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Chapter 135: Hindrance

Lightning descended from the sky. The shadow fighting against Mo Ruyan exploded and died.

After that, Mu Yi threw two evil spirit slaying charms at Yao Kai the hungry ghost. He couldn’t dodge in time. After the first charm landed on him, Big Slave hit him with his ax.

The second evil spirit slaying charm crashed onto Uncle Cai and the others’ last enemy, a zombie. He also exploded.

“Thank you very much for saving our lives, Master,” said Uncle Cai.

After killing the last zombie, the armed escorts were too exhausted. Their weapons fell to the ground and they dropped to their knees, breathing heavily.

Even though Uncle Cai was exhausted and injured, he tried to calm down. He wanted to thank Mu Yi. He knew that without Mu Yi’s help, they would have all died.

Mo Ruyan was probably devastated. She had lost so many people. Mu Yi hadn’t attacked until just a few minutes ago but nobody thought that he was a coward or a weakling anymore. They knew that this battle was the most important one of their journey.

Celestial lightning had been falling from the sky. They wondered if Mu Yi had carried out those attacks. They had seen incredible warriors fight so their hearts were still pounding.

Luckily, Mu Yi had won the battle and he had helped them kill the last enemies. The lightning had crushed the zombie against whom Mo Ruyan had been fighting for a while. It was quite extraordinary.

“You’ve been poisoned. You need to be healed right away,” said Mu Yi to Uncle Cai.

He threw an exorcism charm at him. White lights flashed as the charm landed. Then, Mu Yi turned around and threw exorcism charms at the armed escorts. They all thanked him.

Finally, Mu Yi arrived in front of Mo Ruyan. She tried to remain calm but she couldn’t hide the fact that she was sad.

“Are you alright?” asked Mu Yi.

“If I were as strong as you, they wouldn’t have died, right?” said Mo Ruyan.

She raised her head and looked at Mu Yi. She had seen how strong Mu Yi was just now. He had killed her enemy easily. He had also quickly killed a zombie who had killed many of her colleagues. She was dumbfounded.

“Indeed,” said Mu Yi nodding.

He didn’t want to lie to her because she already knew it was the truth. So many people had died for nothing. If Mo Ruyan had been strong enough, if she had been able to kill all those black shadows, her armed escorts wouldn’t have died.

Things would be different if it was thought of from a different perspective. Mo Ruyan wasn’t weak. If she fought against ordinary bandits, she would have been able to protect her army. They had fought against supernatural creatures.

She had struggled just to survive herself. How could she protect her armed escorts? If she was as strong as Mu Yi, sure things would have been different, but that wasn’t the case.

There were no ifs in life. Mu Yi had also taken some big risks. He had nearly died too. Mo Ruyan’s question was irrelevant.

Life and death depended on various factors. Those people were armed escorts. They could have died at anytime. They knew that and were prepared. Mo Ruyan was their leader and she wasn’t an invincible warrior.

“Can you take me as a disciple?” asked Mo Ruyan.

She was staring at Mu Yi. Her eyes were shining. Mu Yi was strong so she admired him. Mu Yi didn’t respond. He knew that Mo Ruyan was in a position of power and felt weak. Mu Yi was her only hope.

If Mu Yi refused, what would she do? What if he nodded, then what? Would she regret it later? Actually, Mu Yi didn’t think he had anything to teach her.

He practiced Taoism. She practiced martial arts. Mu Yi cultivated his mind and she cultivated her body. Their paths were completely different.

Mo Ruyan was facing a major obstacle in terms of her martial art. She needed to find her own way. How could Mu Yi help her as a teacher?

Mu Yi was convinced that if she wasn’t shocked, she could have thought of those things herself. Mo Ruyan was facing difficulties at the moment. She couldn’t think clearly because something bad had happened.

“Master…” said Uncle Cai.

He had used the exorcism charm to expel the zombie’s poison from his body. He felt much better. He had also heard what Mo Ruyan had asked Mu Yi. He understood. Even though she looked cold and uncaring, she had a heart. Most of the time, she was sensitive.

Mu Yi didn’t let him finish. He raised his hand. He looked at Mo Ruyan

“You really want me to become your teacher?” He said.

“Yes,” she said wholeheartedly.

“In my Taoist School, we usually don’t accept disciples. If you join my Taoist school, you’ll have to isolate yourself from the outside world and leave the Far Ink Professional Organization. Are you ready to do that?”

Mo Ruyan hesitated after he said that. Mo Ruyan wanted to become stronger for the Far Ink Professional Organization. She wanted to protect the armed escorts, not isolate herself from the world. It would be pointless!

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