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Chapter 136: Wisdom


Mo Ruyan had grown up in the Far Ink Professional Organization. She had lots of affection for the organization. She was ready to die for the armed escorts.

Mu Yi was telling her she had to leave the Far Ink Professional Organization. How could she do that? She wanted to become stronger so she still couldn’t decide.

She doubted Mu Yi’s words as well. If the members of Mu Yi’s Taoist priests had to isolate themselves from the world, why did Mu Yi need to travel the world then?

Taoist priests were isolated from the world but they were actually ordinary human beings. They ate. They knew the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. They also struggled to control themselves. Taoist priests were ordinary people to her.

Mu Yi could only deceive ordinary people. If Mo Ruyan came back to her senses, she wouldn’t believe him at all.

“I…” said Mo Ruyan.

Her mouth was wide open but she didn’t continue. She wanted to become stronger but she wanted to become stronger for the Far Ink Professional Organization.

“No need to give me an answer now. It’s about your entire life. You can tell me tomorrow,” said Mu Yi.

She nodded.

“Uncle Cai, clean up the mess. I’ll take her back to her room,” said Mu Yi.

“Alright. Thank you, Master,” said Uncle Cai nodding.

He was touched by what Mu Yi had done. He knew why Mu Yi had told her she could reply the next day. He knew that Mu Yi knew that she didn’t need a teacher like him.

Mu Yi took Mo Ruyan away. Uncle Cai cleaned the battlefield. The escorts felt much better after having used Mu Yi’s exorcism charms. However, some of them, even if they had healed, wouldn’t be able to work as armed escorts anymore.

The Far Ink Professional Organization was a big organization. They had many people who worked for them so it didn’t matter. They always had new employees.

There was a time for everything.

Mu Yi took Mo Ruyan back to the inn but before entering, he suddenly turned around and gazed into the distance. It was all darkness. There was nothing there so they entered the building.

They entered her room and she closed the door. Suddenly, Mu Yi started shaking violently. His face turned red and he frowned.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mo Ruyan.

She was scared and surprised. What was going on?

“Don’t tell anyone,” said Mu Yi grinding his teeth.

Before his battle against Qu Yang, he was already injured. He hadn’t really had time to recover. He had used lots of mind strength as well. After having used the copper lamp, Mu Yi had become unable to battle but he was determined so he hadn’t shown it. He just wanted to frighten Qu Yang.

Qu Yang was smart. He wanted to know more about Mu Yi. He probably hadn’t left for real when he said he would.

Now, Qu Yang had probably left for real though. He was badly injured too after all. He couldn’t fight in such circumstances. Therefore, he had left, at least to all appearances.


Actually, he had been hiding and observing Mu Yi. He had been looking for any changes on Mu Yi’s face. He wanted to see if he felt weak, hungry, or tired. He was like a predator looking for a weak prey.

So he had hidden in the darkness to watch Mu Yi. Mu Yi had amazed him. It was disappointing. He had continued killing and he had even healed the ordinary armed escorts.

That was an incredible achievement for ordinary people. It meant he was truly strong.

Until he left with Mo Ruyan, he didn’t let anyone see how tired he was after the fight. He couldn’t give Qu Yang such an opportunity. The last thing Qu Yang saw was them in front of the door of the inn. After that, he had left for real. He had to accept Mu Yi’s victory. That was a wise choice.


Mu Yi hadn’t won easily. He wasn’t in good shape. Qu Yang was very smart. He had lost and he had missed the best opportunity to kill Mu Yi. He would probably figure it but it would be too late.

Mu Yi collapsed and lost consciousness soon after. His body was spasming even though he passed out. His muscles twitched and he was in a lot of pain. His body was covered with sweat. His face was bright red.

Mo Ruyan had never seen anything like it before. She was alarmed. She didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t wearing her usual indifferent expression, right now.

Mu Yi had told her not to tell anyone, so she couldn’t even tell Uncle Cai. Mu Yi was still holding the Bamboo Tree of Life and a little girl came out.

The little girl was extremely cute. Mo Ruyan was scared though. She had seen zombies. She could imagine what Nian Nuer was.

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