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Chapter 121: Death is always omnipresent in mountains.

Chapter 121: Death is always omnipresent in mountains.


Nothing happened that night but nobody was able to rest well, including Mu Yi. Mu Yi didn’t leave. As usual, he practiced his punching technique in the morning and then proceeded to decoct the medicinal herbs. He was very methodical.

Actually, the previous evening, he hadn’t told Nian Nuer everything. He didn’t stay only to help Mo Ruyan. They weren’t friends. He had spent money to receive her services. She was in charge of his safety. He was a client and she was a service provider, nothing more.

Of course, they had spent some time together so some connections were created but it meant nothing. Luoyang would be the end of their path together. Maybe they would never meet again.

The reason why he had decided to stay was that he had realized that the enemy from  the other night probably controlled zombies. That was why Mu Yi had stayed. He wanted to see who the enemy really was, what his purpose was, and whether he had something to do with Li the Cripple.

Even though there were probably more than one clan who was specialized in controlling zombies, there couldn’t be too many either.

Not to mention that they were close to Luoyang. The Qu Mortuary was near Luoyang. Now, a dark creature had appeared. It maybe had something to do with the Qu Mortuary. Mu Yi wanted to know more.

The best thing for him to do was to stay in that army. Mu Yi didn’t tell anyone his reasons, not even Nian Nuer. The group continued traveling. At noon, Mo Ruyan made the troops stop.

“What’s wrong, Master? asked Uncle Cai.

“Something is wrong there,” said Mo Ruyan gazing into the distance.

It was a place they had to cross to go to Luoyang. It was a small mountain. Even though they could see everything clearly because there were no trees or big rocks, Mo Ruyan’s instincts told her there was something wrong.

“Two people come with me,” said Uncle Cai.

It was better to check before. If the whole group arrived and there was something wrong, then it’d be too late to do anything.

“No, Uncle Cai. I’ll go and see myself,” said Mo Ruyan shaking her head.

She didn’t want to lose more employees. It was easy to fall into ambushes.

“Master, we could also take a detour,” said Uncle Cai.

“No. If we make a detour, we’ll waste an entire day. Besides, if the enemies are after us, even if we make a detour, they can also set an ambush somewhere else,” said Mo Ruyan firmly.

“Master, be careful!” said Uncle Cai.

He was scared. He knew that none of them were as strong as Mo Ruyan. She was the only one who could guarantee they’d get through in one piece.

Even though he felt that way, he gestured and some people holding knives moved forward. If anything happened to Mo Ruyan, they’d help. Mo Ruyan didn’t have on her armor but she had her spear. Besides, she had many new sharp spear heads.

Mo Ruyan ran steadily. She arrived at the foot of the mountain in the blink of an eye. Uncle Cai was staring at her. He looked nervous. He didn’t want to lose Mo Ruyan.

“No need to stare,” said someone suddenly.

“What?” said Uncle Cai but he didn’t turn around.

Mu Yi had arrived behind him. Big Slave was behind Mu Yi.

“Death is always omnipresent in mountains.” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

Then, he looked at Mo Ruyan as well. Uncle Cai shuddered with fear when he heard that. He didn’t even dare look at Mu Yi. Mu Yi, that little Taoist priest who was really scared to die, had always been uncommunicative during their trip. Why was he suddenly talking?

Mu Yi was just standing there though. He had said that without really thinking. The Taoist priest who was scared to die and had hidden in the carriage the other time was now outside.

Uncle Cai pondered it for a bit. He had been traveling for a long time. He understood people.

“Litt… Taoist priest, if you have anything to say, just say it.” he said.

He had almost called Mu Yi “Little Taoist priest”. In the end he had just called him Taoist priest. He had to respect Mu Yi.

“I can see black Qi on your people’s third eyes. You are going to die.” said Mu Yi suddenly.

“What?” someone said.

“Little Taoist priest, you really want to die!” someone yelled.

“Nonsense!” said someone else.

Uncle Cai didn’t even have time to reply. The other escorts immediately burst into an uproar. They were furious.

If Big Slave hadn’t been there, they would have taught Mu Yi a good lesson. Escorts had no patience and were usually impulsive.

“Little Taoist priest, you should think before talking,” said Uncle Cai patiently.

“You can choose to believe me or not but you’ll see,” said Mu Yi.

He wasn’t angry. He just continued looking at Mo Ruyan. She wasn’t on her horse and she had started going up the mountain.

Mu Yi bent over and grabbed a stone as big as his head. He gave it to Big Slave and pointed at something.

“Big Slave, over there,” he said.

Big Slave grabbed the stone and looked at the place Mu Yi was showing him. He could see some weeds, but nothing was different from the other places.

Big Slave looked at the stone in his hand and then looked at the place Mu Yi had shown him again. Then, he threw the stone Mu Yi had given him away and picked a much bigger stone. Uncle Cai didn’t understand what Mu Yi wanted to tell Big Slave, he said nothing and just calmly watched.

They were about sixty-seventy zhang away from the place Mu Yi had pointed at. On horseback, it would take a few seconds to get there but on foot, it was far. Big Slave lifted the huge stone and threw it.

The gigantic stone streaked across the sky. Everybody heard the whistling sounds. Big Slave’s strength was shocking. The stone descended from the sky and crashed into the ground. They didn’t hear any sound because they were too far away. While the crowd was wondering what Mu Yi and Big Slave were doing, two figures appeared where the stone landed.

“Oh no, Master is in danger!” Uncle Cai said.

He wasn’t stupid. He knew that it was an ambush. Mo Ruyan noticed them but she didn’t move back. She just threw her spear at them.

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