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Chapter 145: Ossuary in the Depths of the Mortuary

Dragon of Righteousness raised his talisman proudly. He looked dignified and majestic. He wasn’t worried about the death Qi around, his talisman oppressed it.

Mu Yi who was still hiding in the darkness could sense that his own mind strength was being oppressed.

Chong Jiayi looked astonished and perturbed, he almost looked like he wanted to turn around and run away.

Even though Xu Le and the others also sensed the oppressive energies. They looked happy. They had hopes. If they could avoid dying, that was the best.

Qu Yang was fixedly staring at the talisman, he didn’t look happy at all. Finally, he said in an ice-cold way: “Alright, I’ll give the Shangqing School face.”

said Qu Yang. He said Shangqing School and not Earth Walkers which meant that he didn’t want to give face to the Taoist priest in front of him.

Regarding the talisman, it had definitely been created by Master Mao Shan, only the Shangqing School had such an item. Those next to him were stupefied. Actually, that talisman had no offensive power, it was just helpful because it could oppress energies around.

If Qu Yang really wanted to kill the enemies, the talisman would still be useless.

“Thank you very much, Master, we’re off.” replied Dragon of Righteousness. He was relieved too.

Xu Le supported Qing Qing by the arm.

The five people finally left. Chong Jiayi couldn’t help but ask: “You’re really letting them off?”

“What? Mister Chong, don’t tell me you want to destroy Earth Walkers from the Shangqing School?” said Qu Yang indifferently glancing at Chong Jiayi.

“You’re joking. I’m such a weak old man, how would I dare offend the Shangqing School?” replied Chong Jiayi shaking his head. Actually, he couldn’t even defeat Dragon of Righteousness.

“Since you don’t dare, why would I?” said Qu Yang smiling in a cold way.

“Even though we can’t offend the Shangqing School, the others aren’t members of the Shangqing School. If you let them leave, it might cause you trouble.” said Chong Jiayi trying to sow discord. Actually, he didn’t need to say everything, Qu Yang could see that Chong Jiayi wanted to stir up trouble.

Those people knew that Qu Yang had been injured, so even more people would know about that in the future, and those five young people had dared come to the Qu Mortuary at night, and now they had gotten through in one piece, didn’t it prove everything? If Qu Yang had been badly injured for real, those young people would have killed him.

They didn’t care that Qu Yang gave face to the Shangqing School. All they had seen was that the leader of the Qu Mortuary had let them leave even though they had trespassed in the Qu Mortuary’s territory.

The news would maybe spread quickly and then even more righteous fighters would come.

Qu Yang had offended many people in the past. He had many enemies but usually they feared him. They didn’t dare come personally to get their revenge. But if someone started, maybe that all the others wouldn’t mind joining them to help

Besides, there were many people who were willing to fight for righteousness in the world. Even if Qu Yang was strong, he couldn’t compete with too many enemies at the same time.

Why had nobody dared come before though? Didn’t people know where he was before? Impossible. The Qu Mortuary was famous, people perfectly knew about their evil methods to capture people. And if people weren’t certain they could definitely win against them, then they didn’t dare come. People weren’t stupid.

People didn’t want to reach a point of no return and risk their lives.

Chong Jiayi, Qu Yang, and many other people understood that principle.

“We have to give the Shangqing School face. I let them leave the Qu Mortuary but I didn’t say I wouldn’t try to kill them.” said Qu Yang smiling in an ice-cold way. His goal was abundantly clear.

Qu Yang didn’t intend to let Xu Le off and the others actually. Regarding the Earth Walker, letting him leave alive was enough. Qu Yang didn’t mind teaching him a good lesson if he caused too much trouble. He had already given the Shangqing School face. But if the Earth Walker continued causing trouble, Qu Yang couldn’t possibly let him and they would have nothing to say, they wouldn’t be able to blame him.

After all, they had to give face back too.

Chong Jiayi had anticipated the whole situation already, he just smiled.

“By the way, I almost forgot, congratulations, that walking stick is perfect for you!” said Qu Yang suddenly. He fixedly stared at Chong Jiayi to see his reaction.

“You’re joking, I’ve had it for a while, I just didn’t feel like using it, now that my insects have been killed, I have no choice, otherwise I would be too vulnerable.” said Chong Jiayi. He had anticipated Qu Yang would make such a remark so he had thought of an answer. It was impossible to see he was lying.

But it was also impossible to know whether Qu Yang would still have doubts or not.

However, even if he was smart, he couldn’t imagine Chong Jiayi had obtained that walking stick from Mu Yi, and he could even less imagine that Mu Yi had taken control of him.

At most, he would think Chong Jiayi was good at hiding his precious item and he probably wouldn’t have taken it out if his insects hadn’t been killed.

Even though the walking stick was a religious tool, it was only a religious tool embryo. Qu Yang was just surprised though, he didn’t want it. He didn’t need it. Chong Jiayi needed it though.

Qu Yang had lost many corpses, and the two hungry ghosts had been killed. He only had Bei Ming left. He needed to be wise.

“Mister Chong, I need your help again. I’ll pay you double this time in order to compensate you for your previous losses.” said Qu Yang straightforwardly.

“Alright, tell me.” said Chong Jiayi nodding.

“Let’s go and have some fun.” said Qu Yang walking away. Chong Jiayi and Bei Ming followed him.

After the few people left, Mu Yi jumped into the courtyard. He looked pensive. It was the best time to inspect the Qu Mortuary. He started walking without hesitation.

According to Chong Jiayi, the central part of the Qu Mortuary was the most mysterious part of the mortuary. Even Chong Jiayi had never been there. Each time he went there, they stayed in outer courtyards.

On the way, Mu Yi walked very carefully hiding from all the zombies. He didn’t release any Qi so the zombies didn’t notice him.

Very quickly, Mu Yi arrived in the most central courtyard. The death Qi there was extremely thick. If an ordinary person had been there, they would have exploded in the blink of an eye.

Mu Yi carefully released some mind strength. He didn’t notice any trap so he jumped from the wall.

But when Mu Yi realized what that place was, he shuddered. In front of him, there was a gigantic pit, the pit covered almost the entire courtyard. The surrounding wall had been erected only to surround the hole itself.

But the particularity of that place didn’t reside in its surrounding wall or pit but in the bones which filled the pit.

Mu Yi’s body suddenly felt numb, there were bones everywhere. Most of them looked old.

Mu Yi knew Qu Yang was cruel and brutal but he was still stupefied.

Of course, Mu Yi didn’t think that Qu Yang had killed all those people himself. Maybe that he had killed some of them himself, he wasn’t the only member of the Qu Mortuary.

And during those troubles times, it wasn’t difficult to find corpses. There were many murderers too. If Qu Yang wanted, he could find even more corpses. However, why did he need so many corpses?

Was he addicted to his hobby? Did he use them to raise corpses or…?

As Mu Yi was asking himself questions, a grey silhouette flickered in front of him.

Instinctively, Mu Yi jumped and dodged the grey shadow. At the same time, he saw the silhouette’s face properly.

It looked like a root with lots of hair, its other end was stuck into the pile of bones in the pit.

That silhouette looked like an old skeleton. Its Qi was blurry so Mu Yi hadn’t been able to notice it quickly.

Mu Yi couldn’t afford to act carelessly against a creature he didn’t understand. He took out a dagger and threw his hand at the silhouette.

Even though Mu Yi controlled magic figures, he couldn’t take the risk to use charms in such a place, otherwise, he would probably be noticed quickly. Therefore, he had taken a sharp dagger with him.


It worked even better than he had thought, he instantly destroyed the grey creature and it collapsed. Some white liquid spilled out of the wound.

“That’s…” Mu Yi was stupefied, that grey creature hadn’t withstood a single attack? Mu Yi was astonished. However, he sensed something move under his feet, the ground started shaking, and it was shaking more and more violently.

“Oh no.” thought Mu Yi. He had been extremely careful and now something was happening.

“Lalala, lalala!”

Bones were pushed aside as a grey creature emerged from underneath. Mu Yi was stunned. A dozen grey creatures appeared, they looked like grey roots. Besides, more and more were appearing, otherwise the ground his feet wouldn’t have continued shaking. They looked even thicker and stronger than the first one.

Even though Mu Yi was convinced those grey creatures didn’t pose a threat to him at all, he was in the depths of the Qu Mortuary. It was Qu Yang’s secret place. If he sensed anything, he would definitely rush over.

And if Mu Yi had to fight against a whole army on top of Qu Yang, things wouldn’t be simple.

Chong Jiayi was working as an agent for Mu Yi inside of the Qu Mortuary, so Mu Yi wanted to leave as soon as possible.

But as Mu Yi was getting ready to escape, the Bamboo Tree of Life he had in his back moved. At the same time, a thread of consciousness penetrated into his brain and made him stop.

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