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Chapter 131: Genuine Religious Tools

“If I tell you, will you leave?” said Qu Yang.

Mu Yi’s expression stiffened. He didn’t know what to say. He thought it over but in the end he shook his head.

Mu Yi had never considered himself as someone who tried to be on good terms with everyone. He had gone through so much. Some of those things were buried deep in his heart.

Mu Yi had also killed a lot already. He wasn’t merciful to his enemies. Mu Yi wasn’t someone who was stubborn either. If someone was good to him, he had to cherish that.

Even though Mu Yi wanted to know where Li the Cripple was and wanted to find the old Taoist Priest, he couldn’t sell out his friends. He already considered Mo Ruyan as a friend. Mu Yi shook his head and Qu Yang’s expression turned sullen.

“So you want to fight against me?” said Qu Yang.

“No. Tell me where Li the Cripple is and I won’t kill you,” said Mu Yi after thinking carefully.

“Haha. Alright, we’ll see what makes you think you can kill me,” said Qu Yang.

He was livid. He had never thought in his life a Taoist priest would threaten him. New hatred added to his old hatred and finally he couldn’t hold back anymore.

Qu Yang jumped back and whistled. As he moved back, he whistled again. This time it was a different sound.

However, Mu Yi didn’t even give him any opportunity to do more. He raised his right hand and threw a five thunders charm.

The earth and the sky shook, dazzling lights flashed. It was the first time Mu Yi had used the five thunders charm since he had reached the second difficulty. The current five thunders charm was really formidable.


Mo Ruyan threw a spear at the enemy. She glanced at him and had no choice but to attack with all her strength.

Big Slave was forcing the Hungry Ghost to move back. If he had been faster, he would have killed them both already.

Uncle Cai and the armed escorts didn’t waste time either. They surrounded the three shadows. The three shadows weren’t as strong as the other but still many armed escorts got injured.


After Mu Yi used the first five thunders charm, he didn’t continue attacking Qu Yang because he had been restrained.

A shadow was holding him. The shadow looked slim like a woman but he couldn’t see her face because she was wearing a mask. However, Mu Yi recognized her Qi.

He had sensed that Qi coming from the carriage where the negotiator was. Qi couldn’t lie. Mu Yi understood that she had become a zombie now.

Was she actually really a zombie thought? She looked like a zombie and a person at the same time. At least, Mu Yi had never heard of zombies who could breath. Her nails were very thick and strong. Normal people couldn’t have such nails. Maybe she was still transforming.

Mu Yi didn’t understand much about zombies. He could only hypothesize. He didn’t know that his guesses were almost all right.

His enemy was fast, faster than the shadow he had dealt with before. Mu Yi didn’t even have time to use an evil spirit slaying charm to deal with her. When she appeared, he had no choice but to move away.

Luckily, by pure coincidence, Mo Ruyan had attacked Mu Yi one morning. She had helped him become stronger. Now, he could launch a whirlwind attack against the enemy.

Qu Yang was also there so Mu Yi had to be careful. He couldn’t let the enemies surround him.

He concentrated mind strength into his fist and punched at the enemy. He took out the copper lamp and condensed mind strength inside it as well. The copper lamp became bigger. The slim shadow sensed danger and didn’t continue moving towards Mu Yi.

She started circling like a snake. Qu Yang finally stood up and raised his right hand. Mu Yi saw that he was holding a bronze mirror. He blocked the lightning with it.

“A religious tool,” said Mu Yi staring at that bronze mirror.

Mu Yi knew that nobody could stop his five thunders charms unless they used real religious tools. Something like the Ghost King Banner which was the embryo of a religious tool wouldn’t work.

There was only one step which differentiated religious tools from religious tool embryos. The difference in strength was enormous. A real religious tool could raise someone’s strength to the next level.

Mu Yi had relied on the copper lamp to kill the hoodlum. He had also killed Xugui with it. He had been able to resist and continue fighting Qiu Yuetong thanks to it.

He had also used the copper lamp against the protector of the Church of the Thousand Children. If he hadn’t had the copper lamp back then, he wouldn’t have been able to survive until he reached the second difficulty.

Mu Yi still didn’t know exactly what kind of religious tool the copper lamp was. He hadn’t been able to modify or adapt it to his own cultivation. He could only use a small part of the powers of the copper lamp. The copper lamp was still precious and extremely helpful even if that was the case.

This was the second genuine religious tool Mu Yi had seen. Mu Yi noticed the bronze mirror Qu Yang was holding was cracked. Mu Yi didn’t think the lightning had cracked the mirror. He was convinced that it was already there before but still he felt relieved.

If there was a crack, it meant that it wasn’t completely operational. It wasn’t as powerful as when it was undamaged. Mu Yi still didn’t dare act carelessly.

“I underestimated you,” said Qu Yang.

His face was sullen. Even though Mu Yi’s attack hadn’t injured him, he realized that if he hadn’t used the bronze mirror, the situation could have been really dangerous. The consequences would have been too dreadful to think about.

“I hadn’t thought the leader of the mortuary had a religious tool either,” said Mu Yi.

“We’re both in the same boat,” said Qu Yang.

He was looking at Mu Yi’s copper lamp. There was a deep, obscure look in his eyes. He was trying to look calm even though he was scared.

“But no matter what you have, you will die today,” said Qu Yang.

The bronze mirror flashed.

“Bei Ming, kill him!” Qu Yang shouted.

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