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Chapter 143: Error of Judgement


Mu Yi remained in the darkness watching, standing in silent tribute. They were young and extremely careless. If they had no backup, they were doomed to become zombies too.

It was impossible to tell whether Qu Yang had completely recovered or not, but even if he wasn’t there, the five wouldn’t be able to escape and Bei Ming alone could destroy them easily.
Chong Jiayi was on Qu Yang’s other side, holding the walking stick and frowned. He looked calm and unperturbed. Initially, he had also thought that Mu Yi had been uncovered. He had been extremely scared and worried about Mu Yi. He had even started thinking of a plan to help Mu Yi escape. He hadn’t thought five unexperienced people would act so recklessly.

In Chong Jiayi’s opinion, people like that were just absolute morons. He didn’t feel like helping such morons at all. On the contrary, he was even thinking of attacking them. His reputation wasn’t that good anyway, otherwise, he wouldn’t have joined hands with Qu Yang and the two ghosts.

And even now, Chong Jiayi didn’t consider that he had become normal. He just had a master and Mu Yi had never told him he had to change the way he conducted himself in society. He could still do whatever he wished as long as it didn’t go against Mu Yi’s orders.

And now he was happy Mu Yi had given him a walking stick.

Qu Yang noticed Chong Jiayi’s new walking stick but he didn’t try to steal it from him. Even though he was evil, he could also be reasonable when he had to, he cared about his own interests and he was able to take logical and rational decisions. He wasn’t going to kill Chong Jiayi for a religious tool embryo he couldn’t even use. Otherwise, who would be willing to do business with him after?

Therefore, even amongst evil people, reputation was important.

Of course, if that walking stick had been a real religious tool, he wouldn’t have cared, he would have destroyed Chong Jiayi without hesitation. But since it wasn’t, it wasn’t worth it.

“So you told some false rumors around to deceive us?” said Xu Le when he sensed that Qu Yang’s murderous intentions.

The facial expressions of the people next to him changed drastically.

Initially, he wanted to seize an opportunity to kill Qu Yang and destroy the Qu Mortuary, that way, his reputation would have become incredible in the region. He hadn’t thought he would just throw himself in a pitfall.

If he had known Qu Yang wasn’t badly injured, he wouldn’t have taken the risk to come, he wasn’t that reckless.

“And you think you’re smart?” Qu Yang looked at him in a disdainful way. He didn’t even feel like talking nonsense with those people. He shook his hand and after that, the zombies wandering in the courtyard turned around and looked at the group of five.

At that moment, the five people felt terrified. They didn’t look like brave demon slayers anymore, they just wished they could escape.

Even though they weren’t unexperienced, they realized the only way out would be death there. They couldn’t escape.

“Qu Yang, my dad is a military high-official. If you dare touch me, he will definitely send a great army and they will destroy you.” shouted the girl next to Xu Le furiously when she saw the zombies surround them. Her little face was deathly pale. She was shaking violently. She was terrified.

Mu Yi was in the darkness, he shook his head when he heard her. What a stupid girl. She thought Qu Yang was afraid of her father? The Qu Mortuary had existed for such a long time which explained a lot already. If any government had had the power to destroy them, they would have done so long before.

And the Qu Yang didn’t care about a military high-official.

As expected, when Qu Yang heard the girl shout, he smiled in an ice-cold way. “A military high-official’s daughter? Even if you were an emperor’s daughter, you think you’d get away today?”

The girl looked completely devastated and desperate. “Take the risk and we’ll see!”


At that moment, Xu Le wasn’t panic-stricken yet. He tried to keep calm, he looked more and more furious. He dragged the girl back and shouted furiously. He raised his other hand to make them stop. It was as if he were a completely different person from a moment before.

The Taoist priest next to him had gotten ready too. He suddenly attacked with his horsetail whisk.

There was an expression in the world: “people who have a horsetail whisk are extraordinary.”

Even though it didn’t necessarily mean someone was incredible strong, usually, when someone dared use a horsetail whisk as a weapon, it meant they were skilled. Actually, Mu Yi had noticed that Taoist priest. He had the Qi of the second difficulty and he was quite young which meant that he was talented.

Which school did he belong to?

Besides, He hadn’t said anything yet. He wasn’t necessarily easy to notice. Neither Mu Yi nor Qu Yang underestimated him. A Taoist priest who had reached the second difficult definitely wasn’t weak.

When Qu Yang saw the Taoist priest, he thought of Mu Yi. Mu Yi was just younger. Qu Yang remembered how difficult it had been to fight against Mu Yi. Even though he looked indifferent, he was a bit nervous and paid particular attention to the Taoist priest’s movements.

And he decided to make some zombies surround them to check how strong the group was and in particular the Taoist priest.

Now, the Taoist priest was finally attacking, he fought using his horsetail whisk, white lights kept flashing around him. In the twinkling of an eye, his horsetail whisk constricted some zombies.


At that moment, the Taoist priest was using a technique. The white lights diffused by the horsetail whisk turned into sharp blades and destroyed the few zombies.

Mu Yi’s eyes twinkled. That Taoist priest had some good attacks but the fact that he could easily destroy those zombies didn’t prove much. On the contrary, it was just starting.

At the same time, Bei Ming who was standing next to Qu Yang also started moving. Her silhouette flickered and she threw herself at the Taoist priest. Before, her right hand had been injured, she had lost some fingernails, now she had recovered.

“Take it!”

As Bei Ming threw herself at him, the woman whom Xu Le had dragged backwards suddenly moved her right hand, and a light beam appeared and moved towards Bei Ming at full speed.


Bei Ming instinctively raised her hand to protect herself from the light beam, only then, she saw what it was: a willow leaf shaped pocket knife. At such a speed, it was a powerful attack.


shouted the girl who initially looked weak and unexperienced. She shook her right hand again, this time, an unrolled bolt of white silk emerged from it and flew towards Bei Ming and surrounded her.

If Mu Yi didn’t understand what was going on, then giving up cultivation would have been the only solution.

Those people had just been pretending before. They were really good at pretending. Even Mu Yi had believed they were weak and unexperienced. Even Qu Yang had thought so.

They had thought those five people were weak and unexperienced, they had all made an error of judgement.

They had feigned from the beginning to cheat Qu Yang and attack him by surprise.

The woman blocked Bei Ming and at the same time, the two other men behind threw themselves at Chong Jiayi without saying anything. They were a bit weaker than the others but still, ordinary people couldn’t compete with such attacks.

When Chong Jiayi saw that, he went panic. He raised his walking stick to block them. If he didn’t want to be uncovered, he had to fight against those two people and kill them.

Regarding Xu Le, he took out a twinkling sword and threw himself at Qu Yang.

Even though that sword attack didn’t look incredible, he was quite fast. A thin white trail appeared behind. Mu Yi sensed how dangerous that sword attack was.

Qu Yang was stupefied. He looked at Xu Le who closed in on him. He suddenly raised his right hand. His skin color was initially normal but this time, its color suddenly changed. It became paler, as if his hand had been replaced by metallic claws.

“Ding clang clang!”

The sword collided with Qu Yang’s hand palm. Some sparks flashed. After that, Xu Le was propelled away violently. Qu Yang was pushed back of a few steps. Then, he threw himself at Xu Le.

Xu Le was still half way up in the air, he was rotating. Two lights emerged from his sleeves and moved towards Qu Yang at full speed.

Qu Yang raised his right hand and the two lights disappeared. He blocked the attack but he still stumbled and fell down.

“As expected, the leader of the Qu Mortuary is really strong.” said Xu Le indifferently. He didn’t look weak anymore. He wasn’t seized with panic at all.

Mu Yi watched everything, he had made an error of judgement. Xu Le and the woman with him were quite strong.

Even though Mu Yi knew he had made an error of judgement, if those people could only do those few things, it would still be difficult for them to leave the Qu Mortuary alive.

Qu Yang hadn’t used his full strength yet. And the woman couldn’t really compete with Bei Ming either, she was already on the floor, she had fallen down.

Luckily, the Taoist priest had acted at the crucial moment, he had attacked Bei Ming with his horsetail whisk and had made her move away.

“I’ll fight against the zombie. You help Little Le.” said the Taoist priest. He hit Bei Ming with his horsetail whisk and constricted her.

Bei Ming was best at speed. She couldn’t fight in close combat with her claws. And even if she was fast, she didn’t manage to get away from the horsetail whisk.

The woman jumped next to Xu Le, they both faced Qu Yang.

“Hmph! I’ll destroy that cute little couple!” said Qu Yang in an ice-cold way.

“Bah! Qu Yang, you’re guilty of countless monstrous crimes, today, we will bury you and hold a ceremony for all those innocent people you’ve killed.” said the woman. She sounded disgusted.

“You think you’re strong enough?” said Qu Yang evilly. At the same time, his Qi started changing. Mu Yi was most used to that change. And at that moment, he couldn’t help but frown.

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