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Chapter 132: Bei Ming

Who’s Bei Ming? Mu Yi thought.

Mu Yi didn’t know why he was wondering who Bei Ming was right now. When Qu Yang had used the bronze mirror before, he had sensed something strange. It was already too late for him to do anything.

The bronze mirror flashed. Mu Yi felt a part of his mind strength was being controlled. His soul felt stiff. He couldn’t activate any of his mind strength so the copper lamp turned off.

Qu Yang was holding the bronze mirror. His expression was filled with murderous intent. He was the one who had organized all this so he was responsible. He had to succeed.

Bei Ming was the slim woman. Bei Ming’s speed was incredible. When the copper lamp turned off, she quickly arrived in front of Mu Yi. Mu Yi could see her eyes through her mask. They were black and empty. No person who was alive would have eyes like that. She looked detached from it all.

Mu Yi stared at her. He moved his hand to his chest. He was almost powerless in the situation.

After having reached the second difficulty, his mind strength had become six times more powerful than before. Qu Yang’s bronze mirror was powerful though and it had suppressed his mind strength. Mu Yi couldn’t use his most fundamental strength currently.

Mu Yi wasn’t seized with panic. His expression didn’t change. His reaction made Qu Yang feel a bit sad.

At that moment, the Bamboo Tree of Life suddenly appeared behind Mu Yi. Its branches surrounded him. The other end of the Bamboo Tree of Life aimed for Bei Ming.

Bei Ming didn’t have time to dodge. The Bamboo Tree of Life hit her on the head. The Bamboo Tree of Life didn’t look that powerful but Bei Ming shook violently after being hit.

Something emitted a soft sound and as if something had been broken, Mu Yi was free again. He wasn’t paralyzed anymore. He could finally use mind strength. It didn’t feel stiff anymore, so he attacked.

“Bei Ming, come back.” said Qu Yang hastily.

When Bei Ming heard Qu Yang, she moved towards him and away from Mu Yi. Mu Yi reached out his hand and grabbed hers.

The Bamboo Tree of Life had fourteen nods. It was three chi and three cun. When it was on the ground, it was as tall as Mu Yi’s waist. It was the perfect size. Mu Yi could also use it as a bamboo stick.

Mu Yi was holding the copper lamp in his left hand and the Bamboo Tree of Life in his right hand. He released a substantial amount of Qi.

A moment before, if Nian Nuer hadn’t woken up, Mu Yi would have been in danger. He hadn’t thought Qu Yang’s bronze mirror would be so powerful. It wasn’t in his expectations that it could prevent him from using mind strength. Luckily, the bronze mirror was broken and Qu Yang’s cultivation level wasn’t very high. It was an opportunity for Mu Yi.

Mu Yi had been able to evaluate Qu Yang’s strength. He had also reached the second difficulty. However, Mu Yi didn’t know which step he had reached. Mu Yi found Qu Yang’s cultivation level strange actually.

Even so, Qu Yang was strong. The Qu Mortuary had a bad reputation but nobody had ever tried to eradicate them. It wasn’t that people didn’t feel like it. It was probably that they couldn’t.

Mu Yi was becoming stronger. He also discovered the world of cultivation in a different way. His perception of things was completely different. When Mu Yi was traveling with the old Taoist Priest, he had never seen real ghosts. He had never seen people who practiced Taoism.

People who practiced Taoism were very rare. There were more people who practiced martial arts. After having met strong cultivators who were also swordsmanship experts, he didn’t dare underestimate martial artists.

The first difficulty was only the beginning, and for ordinary people, the second difficulty was like another world. Not everybody was as talented as Mu Yi. He understood magic figures. He had the copper lamp which was a precious treasure. Also, he could carry out sacrificial rituals.

If Mu Yi didn’t have five thunders charms, the copper lamp and the Bamboo Tree of Life, he wouldn’t be able to go very far traveling in the world. Therefore, even though the second difficulty wasn’t actually too powerful, Mu Yi was an exception because of all the things he had.

If Qu Yang didn’t have a religious tool, Mu Yi would have killed him already. Qu Yang and Bei Ming reacted at the same time to Mu Yi’s Qi. They attacked Mu Yi from both sides.

Mu Yi didn’t use the copper lamp again. He raised the Bamboo Tree of Life and attacked. The Bamboo Tree of Life was aimed at Qu Yang’s head. Qu Yang raised the bronze mirror.

A clear and melodious sound spread as they collided. Mu Yi’s arm hurt. He raised the Bamboo Tree of Life again, and Qu Yang took a step back.

When Mu Yi raised the Bamboo Tree of Life, he didn’t stop. He raised his hand as Bei Ming was attacking him and white lights flashed.

Mu Yi groaned. His arm felt numb from the attack but Bei Ming was propelled away. She hit the ground and rolled for a bit. When she got up, she had lost three nails. The tips of her fingers were torn apart and her bones were visible.

Mu Yi had used an evil spirit slaying charm. The reason why Mu Yi’s evil spirit slaying charms were so powerful was because he condensed mind strength into them. His evil spirit slaying charms were stronger now. He wasn’t surprised by the result.

Even though Bei Ming wasn’t unable to battle, she couldn’t use that hand anymore. She could still use the other one and it could pose a threat to Mu Yi. Qu Yang was also looking at him menacingly.

No matter what, Qu Yang had reached the second difficulty. Mu Yi couldn’t afford to underestimate someone who had the same cultivation level as him.

The Bamboo Tree of Life was extremely resilient so Mu Yi wasn’t worried about it colliding against Qu Yang’s bronze mirror. The bronze mirror was somehow related to mind strength. When he had fought against Mo Ruyan, he had realized some things. Mu Yi had the impression that mind strength could be applied to a lot of things.

After sensing that, Mu Yi had used his punching technique with mind strength only once. Since he could apply mind strength to his punching technique, he probably could apply it to the Bamboo Tree of Life too.

He applied mind strength to the Bamboo Tree of Life. The Bamboo Tree of Life aimed precisely at Qu Yang’s head in a perfect arc.

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