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Chapter 146: Qu Yang’s Greatest Secret

Mu Yi didn’t know why the Bamboo Tree of Life was acting abnormally. A thread of consciousness was only instinct. It didn’t mean that Nian Nuer was awake. Be that as it may, for Mu Yi, it was a relief anyway.

Even though staying there was dangerous, everything was worth trying for Nian Nuer.

At that moment, the Bamboo Tree of Life was moving which meant that there was something it needed there. That’s why it was reacting.

“Could it be that…?” Mu Yi was stupefied, he looked at the grey creatures, more and more grey hands appeared on the surface of the ground.

“Boom boom!”

Finally, a loud sound spread in the air and the middle of pit collapsed. A gigantic creature slowly rose up.


Xu Le hadn’t thought things would happen that way. If Dragon of Righteousness hadn’t been with them, they would have died in the Qu Mortuary. And Qu Yang was much stronger than they had expected.

Luckily, Qu Yang was afraid of the Shangqing School so he had let them leave.

But Xu Le felt humiliated. He wanted to go home and practice really hard, he wanted to become stronger and then come back to get his revenge.

“Brother Xu, are you alright?” asked Qing Qing as the few people left the Qu Mortuary hastily. They were all breathing quickly.

“Just a small injury. I’ll be fine. Qing Qing, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. Luckily, Brother Dragon of Righteousness was here to help us, otherwise I don’t dare imagine what would have happened.” said Xu Le. He felt guilty. He was touched and moved by Dragon of Righteousness.

“Thank you very much Master Dragon of Righteousness. You saved our lives.” said Qing Qing. She wasn’t badly injured. She was just scared. Her injuries were less serious as Xu Le’s.

Xu Le needed to rest for a while though.

“Don’t blame yourselves. I underestimated that demon. Sorry. And I made my school lose face.” said Dragon of Righteousness shaking his head. He felt guilty. Besides, he had taken out his talisman which wasn’t a good thing, it meant he was powerless. It was nothing glorious.

“It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t heard he was badly injured, I wouldn’t have taken you there.” said Xu Le. He really felt guilty.

“Alright, we failed but we’ll have other opportunities in the future.” said Dragon of Righteousness trying to cheer up his friends.

“Right. Sooner or later, we’ll have an opportunity to kill that demon.” said Qing Qing.

“I’m afraid you won’t have such an opportunity.” said someone suddenly. They suddenly turned around and saw Chong Jiayi, Qu Yang and Bei Ming.

Qu Yang looked at them in a disdainful eyes, his eyes were filled with murder.

He had just heard them.

“You’re going against your promise?” said Qing Qing worriedly when she saw Qu Yang.

“Master, what is that supposed to mean?” asked Dragon of Righteousness. He looked grave and solemn. He had a bad presentiment.

He hadn’t thought Qu Yang would let them leave to follow them after. Was it just because of what they had just said?

“What’s that supposed to mean? You came to kill me, why wouldn’t I kill you? I’m not used to working that way. And you’re saying you want to come back to kill me. I feel like I should stamp out the source of trouble.” said Qu Yang in a cold and detached way. Those people had come to kill him, how could he trust them? How could things be so easy?

“You just promised you’d let us go!” said Qing Qing.

“Indeed. I agreed. I just let you leave the Qu Mortuary, it doesn’t mean I won’t kill you.” said Qu Yang glancing at Qing Qing in an ice-cold way. She was terrified.

“Hmph! That’s how a demon behaves.” said Xu Le groaning in an ice-cold way. He knew that Qu Yang didn’t intend to let them go anymore. It was useless to try and negotiate. They could only battle to death now.

“I’ll stop him, you go and run away.” said Dragon of Righteousness suddenly jumping in front of the group. He sounded determined.

“No, we have to leave together.” said Xu Le refusing immediately.

“Right!” said Qing Qing nodding.

“You think I won’t dare kill you?” said Qu Yang looking at Dragon of Righteousness gloomily.

“Good Heavens, I, poor cleric, don’t want to die but I’m not afraid of dying either. Even if you kill me, it doesn’t matter.” said Dragon of Righteousness slowly.

“Alright, good, good. Since you want to die, I’ll help you achieve your goal.” said Qu Yang suddenly. Even though he said that, he didn’t really intend to kill him, he would, at best, teach him a good lesson.

Teaching him a good lesson and killing him were two different things. If he killed him, the Shangqing School would avenge his death, if he just taught him a good lesson, they wouldn’t dare send anyone again.

At that moment, Qu Yang felt good and safe, he had a body protection charm.

He wouldn’t kill Dragon of Righteousness though.

As Dragon of Righteousness, Xu Le, Qing Qing and the two martial artists decided to have a battle to death against him, Qu Yang suddenly jumped backwards and disappeared.

Bei Ming and Chong Jiayi ran away too and followed him closely.

Xu Le and the others glanced at each others. They didn’t understand what Qu Yang was doing. Was he really afraid of Dragon of Righteousness?

They all gazed into the distance and saw some death Qi rise from the Qu Mortuary. Something was happening there and that was the reason why Qu Yang had left so suddenly.

They were all in the same boat, and they all felt uncertain.

“We…” Xu Le looked hesitant.

“Move!” said Dragon of Righteousness firmly.

“Master Dragon of Righteousness.” Qing Qing didn’t understand.

“Something is happening in the Qu Mortuary. We can’t stay here, it’s too dangerous. Qu Yang is too strong, we’re lucky something distracted him, let’s leave as soon as possible.” said Dragon of Righteousness.

Even though something serious was maybe happening to the Qu Mortuary, they couldn’t get involved. It had nothing to do with them.

They couldn’t stay there and hesitate. There wouldn’t be a second time.

“Let’s go.” said Xu Le nodding. He wasn’t stupid either, especially that he was injured, he could use his full strength at that moment. In case of attack, he could die.

Nobody contradicted Xu Le. The few people left and disappeared in the darkness.

It had been a difficult evening for those people. They had left alive, they were extremely lucky. They would never forget that evening.


At the same time, Mu Yi looked at the gigantic creature emerge from the ground.

That gigantic creature looked like a mushroom. There were gigantic spots at its top. But actually if one looked closer, one could see that those spots weren’t actually spots but small mouths which were interconnected.

Gigantic tentacles emerged from the thick and strong rootstock and floated around.

Mu Yi had never seen such a strange thing. He could now understand why the Bamboo Tree of Life was shaking violently though. The Bamboo Tree of Life was moving because it could sense something of a similar nature.

Mu Yi didn’t know what that thing was but he could now imagine why there were so many skeletons in the pit. Corpses were maybe used as fertiliser to make that creature grow.

That was probably the Qu Mortuary’s biggest secret. Qu Yang had probably decided to create a mortuary to grow that thing.

“Do you mean that that thing can help you recover?” asked Mu Yi to the Bamboo Tree of Life.

The Bamboo Tree of Life twinkled to reply to him.

Before, Nian Nuer had taken huge risks to save Mu Yi. She had used much energy. After that, she had fallen asleep and Mu Yi felt extremely guilty. He didn’t know how to help Nian Nuer.

Now, Nian Nuer still hadn’t woken up but the Bamboo Tree of Life was reacting instinctively. He needed that strange thing.

That thing looked horrible, disgusting and dangerous but Mu Yi was determined to help the Bamboo Tree of Life.

“Alright, since you need it, I’ll capsize the Qu Mortuary.” said Mu Yi in a gentle way. He didn’t speak loudly but he sounded determined.

Mu Yi knew how dangerous it was to stay there but he had to do it for the Bamboo Tree of Life, for Nian Nuer. It was an extremely dangerous place but he had dared come, not to mention that he also had trump cards anyway.

After that, Mu Yi decided to act quickly, he didn’t have so much time. He couldn’t waste time, especially that Qu Yang had probably noticed something was happening. Maybe that he was even coming back.

Therefore, Mu Yi wanted to cut off that thing. He wanted it for the Bamboo Tree of Life.

“Die.” said Mu Yi. He was holding his dagger in his left hand and the Bamboo Tree of Life in his right hand. Then he threw his hand at the creature.

Qu Yang was extremely nervous, and furious. First, some people who were stupid had come and in the end, they were dangerous, the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind (translator’s note: idiom from Daoist classic Zhuangzi, it means that a short-sighted person is completely ignorant to imminent danger  in his pursuit of close gains). Then, he had chased them and now someone was attacking on the other side.

Who was that now?!

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