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Chapter 129: The Old Insect Breeder


Mu Yi had never heard of them. Even though their Qi was powerful, he didn’t take them seriously. He even thought that they were scapegoats sent by someone who was watching in the dark.

After Mu Yi spoke, Big Slave lifted his ax without delay and attacked. Maybe the the tall one was considered as someone to be feared by many people but Mu Yi didn’t fear them at all.

Yao Fang the Satyr was furious. When he saw Big Slave though, he didn’t dare act recklessly. Even though the giant wasn’t necessarily strong, he wasn’t convinced that Mu Yi was stupid. He wasn’t going to let him die.

Yao Kai the Hungry Ghost was staring at Big Slave.

“Be careful!” shouted Yao Fang the Satyr.

Big Slave was getting closer. They both disappeared from the wall. The wall they had been standing on collapsed soon after. A big hole appeared. Big Slave was standing there. He pulled the ax back.

The Hungry Ghost and the Satyr were safe and sound. They were now on the other side.  The courtyard was filled with people from the Far Ink Professional Organization. They couldn’t stay in the middle.

Big Slave stepped over the wrecked wall and continued chasing the two. They glanced at each other and ran towards Big Slave. As all this was happening outside, a window of the hotel suddenly opened and a few shadows flew out.

The armed escorts were surprised and intercepted them.

“Ah! Heads?” someone yelled.

“The guests and owner!” someone said.

When the group saw the faces, they were surprised. Everybody surrounded them.

“Move away!” shouted Mu Yi.

When the armed escorts heard Mu Yi. They were shocked but they moved. Two of them were too slow though. One of the shadows exploded. A light flickered and moved into one of the armed escorts’ eyes.

“Ah!” the armed escort shouted painfully.

His face twitched in pain and he collapsed. Wounds appeared on his body and blood dripped from them. The crowd went into a panic. Who would have thought that those dead people’s heads could pose a threat?

Mu Yi didn’t relax. He threw an evil spirit slaying charm. A white light streaked across the sky and landed on the armed escort.

Everybody thought that Mu Yi had made a mistake but the shadow who had attacked the armed escort came out. The shadow collided with the white lights.

A scream of pain filled the air. The shadow didn’t die when the evil spirit slaying charm collided with him. However, he flew away quickly.

At the same time, Mu Yi took advantage of the situation to look at him carefully. He had long fingers. He looked like a silkworm. His body was black and there were wrinkles everywhere. He was fast.

Mu Yi was a little anxious, not because the person looked scary but because he could block an evil spirit slaying charm. Mu Yi had already reached the second difficulty. His evil spirit slaying charms were much more powerful than they used to be. Only very strong people could block them.

The enemy looked as if nothing had happened to him.

All the armed escorts looked shocked. Mo Ruyan and Uncle Cai were shaking, not because of the shadow, but because of the white lights Mu Yi had thrown.  It was the first time they saw Mu Yi attack someone. His attacks were strange. They couldn’t help but think more highly of him.

“Who injured my little baby?” said a voice coming from the inn.

After that, an old man who was wearing bright and colorful clothes came out of the inn. He looked upset. He glanced at the crowd. His gaze landed on Mu Yi.

He looked at Mu Yi because he was the only person who looked enigmatic. He was probably the one who had injured his little baby.

“Little Taoist priest, are you the one who injured my little baby?” said the old man.

“So what?” asked Mu Yi.

“Well, you will die,” shouted the old man.

“Be careful!” shouted Mo Ruyan.

She was a bit too late. Maybe the opponent had just moved too quickly. Some armed escorts didn’t even have time to move away. Some black smoke appeared and screams filled the air.

Mu Yi also moved. He stretched out his hand and pulled it back. There was a black centipede between his fingers. Its mouth was blue. One glance was enough to tell it was extremely poisonous.

If Mu Yi had been bitten, he would have died within forty-five minutes. The black smoke was just a way for the enemy to hide his attacks. He was a good actor.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that Mu Yi had mind strength. Even if the centipedes were hidden in black smoke, Mu Yi could still see them all. Mu Yi used strength to crush the centipede between his fingers. He was able to cut it into two.

The centipedes were powerful but Mu Yi still killed it. After that, Mu Yi threw several exorcism charms into the black smoke. White lights flashed and the black smoke dispersed. When all the armed escorts reappeared, they looked happy. They had escaped death.

At that moment, the old man was wearing a hideous expression because one of Mu Yi’s charms had hit him. Even in the black smoke, Mu Yi had aimed properly.

Mu Yi wasn’t surprised that he was still alive though. They were all quite strong. They had looked for Mo  Ruyan’s convoy with a lot of effort. It meant they attached lots of importance to the goods they were carrying.

Now, Mu Yi was curious to know what was in the carriages. What could make the opponent try to get them at all costs?

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