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Chapter 133: Yellow River’s Ancient Road

The Bamboo Tree of Life got closer to Qu Yang’s head. He was dumbstruck. He had just dodged but the Bamboo Tree of Life was still attacking him.

At the same time, the Bamboo Tree of Life emitted a strange sound. Qu Yang felt numb. Mu Yi didn’t miss the opportunity. He jumped back and threw a five thunders charm.

Lightning descended from the sky. Qu Yang disappeared in the middle of the white lights. This time, Qu Yang wasn’t as lucky. He screamed in pain as he was struck.

Mu Yi jumped back but he didn’t forget Bei Ming. He got closer to the carriage and took out two evil spirit slaying charms.

The evil spirit slaying charms flashed and illuminated a wall. They also illuminated the old man who had escaped. He had been hiding there. He had been waiting for an opportune moment to take action.

Actually, Mu Yi had already noticed him before. He was merciless when he attacked this time. He condensed as much mind strength as he could in the two evil spirit slaying charms.

Usually, Mu Yi didn’t condense too much mind strength into the magic figures because he didn’t want to waste mind strength. If Mu Yi hadn’t reached the second difficulty, he wouldn’t be able to do it either.

In special circumstances, he had no choice. The two evil spirit slaying charms flew at the old man’s head. He was shocked and ran out of the dark corner. He also summoned some strange insects to block one charm and he used his own body to block the other one.

Two loud noises resounded in the air. The man screamed in agony.

After throwing the two evil spirit slaying charms, Mu Yi didn’t pay attention to him anymore. He knew that the two charms couldn’t kill him but he was most likely injured. He wouldn’t be able to hide and wait for an opportunity to attack.

After the old man, Mu Yi turned around and looked at Qu Yang again. He used another five thunders charm. This time it was different though because he had already attacked him with the bamboo stick before. He had used lots of mind strength, so Qu Yang couldn’t protect himself. Lightning bombarded him and it was even more effective this time.

Once the lightning disappeared, Qu Yang was on his knees on the ground. His body was black, even though he was still holding the bronze mirror. He hadn’t used it to block the lightning. He hadn’t had time to. His Qi was dispersing.

Is he dead? thought Mu Yi.

When someone’s Qi dispersed, it usually meant that they were dead. As Mu Yi was thinking, Qu Yang started changing. The sound of something breaking and snapping filled the air. The blackness around Qu Yang’s body dispersed and death Qi rose in the air.

Mu Yi was startled. The death Qi was extremely dense. It was beyond his expectations. He was about to use another five thunders charm but Qu Yang attacked him quickly with a punch to the chest.

Mu Yi didn’t have time to react. He flew back and crashed into the wall. It was painful, but he just used the stick to get back onto his feet. He closed in on Qu Yang again.

Qu Yang was surrounded by light. His body was abnormally white. His Qi was a mixture of life Qi and death Qi. The strangest part was that the two Qis were perfectly balanced. Qu Yang was way too strong right now.

“Die!” said Qu Yang hoarsely.

He sounded like a demon. Mu Yi coughed. His chest hurt.

“I’m curious. What are these items that you’re ready to die for?” said Mu Yi.

Mu Yi was curious but he also wanted to waste time.

“You want to waste time. Even if I tell you, what will it bring to you? You think you will leave alive today?” said Qu Yang disdainfully.

He sounded confident as if his plan would work out perfectly. Mu Yi didn’t deny anything he said. He just stared at him.

“Since you want to know, I’ll say it. Even if I tell you, it will be fine. Those aren’t medicinal herbs. They’re smuggling munitions and a large number of jewels,” said Qu Yang.

“You wouldn’t be ready to die for munitions and jewels,” said Mu Yi.

He didn’t believe him. There were some people who wanted munitions and jewels but Qu Yang couldn’t be that kind of person.

“Of course, I’m not interested in gold only. I’m interested in the druggist’s gadget,” said Qu Yang.

“Gadget?” Mu Yi said.

He was convinced that Qu Yang was only interested in the gadget.

“Indeed. For people who don’t understand, it’s just an ancient item. Maybe it’s a little bit expensive, but actually, it’s a key,” said Qu Yang.

He looked excited as he spoke about it. The key seemed important to him. Qu Yang looked at Mu Yi.

“You want to know what kind of key it is, right?” he asked.

“Would you tell me?” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“I can tell you. What could you do with the information anyway? That key is one of the keys to open the ancient road of the Yellow River,” said Qu Yang.

“Ancient road of the Yellow River?” said Mu Yi.

He didn’t understand. He knew what the Yellow River was, but what was the ancient road of the Yellow River? A key was needed to open a road? From what Qu Yang was saying, there seemed to be several keys.

“You don’t know the ancient road of the Yellow River? So you can’t know anything about the key,” said Qu Yang.

He had noticed Mu Yi’s expression. Everything he had said so far was to see whether Mu Yi knew about it or not. Mu Yi didn’t relax just because of that. On the contrary, he was even more vigilant.

Mu Yi knew that someone like Qu Yang who was well-traveled wouldn’t make beginner’s mistakes. He was trying to learn things from him.

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