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Chapter 127: Stinky Taoist priest!

Mu Yi changed the water of the bath twice. When he came out, he didn’t look pale anymore. He looked fine on the outside. Mu Yi knew that it was only temporary.

He couldn’t completely recover after a short medicinal bath. That’s why he was always very careful when he did the sacrificial ritual. Even though he hadn’t completely recovered, he knew that there wouldn’t be any problems dealing with the situation in the evening.

When Mu Yi came out, he saw Mo Ruyan in the courtyard.

“You don’t need to do that,” said Mo Ruyan.

“Do what?” asked Mu Yi smiling.

“You know what I’m referring to.” said Mo Ruyan.

“Don’t think too much. I’m not doing it for you,” he said.

Mu Yi did know what she meant. He knew that no matter what he said, she’d use it against him.

“No matter what, I want to thank you,” said Mo Ruyan with a smile.

She looked beautiful in that moment. It only lasted for a second, but it was the first time he saw her smile that way. She didn’t give him much time to admire her smile though. He was staring at her face and she quickly stopped smiling.

“Alright, but in any case, it’s not for you,” said Mu Yi.

“Stinky Taoist priest!” Mo Ruyan muttered.

After that, she turned around. She started leaving. As she walked away, Mu Yi didn’t know why he said it. It was as if he had suddenly been possessed.

“You’re so beautiful when you smile,” he said.

When Mo Ruyan heard him, she shivered. She didn’t turn around and walked away even faster. After Mo Ruyan left, Mu Yi sniffed his arm and shook his head.

“I don’t smell at all. Strange,” he said.

When Mu Yi went back to his room, Big Slave was seated on the floor and playing alone. He couldn’t sit on a chair. The chairs were too small. They would have broken into pieces if he sat in them. Big Slave had tried to sit on chairs a few times and he had broken them all.

It more comfortable to sit on the floor anyway.  Mu Yi put the Bamboo Tree of Life on the table. It was shining.

Mu Yi had been injured during the sacrificial ritual that day but there were only advantages for Nian Nuer. She was sleeping in the tree. She had benefited a lot from the sacrificial ritual. Mu Yi sat down next to the table and looked at Big Slave.

“Big Slave, do you miss your family?” Mu Yi asked.

Big Slave didn’t reply. He just ignored him. He glanced at the Bamboo Tree of Life now and then.

Mu Yi was now used to having Big Slave around. He was even happy about him being there. He was actually asking himself the question anyway.

Even though Big Slave didn’t reply, Mu Yi knew that he missed his home. The one on top of Funiu Mountain. The old Taoist Priest had told him that human beings could get attached to people and things.

Mu Yi shook his head. He stopped looking at Big Slave and took out the copper lamp. He put his mind strength in it. After Mu Yi put his mind strength in the lamp and started meditating, he didn’t realize that Big Slave had raised his head with a pensive look on his face.

Later that night something happened outside which made Mu Yi come back to his senses. He put his magic figures in his bag. The copper lamp and the Bamboo Tree of Life were placed in the bag as well.

Big Slave silently stood up and followed Mu Yi. Mu Yi opened the door of the room.

“Let’s go,” said Mu Yi.

In the courtyard, there were torches already lit. The armed escorts were all gathered there. Mo Ruyan was standing at the front. She was wearing armor and holding a spear.

Uncle Cai was just behind her. He had on armor which covered half of his body. Even though his armor wasn’t as good as Mo Ruyan’s, it was still good armor.

When Mu Yi and Big Slave arrived, the armed escorts looked at them. They considered Mu Yi useless and Big Slave very useful. Big Slave had shown them how strong he was when he had stopped the bandits. They were enthusiastic about fighting on his side.

“Thank you very much for your help, Master,” said Uncle Cai when he saw Mu Yi.

He was touched. He had thought Mu Yi would come but just to watch the battle. He had also thought Mu Yi would show up later, not before the beginning of the battle.

It was the last evening they would spend together. Mu Yi didn’t need to hide anymore. Aside from them, there were very few people left in the hotel. Only some guests, some of the manager’s friends and the manager himself. They had told them to hide inside.

It was better to deploy the ranks in a battle formation than to wait for the enemies to attack by surprise.

“It’s just my duty,” said Mu Yi.

He wasn’t being humble. As he had said to Mo Ruyan, he hadn’t stayed for her. He had always thought about the enemy. He stayed to see who the enemy was, maybe they had something to do with Qu Mortuary. Mu Yi wanted to learn more about Li the Cripple through the enemy.

Otherwise, he would have left already. Sometimes when someone spoke the truth, people wouldn’t believe them. Mu Yi had told Mo Ruyan and Uncle Cai the truth but they didn’t believe him.

Uncle Cai knew how to deal with people. When he saw that Mu Yi wasn’t willing to talk, he changed the topic and talked about the big ax. It was the ax they had taken from the bandit leader. Initially, they wanted to give it to Big Slave but they hadn’t had any opportunities.

The ax weighed at least sixty jin. It wasn’t appropriate for ordinary people. It was too heavy. They couldn’t use it. If it wasn’t a very strong martial artist or someone as strong as Big Slave, nobody could use it.

Big Slave wasn’t interested in the ax. He liked to punch enemies but he still took the ax for Mu Yi. Someone struggled to give the ax to Big Slave. The ax was bigger than a human being’s head but in Big Slave’s hands, it looked tiny.

Big Slave grabbed the ax and shook his hand. He wasn’t satisfied with it. Je was trying to say it was too light for him.

Uncle Cai stepped back a bit. He looked at Big Slave in awe. In his opinion, the ax was perfect for Big Slave. The weapon made Big Slave looked even scarier.

Mu Yi didn’t pay any attention to Mo Ruyan.

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