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Chapter 139: Chong Jiayi

Chong Jiayi explained lots of things to Mu Yi concerning Qu Yang. Mu Yi could defeat Qu Yang outside but not in the Qu Mortuary, that’s what Chong Jiayi told Mu Yi.

Chong Jiayi was the old insect summoner. He had changed his name to avoid getting killed. He had a complicated family background but Mu Yi wasn’t interested in his life.

After that, Mu Yi looked at a box on the table, it contained the key Qu Yang wanted. It was very light but incredibly resistant. It was as big as the palm of his hand, on the triangle-shaped handle of the key, there was a word: “Dao”!

Mu Yi knew that word, he was a Taoist priest. if he didn’t know that word, his ancestors would have probably turned around in their graves.

But Mu Yi wasn’t sure whether that “Dao” refered to the Taoist “Dao” or to the word “road”. (translator’s note: “dao” can refer to “Tao” as in “Taoism” in Chinese, but it can also be used in the word “dao lu” which means “road”) And what was the Yellow River’s ancient road precisely?

Even though those two words were the same, they could be completely different too.

Chong Jiayi told Mu Yi about the Yellow River’s ancient road but he only knew a few things. He only knew that there were mysterious legends about the Yellow River’s ancient road but the rest was secret. He couldn’t know those secrets, his social status wasn’t high enough in society to have access to such mysteries.

But according to Chong Jiayi, there were six keys to the Yellow River’s ancient road, and the six of them were necessary to open it.

That was why Qu Yang had resigned himself and accepted to leave it to Mu Yi temporarily, Mu Yi had one key but he needed the five others now so Qu Yang would have enough time to look for them. And as long as Mu Yi had that key, Qu Yang would never let him off.

That key was actually the druggist’s key, so what was the best, give it back to him or not?

That was what Mu Yi was thinking at that moment.

Mu Yi was definitely interested in the legend of the Yellow River’s ancient road now that he had heard about it but he hadn’t reached a point of no return yet. For him, the most important thing was to find the old Taoist Priest. And after that, he would maybe go back to Funiu Mountain or he would try to solve the mystery of his forgotten memories.

He had forgotten everything before the age of six. Mu Yi was curious. If he had had blurry memories, it would have been normal, children forgot, but he had completely forgotten everything, that wasn’t normal.

Besides, he had had a dream about his past on the previous evening, were these memories of his life before the age of six? Was that gentle and soft woman his mother?

But he still didn’t know why he didn’t remember anything. Maybe that he would answers with time as he became stronger.

Mu Yi took that key and remained silent. Mu Yi had principles, he had the impression he had to give the key back, especially that Mo Ruyan was involved. The recipient definitely knew how valuable that key was and if something was missing…

Mu Yi didn’t feel like giving it up either though, it was an opportunity.

Qu Yang attached much importance to that key and the mystery of the Yellow River’s ancient road…

After thinking for a few minutes, Mu Yi put it back into the box. Then, he opened the second box, it contained a thick pile of silver drafts: one thousand Liang of gold, the amount he had given to Mo Ruyan.

He hadn’t thought Uncle Cai would give it back to him, was it because he had saved their armed escorts?

Mu Yi shook his head and put the box aside.

“Do you want to die or do you want to live?” asked Mu Yi to Chong Jiayi.

“Master, please spare my life, if you do, I am willing to carry you and become your horse.” said Chong Jiayi. He knew he had an opportunity. If Mu Yi had wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t have asked him.

He had to show he was determined and wanted to live.

“I don’t need you to become my horse. For what I’m talking about, I could even reward you.” said Mu Yi smiling.

“I wouldn’t dare!” said Chong Jiayi. He didn’t understand what Mu Yi meant. He was afraid, he didn’t want to offend Mu Yi carelessly and die for nothing.

“Don’t worry, I won’t make you do anything too dangerous. I need you to help me watch someone.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“Watch someone?” asked Chong Jiayi. He was surprised but he almost immediately understood whom Mu Yi needed him to watch: “Master, you want me to watch Qu Yang?”

“Indeed, will you?” asked Mu Yi.

“I will. No matter what, I will do all I can to satisfy your request.” said Chong Jiayi. He tried to appear loyal and devoted. And watching Qu Yang wasn’t difficult. As long as he was alive, everything was fine.

“I need to you to watch Qu Yang, and try to obtain information about Li Ji, also known as Li the Cripple. When he shows up, find a way to tell me as soon as possible.” said Mu Yi firmly.

“Roger, Master. I will not miss any information. When Li Ji shows up, I will tell you immediately.” said Chong Jiayi. Mu Yi’s requests were simple, not to say extremely easy.

“Alright. Remember, Qu Yang and Li the Cripple. If you learn anything about Li the Cripple, I will reward you.” said Mu Yi to Chong Jiayi.

“Roger, Master. When I go back, I will start. No matter where Li Ji is, I will find him for you.” said Chong Jiayi. He didn’t care about anything but his own life and freedon.

And he was ready to do anything.

“I will stay here at most two days. After that, I will leave and go to Cangzhou. Give me your address. When I arrive there, I will find a messenger to send you a letter in which I will tell you where I am in Cangzhou. That way, if you have pieces of information about Li the Cripple in the future, you will also be able to send me messages.” said Mu Yi. That was the best solution.

And making Chong Jiayi watch Qu Yang was the best thing he could do because Chong Jiayi knew Qu Yang, so it was better than assigning that task to a stranger. Besides, Chong Jiayi was sly, he was good at doing such jobs.

But Mu Yi wasn’t stupid either, he knew that Chong Jiayi wouldn’t become a loyal and trustworthy source of information. Maybe that there were such people in the world, but Chong Jiayi wasn’t one of them.

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