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Chapter 144: Earth Walkers

It was indubitably a great opportunity for Mu Yi. He could kill Qu Yang in the blink of an eye.

Qu Yang couldn’t know that Mu Yi was hiding there. He couldn’t think that Chong Jiayi had become one of his men either. First, if he attacked by surprise, he would maybe be able to injure him really badly in one strike, besides, Chong Jiayi was there too, so maybe that it was a great opportunity to kill Qu Yang.

But would Li the Cripple show up if Qu Yang died? Besides, nobody could know if Qu Yang had trump cards or not. He was discreet and mysterious. What if he didn’t die and counterattacked? Maybe that Mu Yi would be in danger.

At the same time, Mu Yi remembered what Chong Jiayi had told him. Maybe that outside of the Qu Mortuary, Qu Yang couldn’t compete with Mu Yi, but inside the Qu Mortuary, it was completely different. It meant that Qu Yang definitely had other means of protecting himself in the Qu Mortuary.

Regarding the five other people, Mu Yi didn’t care about them. Since they had dared come, they knew it was a big risk. Mu Yi had absolutely no compassion for them.

So after thinking about those things, Mu Yi controlled himself and kept calm. Besides, it was a good opportunity to see what trump cards Qu Yang could have.

After his Qi changed, Xu Le’s facial expression also changed. He wasn’t stupid, he knew why Qu Yang’s Qi was changing. He glanced at the woman behind him and decided to take measures.

He had a bad presentiment so he didn’t want to let Qu Yang change his Qi any longer. He had to strike first to gain the advantage.

As he threw himself at Qu Yang, a silver light moved towards Qu Yang’s third eye.

It was also a blade, but this time, it was even faster and even more explosive. Xu Le was using his full strength.

The woman behind him looked nervous, she took out a soft sword, it was a rare weapon, it wasn’t the most powerful blade in the world but it was probably enough to pierce through skin.

As Xu Le’s blade moved towards his third eye, Qu Yang looked as if he had been about to explode. He released death Qi which rolled in waves. For Mu Yi, that Qi didn’t look powerful enough, it didn’t look real enough. For Xu Le, that death Qi looked extremely real like a fist.


Qu Yang didn’t move, his energy stopped the blade, then he threw his hand and twisted his wrist to break the blade with full force. Breaking and snapping sounds spread in the air.

Qu Yang’s strength was amazing but Xu Le didn’t look scared. He just looked calm, his eyes were filled with murder though.

He was holding his sword, it reflected lights which surrounded Qu Yang.

Qu Yang didn’t move away. He raised his hand and moved it towards the sword to grab it.

“Ding ding dong dong!”

Metallic sounds spread in the air first and then breaking and snapping sounds spread in the air. The sword broke apart. Qu Yang made steps forwards, he moved his hand towards Xu Le’s chest. If Qu Yang succeeded this time, with his strength, he’d be able to destroy Xu Le’s heart.

At that crucial moment, Xu Le leant sidewards, Qu Yang’s hand was moving towards Xu Le’s left shoulder. And the woman next to him also attacked, her soft sword was moving towards Qu Yang’s eyes. She wanted to relieve Xu Le by attacking Qu Yang.

Qu Yang moved his head sidewards, the woman’s soft sword flew past his head, then his hand finally reached Xu Le and he stroke him violently.


Xu Le was blown away. His shoulder emitting crackling sounds. Even though the attack looked bad, it was still better than if his heart had been reached. He was lucky.

After striking Xu Le, Qu Yang threw his left hand at the woman’s sword, the sharp blade lacerated his sleeve but no blood appeared.

The woman let go of the blade and moved backwards at full speed. Even though she moved as quickly as possible, she was still slower than Qu Yang. He hit her, she groaned with pain and was blown away.

At the same time, Qu Yang also moved back. At the same time, his body was filled with death and life Qi. He had some of the characteristics dead people had, he was easy to bend but hard to break, and he was also extremely fast.

It was the different with the corpses he raised.

The creatures which had attacked the members of the Far Ink Professional Organization were zombies or living dead.

The term “living-dead” sounded more accurate to describe zombies because those people used to be alive, then they had never really died, but they had turned into living dead.

Chong Jiayi had told lots of things about Qu Yang to Mu Yi but he still didn’t understand much about the art of raising corpses. After all, it was Qu Yang’s art, not his. Chong Jiayi couldn’t know much about it.

Mu Yi had been observing Qu Yang very carefully, Qu Yang’s right hand surprised him. When he had fought against him, he had cut off his right hand, that was why Qu Yang had escaped.

But now Qu Yang’s right hand looked perfectly normal. How was that possible?

Mu Yi didn’t understand. What was going on? Was it a fake hand?

Mu Yi thought about it but he immediately excluded the option, it couldn’t be a fake hand. On top of that, Qu Yang’s sleeve had just been lacerated by the blade and Mu Yi noticed something abnormal.

Qu Yang right arm looked a bit darker than the other parts of his body but at the same time he could also use it normally and freely.

Could people who raised corpses grow new body parts? Mu Yi didn’t understand because he knew nothing about the art of raising corpses. That was also one of the reasons why he hadn’t decided to intervene and attack by surprise.

“Qing Qing!” shouted Xu Le furiously when the woman who was with him was blown away. Qing Qing was her name.

“Cough, cough, don’t worry about me, escape!” shouted Qing Qing struggling to stand up and shaking her head. At that moment, she now understood that they didn’t stand a chance anymore. Even though they had one friend who had the advantage, it was only one.

The Taoist priest wanted to kill Bei Ming in the shortest time possible but it was extremely difficult, not to mention that Qu Yang was there too, and he was much stronger.

Regarding their two other friends, Chong Jiayi had the advantage against them. As Mu Yi had expected, even if Qu Yang hadn’t been there, it would still have been difficult for the group of five to escape.

“No, nobody is leaving alone, we’ll leave together or die together!” said Xu Le firmly. Even though his sword had been destroyed and he was injured, he still had his left hand and he still had his other blade.

“You want to die? I fear it won’t be as easy.” said Qu Yang smiling in an ice-cold way. Then, he raised and looked at his left hand. In his eyes, the two enemies were perfect material, he could make them turn into zombies. It was perfect since he had suffered significant losses against Mu Yi, now, it was an opportunity to replenish his stocks.

“Good heavens.”

exclaimed the Taoist priest who was fighting against Bei Ming. At the same time, he raised his left hand and white lights flashed. He stroke Bei Ming’s chest and she was blown away. She violently crashed onto the ground, she struggled to get up.

Even though the Taoist priest had bombarded her, he also staggered, his face was deathly pale, he had used much energy.

Then, he raised his horsetail whisk again and turned to Qu Yang.

“Master, anyone can make mistakes, forgive them when possible.” said the Taoist priest to Qu Yang straightforwardly.

“Anyone can make mistakes, forgive them when possible? Haha! You said you were going to punish me for having killed so many innocents and now what? Now, you don’t want to fight anymore and you dare beg me to forgive you?” said Qu Yang staring at the Taoist priest mockingly.

“I’ll make those two young benefactors apologize, we should turn hostility into friendship. What do you think?” said the Taoist priest.

“Dream on. You will all die today!” said Qu Yang without hesitation.

“When I, poor cleric, came down the mountain, my master told me that I couldn’t abuse my power to bully others, but now I have no choice.” said the Taoist priest suddenly.

“Oh, abuse your power to bully others? Let’s see how you can abuse your power to bully me.” said Qu Yang disdainfully.

“My clerical name is Dragon of Righteousness, I belong to the fifty-first generation of the Shangqing School’s Earth Walkers (translator’s note: the Shangqing School is also called Supreme Clarity or School of Mao Shan, it’s a Taoist movement for more info:, does it ring a bell, Master?” said the Taoist priest suddenly.

“The current generation of the Shangqing School?”

Mu Yi who was still hiding in the darkness saw that Qu Yang’s facial expression had suddenly changed. Even Chong Jiayi’s facial expression changed, he looked stupefied, he could have killed his two enemies but at that moment, he jumped backwards, he was still holding the walking stick. He let the two of them move backwards.

“Not bad!” said Dragon of Righteousness smiling. Actually, he wasn’t lying, and he sounded neither haughty nor humble. He looked calm and serene. He had the situation under control.

Back in the days, when Mu Yi was traveling with the old Taoist Priest, he had heard people talk about the Shangqing School. They had an incredible reputation. Besides, it was said that they were experts at capturing ghosts and destroying evil.

However, he had never heard of Earth Walkers. It was the first time he heard such an expression.

However, Mu Yi instinctively had a bad feeling about that expression. It sounded a bit too presumptuous to him. It sounded like they were people above other people. Or could it be that they were really legendary celestial beings?

Of course, Mu Yi didn’t understand who Earth Walkers were. But from Qu Yang and Chong Jiayi’s facial expressions, he knew that it wasn’t something ordinary.

“What? Brother, Dragon of Righteousness, you…” Xu Le looked stupefied, it was seemingly the first time he heard about the Taoist priest’s real social status as well.

“Do you have any proof?” asked Qu Yang fixedly staring at him. He needed evidence.

“Of course!” said Dragon of Righteousness. He took out a talisman from his sleeve. It was pitch-black. Two words were written on it: Mt Mao (translator’s note: Mt Mao is a Taoist mountain southeast of Jurong County in Jiangsu province.)

At the same time, when he took out the talisman, he put some mind strength in it and it became dazzling. It oppressed the death Qi around.

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