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Chapter 137: Memories in a Dream

“Big Slave, go outside and don’t let anyone come in,” said Nian Nuer.

She ignored Mo Ruyan completely. Big Slave obeyed without saying anything. He went out, closed the door and stood guard. Nobody could come in anymore.

Nian Nuer grabbed the Bamboo Tree of Life.

“Put my brother on the bed,” she said looking at Mo Ruyan.

Mo Ruyan was stunned for a second but soon moved to do as she was asked. She understood this was important. Plus, the little girl called Mu Yi “brother”, even if she was a ghost, she wasn’t going to harm him. She didn’t waste anymore time.

She picked him up and carried him to the bed. She practiced martial arts so she was strong. Mu Yi wasn’t heavy at all. Nian Nuer followed behind her. Now and then, she looked at Mo Ruyan angrily. She didn’t like her because she thought Mu Yi was injured because of her.

She had forgotten that Mu Yi needed to go to Luoyang. She had also forgotten about Qu Yang. She thought that Mu Yi was injured because of Mo Ruyan. She was just a little girl after all.

Mo Ruyan didn’t know why, but she knew Nian Nuer didn’t like her. She didn’t plan to argue with a little girl, especially Mu Yi’s little sister, so she would just leave it alone.

Mo Ruyan put Mu Yi on the bed and moved away to give Nian Nuer space. Nian Nuer moved closer to the bed and looked at Mu Yi. She put one hand on Mu Yi’s third eye and the other on her third eye.

The Bamboo Tree of Life started to shine brightly. An emerald green light surrounded Mu Yi. The space started to distort. Nian Nuer’s body grew pale. After an hour, Nian Nuer who was floating halfway up in the air fell to the ground in exhaustion.

At that moment, Mu Yi looked like a mummy wrapped in the emerald light. The light entered his body as he breathed. Each time he breathed in a portion of the light, his body trembled and he frowned. He looked like he was slowly coming back to his senses.

Nian Nuer noticed and smiled. After that, she went back into the Bamboo Tree of Life. The glow surrounding it had weakened considerably. The Bamboo Tree of Life landed next to Mu Yi. It seemed as if they were both sound asleep.

Mo Ruyan saw that Mu Yi’s breath was stable now. She was relieved. She didn’t understand what had just happened, but she was exhausted too. She climbed onto the bed as well. She had only forced herself to stay awake until she was sure Mu Yi was fine.

Mu Yi was dreaming. Since he had started meditating, he never had any dreams. In the dream, he was young again. He was less than six years old. There was a woman who was gentle and soft. However, no matter how hard Mu Yi tried, he couldn’t see her face.

He had the impression it was his mother. In the dream, there was no father. His mother was a blurry silhouette. Not everything was logical in his dream.

When Mu Yi woke up the next day, his left arm felt numb. He turned his head to check it. Mo Ruyan was sleeping on his arm. Her hair was on his face and he could smell the scent of it.

Mu Yi woke her up when he moved. Mo Ruyan turned her head and rubbed her neck. It felt sore. She slowly opened her eyes and gradually, Mu Yi appeared in her field of vision.

“Ah!” she shouted.

She quickly stood up but her legs were still tired so she fell down again on top of Mu Yi this time. Mu Yi moaned in pain. He was still injured from the fight with Qu Yang.

“I’m sorry… I… I just…” Mo Ruyan started.

She used her hand to lift herself off of him. She blushed and didn’t dare look at Mu Yi.

“It’s alright. Thank you for yesterday.” said Mu Yi.

He was lying in her bed. She had never slept in the bed but it was her room. She had also slept on the edge of the bed. She hadn’t had much space, which is why her legs hurt.

“Yesterday, I didn’t help you. Your little sister saved you.” said Mo Ruyan.

She didn’t feel like she had done anything to help.

“Yes, I know. You also helped. Thank you,” said Mu Yi.

Even though he had lost consciousness the evening before, he hadn’t lost all of his senses. Whenever Nian Nuer did something, he was aware of it. The Bamboo Tree of Life was also his precious treasure. It was growing along with Nian Nuer. It was almost like a real living being.

There was an incredible strength in the Bamboo Tree of Life but Mu Yi didn’t want to absorb it. This time, he hadn’t had a choice. No matter what he did, he wouldn’t be able to give it back. He never could of thought Nian Nuer would give him some of the Bamboo Tree of Life’s strength.

Mu Yi had absorbed it instinctively. It had been beneficial to him. It had helped him recover and made him stronger. His vitality was also more immune to attacks.

It was complementary relationship. He gave and now he received. This time it was beneficial for him but not for Nian Nuer. The tree was still lackluster. Nian Nuer was still sleeping.

Mu Yi couldn’t couldn’t give the strength back even if he wanted.

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