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Chapter 134: You Lost

Mu Yi’s background was mysterious and he was strong. Qu Yang wanted to know more about him.

For some people, the Yellow River’s ancient road wasn’t a mystery. By a lucky coincidence, he had learned that the druggist had such a key so other people could know about that as well. That was why he hadn’t attacked directly before.

He was vigilant. He didn’t want everybody to know about the key. The Qu Mortuary was powerful but if other people knew they had such a key, things could become difficult. Therefore, he had to be merciless.

His other goal was to see if anyone else knew about the key. Maybe he could then obtain more keys. Even if they didn’t have any of the other keys, it didn’t matter. He would have only wasted a little bit of time.

Mu Yi was mysterious so Qu Yang wondered whether Mu Yi was there for the key too. Bei Ming had also attacked at night that time to see if Mu Yi would come out but he hadn’t come out of his carriage.

Qu Yang had continued his little investigation. He had sent a zombie, some bandits and finally, he had decided to show up. He initially didn’t want to learn whether Mu Yi knew about the Yellow River’s ancient road. He wanted to know whether Mu Yi had another key or not.

Even though he was surprised by the outcome, he still won. At least, Qu Yang thought he had won.

Mu Yi wasn’t angry. He admired Qu Yang a bit. He was brave, well-traveled and had good strategies. In the world, to become famous, luck wasn’t the most important thing achievements were. Qu Yang and Mu Yi had reached their temporary goals. Things weren’t over.

“Thank you very much for telling me,” said Mu Yi smiling.

When Qu Yang saw Mu Yi’s smile, he was startled. He ran towards Mu Yi as fast as lightning. At that crucial moment, Mu Yi closed his eyes.

“Fire!” said Mu Yi.

His whole body started burning. Gigantic flames appeared around his body and illuminated the space around them.

Qu Yang shouted and threw himself into the fire. He screamed in pain. Even though he had only put one arm in the fire, it burned him to his shoulder as the fire moved up along his arm.

“Bei Ming!” shouted Qu Yang.

She moved quickly and landed next to Qu Yang on his right. She cut off his right arm which was burning. Bei Ming looked at Qu Yang’s arm on the ground. It continued burning and turned to ash.

Qu Yang took a deep breath. Luckily, he had acted promptly and had asked Bei Ming to cut off his arm. If he had hesitated one more second, he would have turned into ashes along with his arm.

The fire attack was powerful and aggressive. After that, he looked at Mu Yi. He was still surrounded by fire. He had almost died, so Mu Yi was probably not feeling that well either.

However, when he looked at Mu Yi, his eyes were wide open. Mu Yi wasn’t dead and the fire around him had disappeared. He looked fine.

Qu Yang didn’t plan to hesitate anymore. He wanted to attack Mu Yi again but Mu Yi opened his eyes. Qu Yang saw Mu Yi’s copper lamp and stopped moving. Mu Yi looked at Qu Yang calmly.

“You lost,” Mu Yi said.

Indeed, he had lost. At least, it looked like it. Bei Ming was injured. He had lost an arm, and it was his most important one, the right one. The fire had destroyed his arm and injured his soul. He was just trying to control the pain.

Qu Yang had already used eighty percent of his strength and Bei Ming had helped him, so he couldn’t do much against Mu Yi. He didn’t disagree with him.

Had he made a mistake? He didn’t think he had. He had the advantage at a certain point. He had also tried to understand Mu Yi. It was a good strategy.

He hadn’t thought Mu Yi would win in such a short time. Mu Yi’s trump card was powerful. Therefore, he had lost.

“Indeed, I lost,” said Qu Yang.

Even though he had lost his right arm, it wasn’t that big of a deal. He knew some zombie creation techniques. He could maybe find a solution to grow another one. He had lost but it didn’t mean anything.

“The key is yours. I’ll come back and take it personally at some point,” said Qu Yang.

He left with Bei Ming. Mu Yi didn’t stop him from leaving. He walked out into the other area.

The battle was raging outside. Mo Ruyan was strong. There were many people in black armor around her but she still looked vicious even though her face was pale.

The gigantic shadow against whom she was fighting wasn’t in good shape. He was a zombie. He couldn’t suffer and he didn’t feel pain. That was why he was so resilient.

Only the Satyr was left in front of Big Slave. Not far from them, there was a body cut in two sitting in a pool of blood. It was Yao Fang the pervert. Big Slave had chopped him in two with his ax.

Yao Kai’s attacks were ineffective against Big Slave. There were only a few scratches on Big Slave’s body. Big Slave was going to finish him sooner or later.

Uncle Cai and the others were almost done killing the enemies. Initially, there were around thirty people and now only ten of them were left.

Many of them were dead or severely injured. Some of them were poisoned, if nobody helped them, they’d die soon. Mu Yi glanced around and decided to act as well.

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