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Chapter 123: Golden Horses

 Golden Horses?

It was the first time that Mu Yi had heard that name. He had never lived in Luoyang so it wasn’t strange. Besides, there were many bandits in the world. It would have been strange if Mu Yi had known them.

It didn’t matter who they were. They had prepared a plan to steal the convoy’s goods. It was also impossible to tell whether the dark creature from the other evening was from their group or not.

However, Mu Yi was amused when he saw the big guy. Was he the leader of the group? If he wasn’t, it didn’t matter. If he was, it would be fun.

Even though all the bandits had moved back and didn’t attack Big Slave anymore, it didn’t mean that Big Slave was going to let them off. Big Slave only listened to Nian Nuer and Mu Yi. All the bandits saw that Big Slave wasn’t going to stop so they had no choice but to fight.

“I’ll get you!” shouted the big guy.

He noticed that the battlefield was becoming chaotic again. Big Slave killed more people. Cries of pain filled the air. The big guy lifted his ax again and ran at Big Slave.

The big guy lifted his ax with the vigor of a tiger. It looked extremely heavy. The guy was obviously skilled. Big Slave was stronger, though.

Big Slave glanced at the big guy who was running towards him. His expression didn’t change. He didn’t dodge either. He just raised his fist and aimed at the ax.

The sound of the collision resounded in the area and the ax was knocked away. The big guy was forced back by the force of the collision. He crashed into one of the horses.

“How strong,” said the big guy.

He saw that Big Slave was also completely unharmed. Actually, everybody was stunned. All the bandits looked terrified. They went pale as if they had seen a ghost.

The group of bandits knew how strong their leader was. His ax weighed about sixty jin, still, nothing had happened to Big Slave. After Big Slave clashed with the big guy, he glanced around.

The bandits were terrified. They didn’t feel like fighting anymore. They didn’t need to take so many risks. Big slave was too tough. They couldn’t compete with him. They needed to escape, otherwise, their people would continue to die.

From the very moment when Big Slave had appeared, the result of the battle was decided. The big guy looked at his fellow bandits. He could see that they didn’t feel like fighting anymore. The dozen armed escorts were putting pressure on them as well.

The big guy shouted, “Brothers, dismiss! ”

“Roger!” shouted the bandits in unison.

They retreated quickly. The armed escorts didn’t chase them. Even Big Slave didn’t, he just turned around and went to stand next to Mu Yi.

All the escorts were touched because this was the second time Big Slave had saved them. Some people were injured but at least they were all alive. Nothing had happened to the goods either. Big Slave had saved them again.

“Are you alright?” asked Mo Ruyan.

She hadn’t thought things would happen that way. She hadn’t really gotten involved a moment before but she hadn’t left. Big Slave was the best option to deal with the bandits.

“Master, we’re alright thanks to Big Slave. He’s a hero,” said an armed escort.

“Thank you. We owe you,” said Mo Ruyan looking at Mu Yi.
“It’s alright. I just wanted to avoid a disaster,” said Mu Yi, then he turned around and went back to his carriage.

“Young Master,” said Uncle Cai and some of the others.

They were alarmed. The surroundings were really shocking. There were dead horses and bandits and blood everywhere. It had been a terrifying battle.

“Alright, let’s help our injured friends and leave,” said Mo Ruyan.

She didn’t feel like talking too much. The bandits had left already but they couldn’t be certain they wouldn’t come back. Maybe they would even face more dangers on the way. It was better to leave as soon as possible.

“Roger,” said Uncle Cai with a nod, glancing around.

They left rather quickly. At the top of the small mountain, a shadow slowly appeared. It looked at Mo Ruyan. After staring at Mo Ruyan for a long time as they disappeared over the horizon, the shadow turned around and left.

When the shadow left, Mu Yi sensed something. He glanced around but saw nothing.

The convoy arrived in a small village. Many people were injured so it wasn’t convenient to continue. Even though Mo Ruyan was worried about stopping, she also knew what needed to be done.

If they were frightened, injured and continued traveling and faced danger again, they’d be in trouble. All the injured armed escorts wouldn’t be able to help. They’d be easy prey to predators.

They couldn’t possibly do something like that. They had survived today thanks to Big Slave.

They had taken risks. They had acted heroically, but they were all shocked. Especially when they thought about it after. Many of the armed escorts’ legs were still shaking. If it happened again, they wouldn’t have the courage to fight.

“Master, I think we should have a talk with that little Taoist priest. What do you think?” whispered Uncle Cai.

He had gone to see Mo Ruyan in her room. He had been saying the same thing all day.

After realizing that Mu Yi wasn’t really weak and knowing that Big Slave had incredible fighting abilities, he had come up with an idea. Big Slave could destroy hundreds of ordinary enemies alone. If the enemies had no weapons, he could probably even defeat thousands.

If Mu Yi and Big Slave could help them, they would never have such problems again.

“Talk? About what? Ask them to help us?” Mo Ruyan glanced at Uncle Cai indifferently.

She knew what he wanted to say.

“Indeed,” said Uncle Cai.

“Don’t forget that he’s our client. He paid one thousand Liang of gold,” said Mo Ruyan expressionlessly.

“You can give him the one thousand Liang of gold back,” said Uncle Cai.

Even though one thousand Liang of gold was a lot, the armed escorts’ lives were more important. The price of the goods they were carrying were worth more. One thousand Liang of gold was overpriced anyway. Mo Ruyan had asked for more than usual. Since Mu Yi didn’t seem to mind, she had accepted it.

“It’s too late. Even if we propose that to him, he will refuse,” said Mo Ruyan shaking her head.

“Master…” said Uncle Cai.

“Enough. I won’t change my mind. Besides, I will be more careful in the future. I will personally take the night watch. Uncle Cai, you can go back and have a good rest,” said Mo Ruyan firmly.

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