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Chapter 130: The One Behind the Scene

“Little Taoist priest, you really want to die!” shouted the old man.

He took out something and placed it on the ground. Smoke appeared again and surrounded the old man

The armed escorts put their hands over their noses and ran away. They also looked at Mu Yi. He was the one who had made the black smoke disperse the first time.

Mu Yi didn’t attack. He just turned around and looked at Big Slave who was fighting against the Hungry Ghost.

The crowd didn’t understand what Mu Yi was doing. They quickly realized the smoke wasn’t dangerous at all. It dispersed on its own. When it dispersed, the old man was already gone.

He ran away? the crowd thought.

They were dumbfounded, but then they thought about Mu Yi. Mu Yi’s attacks were otherworldly. It made sense.

They looked at Mu Yi differently. He was a hero. Their opinions of him had completely changed.

The Hungry Ghost was ruthless but he could only rely on speed to dodge the attacks. He had gotten close to Big Slave a few times, but Big Slave didn’t dodge their attacks. He had the ax. He wasn’t in any danger.

After attacking twice, they realized they couldn’t hurt him. Big Slave had almost killed them both times. They didn’t dare get close anymore.

They both didn’t feel like fighting anymore. However, if they ran away, their reputation would be tarnished. They were demons so they shouldn’t really care about reputation anymore. Even if they only had a demoniac reputation, it was still a reputation.

Mu Yi looked at them and they both felt like they were facing their deaths, like a major calamity would befall them.

“If you don’t come out, we’ll be angry!” shouted Yao Fang.

They couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. In the distance, a sound spread quickly through the air. When Mu Yi heard it, he was pleased. He had been waiting the whole evening to hear it.

Mo Ruyan also moved in that moment. She hadn’t forgotten the shadow from the other day. If Big Slave hadn’t helped, they would have died. Now, he was back.

A strong wind started blowing and the shadow threw himself at Big Slave. Mo Ruyan lifted her spear without hesitation and rushed forward. More black shadows appeared from the darkness.

“Brothers, let’s kill them together,” said Uncle Cai lifting his blade.

The armed escorts didn’t hesitate anymore. They all moved quickly with their blades raised. Soon only Mu Yi was left in the courtyard.

The carriages with the medicinal herbs were in the courtyard. If Mu Yi wanted to check what was inside, nobody would know he had done so. Mu Yi didn’t move at all. He stayed right where he was. He had a feeling that there was something else.

He clearly heard the sound of footsteps approaching. A middle-aged man appeared in his field of vision. He looked to be about forty. He had no beard. He had a prideful expression but his mouth was strangely crooked.

“Taoist priest, you’re not from the Far Ink Professional Organization. You should leave,” said the middle-aged man while staring at Mu Yi.

“Who are you? And why do you want me to leave?” asked Mu Yi.

“I’m Qu Yang, leader of the Qu Mortuary. We’re famous here. If you leave, we have agreed to give you a gift,” said Qu Yang.

“Qu Yang, leader of the Qu Mortuary?” said Mu Yi.

He was the person Mu Yi was looking for the entire time. The saying “There is something that is nowhere to be found even after painstakingly exhausting all of one’s energy and effort to look for it” applied to his current situation.

“Indeed, so, what do you think?” asked Qu Yang.

Mu Yi had ruined his plan. He didn’t attack them but everybody knew that Big Slave listened to him. He had seen Big Slave, so he didn’t dare underestimate Mu Yi. That’s why he hadn’t attacked Mu Yi.

He had also seen how strong Mu Yi was a moment before. He was different from those Taoist priests who traveled the world and ripped people off. Qu Yang remained polite in speaking.

Of course, it was also because he knew he couldn’t defeat Mu Yi. He didn’t want to offend a powerful person. Therefore, Qu Yang was even willing to give something to Mu Yi if he agreed to leave.

“If I’m not mistaken, you control corpses, right?” said Mu Yi.

“Indeed, are you here to destroy corpses?” said Qu Yang.

“No, I’m not interested in that. I’d like to know more about someone,” said Mu Yi

“Oh? Who?” asked Qu Yang.

He was surprised. Mu Yi didn’t seem like he wanted to attack him. Why not help him?

“He’s called Li the Cripple, you know him right?” said Mu Yi.

He observed Qu Yang’s facial expression carefully after asking.

“Li the Cripple?” said Qu Yang. “You mean Li Ji?”

“Indeed. I’ve heard that you are good friends?” said Mu Yi.

He didn’t learn anything from Qu Yang’s expression. He was only surprised. Mu Yi didn’t even know Li the Cripple’s real name, but it could be Li Ji. He wasn’t sure but he continued asking.

“You must be mistaken. We’re enemies. He wants me dead. After all, I’m the one who cut his leg off. How could we be friends?” said Qu Yang hoarsely.

Mu Yi had found out what he wanted to know from that explanation.

“Maybe that’s the case. Either way, I hope you can tell me where to find him,” said Mu Yi.

“If I tell you, will you leave?” Qu Yang asked.

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