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Chapter 140

When Mu Yi decided to use Chong Jiayi, he already had a plan. He had to show him his life was in his hands to make him listen to him. Mu Yi was good at that.

Mu Yi remembered Xugui. Xugui was his first real enemy and the whole affair had the greatest impact on him. Mu Yi had learned about ghost controlling techniques thanks to Xugui.

He had also obtained the Ghost King Banner from him. Even though it was now useless to him, it had been very beneficial at the beginning. Of course, the most important thing was that thanks to everything that happened then, he had gotten to meet Nian Nuer and they had been together since.

After that, Xugui had caused more trouble for him but Mu Yi had benefited from the situation. Mu Yi had thought of a way to control Chong Jiayi according to the thirteen ghost controlling rules. Even though it was called ghost control it was, actually, useful against both ghosts and humans.

Mu Yi was thinking of an aggressive type of control. A technique which would allow Chong Jiayi’s soul to become his slave. He would also have Chong Jiayi’s life in his hands. If the controller died, then the slave soul also dispersed. When one’s soul was restricted and under control, one lost control over one’s life.

The only way someone could break free from that was to have their soul disperse. Therefore, Mu Yi wasn’t worried, Chong Jiayi wouldn’t be able to betray him. Chong Jiayi didn’t know what Mu Yi was thinking. If he did, he wouldn’t be happy.

“Alright, it’s time for you to decide now,” said Mu Yi.

He didn’t let Chong Jiayi stay relieved for long.

“Ma… Master, decide what?” said Chong Jiayi.

He didn’t understand. They had just agreed on a plan. Wasn’t everything perfect and decided?

“You can accept my restrictions and let me have control of your body, or you can refuse. If you refuse I’ll find someone else and you’ll die,” said Mu Yi.

Chong Jiayi felt as if he had just been struck by lightning.


His face drained of color. He was well-traveled. A restriction didn’t sound good. He thought Mu Yi was young and naive, in the end, it turned out that he was the naive one.

Since Mu Yi dared take the risk of letting him leave, how could he not have a plan? He had been thinking that after Mu Yi’s departure, he’d change his face or find a place to hide. Mu Yi wouldn’t be able to find him anymore once he had done that.

Would it be that easy to spy on Qu Yang? He was sly. If he found any clues, he would just make him one of the numerous zombies of the Qu Mortuary. But did he have a choice?

Chong Jiayi asked himself what the best solution was but there was no way out. He looked sad.

“Master, what kind of restriction are we talking about?” he said.

If being restricted was similar to Bei Ming’s situation, how could he be happy about that?

“Don’t worry. If you never betray me, the restriction will never matter. As long as you listen to me, there will be no problem. You will even get rewarded. You could also reach the second difficulty if you wish,” said Mu Yi.

“Second difficulty?” Chong Jiayi said astonished.

When Chong Jiayi heard Mu Yi, his eyes widened. Even though he was a bit famous because he could summon insects, he wasn’t very strong. He was still stuck at the first difficulty. At his age, it was unlikely that he would reach the second difficulty.

However, Mu Yi was telling him that reaching the second difficulty was possible. It was his dream. He was willing to do almost anything to reach the second difficulty.

“Indeed, the second difficulty,” said Mu Yi nodding.

“I, I agree,” said Chong Jiayi. “I acknowledge you as my master.”

He looked excited now. When Mu Yi saw the change, it reminded him of his progression. He didn’t realize how incredible the second difficulty sounded to ordinary people who cultivated their mind and body.

Even though Mu Yi hadn’t reached the second difficulty with ease, it hadn’t been super difficult. It didn’t mean that was the case for everybody though. Many people never reached the second difficulty and stayed stuck at the first one. Chong Jiayi was one of those people.

He actually felt hopeless and desperate. He had always thought he’d never reach the second difficulty. It’s why he had decided to focus solely on insect summoning methods. He hadn’t given up, but he also knew that he would never level up during this life.

Even though he wasn’t sure whether Mu Yi was telling the truth or not, he was ready to take the risk. He had the impression he could trust Mu Yi.

Mu Yi was so young and he had already reached the second difficulty. He wasn’t jealous but it proved that Mu Yi was skilled. Also, he probably had more resources, skills and techniques.

Mu Yi couldn’t guarantee anything but it was worth trying.

Not to mention that he had no choice anyway. If he wanted to live, he had to obey Mu Yi. Otherwise, Mu Yi would choose someone else and kill him. So the best choice was to acknowledge allegiance to Mu Yi. As long as he did it without causing trouble, Mu Yi would have a good impression of him. Chong Jiayi decided to just accept.

“Very good, you will not regret it. I won’t disappoint you,” said Mu Yi.

He rarely said such nice things to people. After that, according to the thirteen ghost controlling rules, he started the technique. He had to use vitality, blood and mind strength but he restricted Chong Jiayi’s brain.

Once it was complete, Mu Yi felt the connection. He knew if he wanted, he could make Chong Jiayi’s soul disperse anytime. Chong Jiayi could feel it too so he became even more docile.

When Uncle Cai came back, he saw Chong Jiayi again. He looked like an old servant. He was slavishly standing behind Mu Yi. His head was lowered and his hands were flat on his thighs. He also looked satisfied.

When Uncle Cai saw him, he looked at Mu Yi in awe. He admired him even more now.

“You know what that is, right, Uncle Cai?” Mu Yi asked.

After Uncle Cai entered the room, Mu Yi didn’t waste time. He started talking about the main issue directly.

“Of course I do,” said Uncle Cai nodding.

He was looking at the triangle-shaped key on the table. After all, he had given it to Mu Yi after finding it on Chong Jiayi.

“The enemies attacked us because of that key. What do you intend to do with it, Uncle Cai?” asked Mu Yi.

“You have obtained it. What does it have to do with me?” asked Uncle Cai shaking his head.

He didn’t understand what Mu Yi was asking. He didn’t intend to keep it.

“Oh, but without the key, will you be able to meet your client’s request?” asked Mu Yi.

“The consequences of this trip have been the heaviest for the Far Ink Professional Organization. Some people attacked us and attacked the negotiator. We risked our lives to protect him and the goods, but some goods were still stolen. It’s regretful but we did our best,” said Uncle Cai solemly.

Chong Jiayi was astonished. Uncle Cai’s devotion to righteousness inspired reverence.

Didn’t he know how precious that item was? He knew just how precious that item was. Luoyang was only a few li away but he couldn’t be sure that nobody would try to intercept them again.

Without Mu Yi, they wouldn’t have been able to protect any of the goods. All the members of the Far Ink Professional Organization would have died.

As for the employer, he couldn’t do much about that. The negotiator had initially betrayed him and the Far Ink Professional Organization had suffered great losses as well. Everybody had seen it. The Far Ink Professional Organization hadn’t done anything to deceive their client so their reputation wouldn’t be tarnished.

The key wasn’t as priceless as it was for someone like Mu Yi. For Uncle Cai or the employer, for ordinary people, the key was just a source of disaster. Mu Yi nodded. He had been worried about the key but now he was relieved.

“Please take the silver drafts though. It’ll help with your losses,” said Mu Yi.

Uncle Cai shook his head and said, “There are rules. We failed to protect you on the way to Luoyang. We have to refund you. You also saved us. We’re extremely touched by this, how could we take your money?”

Mu Yi didn’t insist. It made Uncle Cai happy. Mu Yi wasn’t entirely dissatisfied either. How could anyone be unhappy to have more money?

He didn’t care about money, but having enough was reassuring too. The convoy continued traveling but many of the armed escorts looked downtrodden. They had lost so many people. Mu Yi and Big Slave didn’t continue traveling with them. They had left.

“Master, why didn’t you go and say goodbye to Master Mu personally?” asked Uncle Cai.

His horse was galloping next to hers. Mo Ruyan eyes were distant. When Uncle Cai asked the question, her face twitched. She was emotional but just didn’t show it.

“I’m a traveler, why bother? We had to separate at some point anyway. Besides, we are travelers, we’ll probably never meet again, why meet one last time? Just to be even sadder?” answered Mo Ruyan prosaically.

When Uncle Cai heard her, he laughed.

“Not necessarily, for many travelers, the world is very big indeed, but for someone like Master Mu, the world is extremely small, too small! Someday, we’ll probably hear legends about him,” said Uncle Cai

“Is that so?” asked Mo Ruyan.

Nobody replied. When they had traveled for some distance, Mo Ruyan suddenly stopped and turned around.

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