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Chapter 125: Turn bad into good


Nothing happened that night. It was unexpectedly calm and peaceful. They didn’t even hear the rustle of leaves in the wind. Daytime had already arrived.

When Mu Yi came out to practice his punching technique, he noticed Mo Ruyan standing on a carriage. She was gazing into the distance and holding her spear. She saw him and turned around.

“Fight me,” she said.

Mu Yi heard her but didn’t respond. He acted as if he hadn’t heard her and started practicing his punching technique. Even though Mu Yi hadn’t been outside, he had used his mind strength to continuously check the area. He was exhausted.

He had used lots of mind strength but he didn’t fear her at all. One five thunders charm was probably enough to defeat her. He wasn’t interested in such battles. When Mo Ruyan saw that Mu Yi was ignoring her, she threw her spear at him.

Mu Yi was practicing his punching technique so he wasn’t facing her. His mind strength allowed him to see what was happening around him though. Mo Ruyan’s spear was fast but Mu Yi just had to move back a little while raising his hand. He managed to dodge the spear easily.

When Mo Ruyan saw that, her mouth twitched. The spear didn’t injure Mu Yi and he also managed to slap it. The spear could have destroyed a whole army. Mu Yi wasn’t an exception.

When he saw the spear, he paid attention but didn’t stop practicing his punching technique. The set of kung fu punches contained lots of different variations but he was only practicing one of them. It wasn’t difficult. He could do other things at the same time.

Initially, Mu Yi wanted to dodge and ignore her. He had reacted instinctively instead after she had thrown the spear at him and slapped it. Mo Ruyan was even more excited after witnessing it.

She raised another sharp spear. It streaked across the sky. It didn’t emit any sound as it flew. It was even more terrifying because it was a silent attack.

Uncle Cai came out of his room and saw the two battling. He stopped and watched. He was an old man of the Far Ink Professional Organization. He had seen Mo Ruyan grow up. He knew how strong she was.

They didn’t want to kill each other but Mo Ruyan was using her full strength. Mu Yi was unarmed. What could he do against her?

Uncle Cai realized there was something wrong quickly. The more Mo Ruyan attacked him. The more relaxed he became. It became easier for him to dodge the attacks. He looked confident and completely at ease.

If Uncle Cai hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed that someone could dodge attacks so easily. Mu Yi wasn’t as strong as he thought. After dodging twice at the beginning, Mu Yi had realized that his punching technique could also be used to fight.

Therefore, he released some mind strength to fight. Uncle Cai had noticed it and so had Mo Ruyan. She also noticed that something had changed about him.

Her plan had worked though. She wanted to make Mu Yi fight her from the beginning. She realized soon that Mu Yi moved erratically at first. He looked more familiar with her attacks as time passed. He was more relaxed.

In the end, she even tried more powerful attacks but Mu Yi easily dodged all of them. Mu Yi sometimes slapped the spear she threw. He could sense the strength the spears contained. Each time he slapped a spear, she could sense something happening in her body. She felt a bit numb inside.

Fortunately, it didn’t last long. The battle was difficult. Mu Yi was slowly becoming relentless.

“Let’s stop. Let’s stop.” said Mo Ruyan finally.

Mu Yi didn’t want to stop though. She shouted furiously and raised another spear. They weren’t trying to kill each other. They wouldn’t have been so controlled if that wasn’t the case.

When Mu Yi heard her yell, he came back to his senses. He closed his eyes. The time needed to burn a joss stick passed and he opened his eyes again. The armed escorts didn’t get close. They didn’t want to disturb them.

“Thank you for your patience,” Mu Yi said.

The moment he had closed his eyes had given him some insight. He would have needed a lot of time to understand the punching technique. He was lucky.

He had always thought the punching technique was ordinary. He had started using mind strength and had the impression that he could turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal. Now he had also realized he could use it to fight too.

Mo Ruyan sensed a special kind of strength in the area. It was Mu Yi’s strength. He had just started understanding the punching technique so he couldn’t carry out explosive attacks. He could imagine what his attacks would look like in the future.

Mu Yi was an expert in magic figures. He had the copper lamp and he would soon have the Bamboo Tree of Life. The punching technique would be extremely useful to him too.

After all, he couldn’t just stand there in battles. When he ran out of charms and didn’t have enough mind strength to use the copper lamp, he would be able to use the punching technique.

Mu Yi also realized that it wasn’t a simple punching technique. He could use mind strength with it. It was another Dharma door.

Maybe that thanks to it, he would discover some other means of progressing on his path. He would be able to use explosive attacks too. For that reason alone, Mu Yi thanked Mo Ruyan from the bottom of his heart.

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