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Chapter 128: Hejian’s Two Ghosts


“If things don’t happen according to the plan tonight, I hope you can promise me two things,” said Mo Ruyan.

She had moved closer to Mu Yi. Mo Ruyan wasn’t stupid. If an enemy came, she knew they were going to be strong. The shadow the previous time had almost destroyed them. They had heard more sounds at that time so she knew that there wasn’t only one enemy.

The Golden Horses probably had nothing to do with the supernatural enemies. One thing was for sure, if they wanted to steal their goods, tonight would be their last opportunity. She felt a bit worried.

She didn’t show anyone she was worried though. She wasn’t worried about talking to Mu Yi though.

“Tell me. I’ll see what I can do,” said Mu Yi indifferently.

Mo Ruyan looked at him angrily.

“Are you a man or not?” she said.

“I’m a stinky Taoist priest,” said Mu Yi laughing.

They were both whispering. The armed escorts didn’t even hear them. When Mo Ruyan heard Mu Yi, she almost burst into laughter but she controlled herself. She took a deep breath.

“If I die, help me and take them away,” said Mo Ruyan.

“Stubborn,” said Mu Yi.

He had a new opinion of her after she said that. Mu Yi’s opinion was that if Mo Ruyan wanted to save the armed escorts, the best idea was to give up the goods. They could give them to the enemies and then leave. If the enemies had the goods, they wouldn’t need to kill them anymore.

Even if Mo Ruyan didn’t want to give up the goods, she could also escape. She didn’t need to sacrifice herself. The old Taoist Priest always told Mu Yi that where there is life, there is hope.

Unfortunately, Mu Yi didn’t understand Mo Ruyan’s way of thinking. He didn’t understand how important the goods were for the Far Ink Professional Organization. If Mo Ruyan really gave up the goods, they would become the butt of everyone’s jokes. Nobody would ever trust them again.

For some people, reputation was the most important thing. They preferred dying over losing their honor. Not to mention that the organization would go bankrupt if such a thing happened. Nobody would work with them anymore.

Therefore, for Mo Ruyan, there were only two solutions. They would die or they would win, but she would never give up the goods and escape.

Mo Ruyan was ready to die for the organization but the armed escorts wouldn’t. For them, living was the only solution. As Mo Ruyan was thinking and about to say something else, sounds started filling the air. It sounded like night owls.

Everybody was ready to battle after the noise started. Someone laughed evilly and they were plunged into darkness. The enemies wanted to scare them.

“Since you’re here, why be deliberately mystifying?” said Mo Ruyan

She lifted a spear above her head. She hadn’t even had time to throw the spear before a shadow attacked her. Instinctively, she moved her spear in front of her and the shadow arrived.

Mo Ruyan didn’t panic. She only scoffed coldly. She put both hands on her spear and threw it.

Her spear broke into pieces and the shadow fell. Mo Ruyan held her hands together and her spear was back in one piece again.

Mo Ruyan didn’t stay in the same spot. She quickly moved away. At the same time, two silhouettes appeared at the top of a wall. One was short and one was tall. They looked strange.

The short one was holding a whip and was also who had just broken her spear. The tall one had his hands in his sleeves. He looked spiritless. Both had one common point, they were ugly.

The short one had huge ears, a long nose and small eyes. The tall one was skinny and his eyes just looked like two empty orbits. When she saw the two, she frowned.

“Hejian’s two ghosts,” said Mo Ruyan.

“Young lady, you know our nickname. Not bad, not bad… but I would prefer hearing you call our names in bed,” said the short one obscenely.

“Yao Fang the Satyr. Yao Kai the Hungry Ghost. We’ve always kept out of each other’s affairs. Why is it different today?” asked Uncle Cai.

When armed escorts heard those names, their expressions changed. The two were famous.

“We both need money. We’ve heard that your convoy contains many valuables. We want to borrow some money,” said Yao Fang the Satyr.

“We want to be able to carry out our professional activities in peace. If you need money, the Far Ink Professional Organization can lend you some. How about one thousand Liang of silver. Would that help? ” said Uncle Cai.

His expression had changed but he sounded very polite. The two were famous. If they could avoid a battle, it would be for the best.

“One thousand Liang. That’s good,” said Yao Fang the Satyr nodding.

It was beyond their expectation. Everybody thought the issue was solved until he pointed at Mo Ruyan.

“I want to sleep with that lady, only for one night,” he continued.

When the crowd heard that, they became angry. They wish they could killed him.

“You really want to die!” said Mo Ruyan lifting her spear.

Her eyes were filled with the urge to murder.

“You’re a rude and bold lady. Don’t worry, if I die, you’ll die too,” said Yao Fang.

Mo Ruyan was getting ready to attack.

“No need to get angry,” Mu Yi said.

When Mo Ruyan heard Mu Yi, she put her spear down. She didn’t look angry anymore either.

“Where’s that stinky Taoist priest from? You’re trying to ruin my plan?” said Yao Fang.

He had managed to infuriate Mo Ruyan and now because of Mu Yi she wasn’t angry anymore. How had Mu Yi managed to make her calm down?

“Big Slave, kill them,” said Mu Yi.

Big Slave was initially looking at his ax. He didn’t seem to be paying attention, but he raised his head.

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