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Chapter 138: Qu Yang’s Secrets

He went back to his room and changed clothes. After that, he went to the main area of the inn. He felt burdened by it all. Apart from the members of the Far Ink Professional Organization, there were no other customers.

The other customers had been killed the day before. There was noone left except for them.

Mu Yi entered and all the armed escorts stood up as a sign of respect. They looked at Mu Yi with admiration. They would have all died without Mu Yi.

“Hello, Master,” said Uncle Cai.

“Are you all alright?” asked Mu Yi.

“We’re all fine. Thank you very much, Master,” said Uncle Cai.

“What do you intend to do now?” asked Mu Yi.

He glanced at the crowd. Mo Ruyan hadn’t shown up yet so he spoke to Uncle Cai.

“We’re only a few li away from Luoyang. We want to go to Luoyang and deliver the goods. We’ll go back to Qingjiang Prefecture after,” said Uncle Cai. “Master, aren’t you coming to Luoyang with us?”

He looked at Mu Yi. Even though Mu Yi hadn’t said anything, he guessed that something had changed.

“No. I already obtained what I came here for. Luoyang is of no importance to me,” said Mu Yi.

He wanted to leave this place. He initially wanted to go to Luoyang because of the Qu Mortuary. The Qu Mortuary wasn’t even in the city of Luoyang. Besides, when he had fought against Qu Yang, he had found out the man was stronger than he had expected.

He also knew that he couldn’t possibly obtain information about Li the Cripple from Qu Yang. Uncle Cai didn’t ask Mu Yi about his reasons. He wasn’t really interested in that. He was just going to miss Mu Yi.

Of course, he knew that all good things had to come to an end. Mu Yi was a client of the Far Ink Professional Organization. He couldn’t stay with them forever. He had to leave at some point. Initially, they had thought he’d leave after arriving in Luoyang but it was only a bit earlier than expected.

“Since it’s that way, we wish you much success. Before you leave, we need to give you something,” said Uncle Cai.

“What?” Mu Yi said in confusion.

Two armed escorts entered the room with an old man who had his arms tied behind his back. It was the old man who could summon insects. During the battle, Mu Yi had thrown two evil spirit slaying charms at him. He had stopped paying attention to him soon after.

He hadn’t thought he’d survive. However, he had and they had captured him. Another armed escort arrived. He was holding two boxes.

“We wanted to kill him, but after we captured him. He kept insisting that he wanted to see you. We didn’t dare take any initiative so we captured him. We thought we’d let you decide what to do with him,” said Uncle Cai.

“Ah. It’s alright to kill him,” said Mu Yi.

The old man was evil. He had probably killed the owner of the inn. Besides, he had also killed some of the armed escorts. Mu Yi didn’t feel like being lenient when it came to such people.

“Master, no. Please spare my life. I will tell you Qu Yang’s secrets. I know Li the Cripple. Please don’t kill me,” said the old man.

He was panic-stricken and his voice cracked. His words still managed to draw Mu Yi’s attention. Mu Yi made a gesture with his hand to tell the armed escorts to stop. He looked at the old man.

“You know Li the Cripple? If you lie to me, I will find someone who will make mincemeat of you. I’ll keep your soul sealed and make you suffer for dozens of years.”

“No, no. I wouldn’t dare lie to you, my Lord. I swear I am telling the truth,” said the old man.

He was terrified. Mu Yi had scared him even more with the threat against his soul. It wasn’t a threat ordinary people could make, but Mu Yi could. After all, Taoist priests were known to fight against ghosts and capture ghosts’ souls. It seemed that the old man and Qu Yang knew each other so he probably knew a lot of things about him.

“Alright, then tell me what you know about Qu Yang and Li the Cripple,” said Mu Yi.

“Alright. Qu Yang…” the man started.

“Wait. Let us leave,” said Uncle Cai.

The escorts dispersed and Uncle Cai smiled apologetically before leaving Mu Yi and the old man alone in the room. Uncle Cai had been traveling half of his life. He knew it was better not to listen to certain people’s conversations. He knew that if you knew too much, someone would want to kill you.

He didn’t know why Mu Yi wanted to come to Luoyang. He wasn’t interested in finding out. He wasn’t interested in Qu Yang either.

“They don’t have balls and they still travel the world…” muttered the old man.

Mu Yi gave him a stern look. It made the old man tense up.

“Master, after I tell you about Qu Yang, will you release me?” he asked.

“Speak first,” said Mu Yi coldly.

He didn’t intend to let him off, but he couldn’t tell him. When the old man heard Mu Yi, his heart pounded. He knew that Mu Yi had the situation under control. He could compete with Qu Yang. He could kill him like a tiny little insect. Therefore, he couldn’t afford to play games with Mu Yi.

He quickly started to tell what he knew about Qu Yang. Most people didn’t know who Qu Yang was but most of them knew of the Qu Mortuary.  They were even scared of the Qu Mortuary. They held an important position in the region.

All of this was due to the nature of their business. It was all related to corpses. Qu Mortuary raised corpses.

There were two schools in the industry, those who captured corpses and those who raised them. They were similar and intrinsically connected. People described the Qu Mortuary as a place where the living dead were everywhere. They considered Qu Yang as someone utterly evil and morally wrong. He was guilty of unpardonable evil, but he led a good life.

Many people attacked the Qu Mortuary, but very often, they became part of their army of living dead. As for Li the Cripple, he was a corpse catcher. The relationship he had with Qu Yang was complicated but one thing was sure, they hated each other.

Bei Ming’s family name was Li too. That fact seemed rather important.

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