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Chapter 122: Matchless Martial Prowess

Mu Yi saw her attack and he shook his head. Nobody knew why he was shaking his head, but after what had just happened, they all looked at him in a different way.

After all, nobody except him had noticed anything a moment before. He had also made Big Slave throw a big stone. He had detected those two people who had set an ambush. Thanks to him, Mo Ruyan had an opportunity.

Uncle Cai and the others were still on their horses. They all galloped towards the foot of the mountain. Mo Ruyan had already thrown her spear at each enemy and killed them both. The enemies couldn’t withstand the strikes. Their blood dripped from the head of her spear.

The crowd heard horses galloping closer. The faces of the people of the convoy paled. Considering how loud the sound was, they could guess that there were a lot of them. They knew exactly what was happening.

At the same time, Mo Ruyan turned around. She was higher up the mountain and could see farther away. She understood the situation even better than the others.

Mo Ruyan realized she had been fooled. No wonder the two enemies ambushing them were so weak. They weren’t the real enemies. The enemies had just used them as cannon fodder. They had used them to capture her attention.

Now, it was too late for Mo Ruyan to regret her decision. She tried to run down the mountain as quickly as possible. Even if she didn’t have time, she needed to try.

Uncle Cai’s face was pale. He understood what Mu Yi had said now. Mountains were always filled with death. However, was it a joke? A curse? Or a legitimate warning?

Unfortunately, if it was a warning, he hadn’t heeded it.

“Back! ” shouted Uncle Cai furiously.

Everybody galloped back towards the carraiges. The enemies’ horses were galloping faster. They were also getting closer to them. A cloud of dust appeared in the sky.

Mu Yi turned around. He still didn’t show any expression. He was calm, even though he was a bit pale. The escorts next to him looked completely different. They’re expressions shifted between devastation, terror, and desperation. It was as if they were facing death.

The dust dispersed and a big guy on a horse appeared. He was holding a broadsword. He looked fierce. The second cavalier arrived, the third came, and more cavaliers kept coming. They all looked vicious.

“Mounted bandits!” said someone.

“Big Slave, they’re yours,” said Mu Yi glancing at them indifferently.

When Big Slave heard Mu Yi, he walked towards them even though he didn’t feel like it. He walked slowly at first and slowly picked up speed until he was running unsteadily.

The escorts let him pass. They didn’t look desperate anymore. When they saw Big Slave, they all followed him. They wanted to help kill the enemies.

Big Slave passed by the last carriage. He grabbed a gunny sack from it and threw it. The gunny sack hit the first horse and disintegrated. The horse uttered sad cries and bucked.

The cavalier had no time to dodge either and was forced off the back of the horse. He fell down in the middle of the group of cavaliers and screamed. The horse which had been struck by Big Slave’s gunny sack collapsed and fell on top of the cavalier.

All this happened so suddenly that the other cavaliers didn’t have time to react. The horses started galloping around chaotically in the aftermath.

“Far Ink Professional Organization. ” All the armed escorts shouted at the same time.

They were motivated by what they had seen. After that attack, Big Slave didn’t stop. He continued running forward. He grabbed two horses in front of him and forced them to the ground violently without giving the bandits time to react.

The horses neighed. The crowd heard some people screaming in agony. Big Slave just raised his big hands. He started killing people within the group of bandits. Both men and horses were thrown to the ground. Some of the bandits threw themselves at Big Slave and attacked him with their broadswords.

However, all it did was cut his clothes. Some small marks appeared on his skin but it was impossible to pierce through it. Mu Yi had used three five thunders charms on Big Slave and nothing much had happened. His defense abilities were great.

Big Slave was in the front. The armed escorts were behind him. Their blades glinted as they sliced the bandits who hadn’t had time to stand up. The bandits died just like that and their souls fell into the underworld. The dozen armed escorts and Big Slave had the advantage.

The enemies were enraged. They hadn’t thought that the Far Ink Professional Organization would have someone like Big Slave with them. After all, according to the plan, it was supposed to be very easy. They had thought they would beat them without any trouble. When Mo Ruyan got back, the battle was already almost over.

Mo Ruyan decided to wait until the enemy was exhausted and then she attacked as well. That’s when the battle really ended. Without Mu Yi and Big Slave, they would have lost and probably died though.

However, some of the bandits had been so alarmed that they jumped off their horses. They had used them to protect themselves.

At the beginning, there were fifty-sixty people in the group. Some of them had died but there were still thirty-forty left. They were planning to counterattack. Some armed escorts were also starting to get injured.

Of course, they had to be careful while doing so. They had to get rid of Big Slave first. That guy had displayed incredible martial prowess. He was the Church of the Thousand Children’s secret weapon. When facing ordinary enemies like them, he could be considered as invincible.

“Move out of the way! ” shouted someone rather loudly.

A big guy raised a heavy ax and ran toward them. The guy was big and strong in ordinary people’s eyes. He was taller than all his fellow bandits but he looked tiny in front of Big Slave. His head didn’t even reach Big Slave’s chest.

He seemed to be the leader of the group. All the remaining bandits moved aside.

“Attention! Your Excellency, who are you? Why did you attack us, the Golden Horses? Announce yourself!” shouted the big guy.

Everybody remained silent. Mu Yi was standing in the distance and staring at him. He was dumbfounded and tongue-tied. He looked at that “Cheng Yaojin” who had jumped in out of nowhere with confusion. (translator’s note / trivia: Cheng Yaojin was a Chinese general of the Tang Dynasty and “Cheng Yaojin is also an expression which means: “to jump in out of nowhere”)

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