room Mo Ruyan had prepared for him and Big Slave. The room next door was Mo Ruyan’s room.

If anything happened, she’d be able to protect him as quickly as possible.  After all, Mu Yi was a big guest. He had paid one thousand Liang of gold. It was a lot of money.

“Brother, will you help her?” asked Nian Nuer coming out of the Bamboo Tree of Life.

Big Slave looked so happy to see Nian Nuer, he immediately walked over to her. Nian Nuer jumped onto his shoulder and swung her legs.

“Why do you ask?” asked Mu Yi taking out his copper lamp and turning it on.

“If you didn’t want to help her, you would have left already,” said Nian Nuer.

She understood Mu Yi and his personality. The reason why Mu Yi had decided to resort to the Far Ink Professional Organization’s services was to avoid trouble. Now, they would soon arrive in Luoyang. He could leave alone. He would even arrive earlier, but he stayed with them.

“You’re growing up, little girl,” said Mu Yi smiling.

He grabbed the bamboo tree and tapped her with it.

“Ouch!” Nian Nuer said, looking at Mu Yi and pouting.

Using other things, he couldn’t hit her because she was a ghost, but the Bamboo Tree of Life was an exception. Mu Yi didn’t hit her hard, he just lightly tapped to tease her. When Big Slave heard her shout, he looked at Mu Yi aggressively.

“What? You want to rebel as well?” said Mu Yi raising the bamboo tree and aiming at Big Slave’s head.

Even if Big Slave was strong, he didn’t dare try to do anything.

“You like to bully the weak but fear the strong,” said Nian Nuer tapping Big Slave’s head. Big Slave giggled like an idiot.


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