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Chapter 147: Shi Gu

Mu Yi looked at the creature, the tentacles moved towards him at full speed. Even though the tentacles didn’t look powerful, Mu Yi couldn’t afford to act recklessly. He kept lacerating them with his dagger. And he also used the Bamboo Tree of Life he was holding in his right hand to attack and protect himself. Each time he attacked a tentacle, it shook violently and fell down.

Even though there were many tentacles, Mu Yi was fast too. After a few seconds, he had already cut off almost all the tentacles, and those which remained moved back.

After Mu Yi destroyed the tentacles, some weird green smoke rose up in the air. Mu Yi inhaled a lot of that green smoke without paying attention.

Mu Yi didn’t notice anything particular because there was no Qi. He even inhaled some toxic smoke.

Finally, Mu Yi got closer, the gigantic mushroom was three times taller than him.

At the same time, Mu Yi sensed a terrifying Qi which suddenly moved towards him as if Qu Yang had been coming back.

He had no time to waste, he threw his dagger, put both hands on the Bamboo Tree of Life and threw it at the gigantic creature. Suddenly, a thick and rich green energy appeared around the Bamboo Tree of Life. Then, a small silhouette appeared indistinctly inside. It looked asleep.


The Bamboo Tree of Life crashed onto the horrible tree around which a person could put their arms because it was thick. The Bamboo Tree of Life then pierced through, juice gushed and the Bamboo Tree of Life penetrated inside.


A horrible shriek spread in the air, it came from above but Mu Yi didn’t have time to look, he moved back at full speed. But as soon as he moved, he suddenly felt extremely weak, as if he couldn’t condense strength anymore. His mind strength felt numb.

“Oh no.” thought Mu Yi. He hadn’t thought such a thing would happen on that evening, he had been so careful.

The reason why he had dared come so close was that he hadn’t sensed danger at all. Besides, he hadn’t used five thunders charms because he didn’t want to wreck that thing which could help the Bamboo Tree of Life recover.

At that moment, Mu Yi couldn’t pay attention to that thing which was shaking violently. He moved back at full speed and took out his copper lamp, then he condensed mind strength inside.

In the twinkling of an eye, the copper lamp became bright, it illuminated the area around him. Besides, the green smoke seemed like it could block things easily. It even blocked the light beams diffused by the copper lamp. Instantly, the lights dispersed. It looked extremely strange, and scary.

Especially that Mu Yi could see everything clearly with the light of the copper lamp. His entire body felt numb. He was worried.

If he wasn’t mistaken, at that moment, he was feeling strange because of the strange creature. He had inhaled too much of that thing, the problem wasn’t that he had been too careless, it was that he had never seen such a thing before.

Mu Yi released even more mind strength into his copper lamp. It became as bright as fire. He finally managed to stop the green smoke.

Mu Yi was relieved when he saw that. At least, his copper lamp was powerful.

However, he felt more and more dizzy. His body felt completely numb. Finally, Mu Yi didn’t hesitate again, he bit his tongue to bleed and spat blood onto the copper lamp.


said Mu Yi. His copper lamp became dazzling. Lights flashed. At the same time, a pale fire appeared around Mu Yi. That fire was much more powerful than the previous time. But even that way, it wasn’t enough to destroy that thing.

At that moment, Mu Yi was bathing in flames, he looked like a fire god, dignified and majestic.

Some of remaining tentacles continued getting closer to Mu Yi. Luckily, the fire stopped everything, otherwise, Mu Yi would have been killed.

“It’s you!”

At that moment, Qu Yang finally arrived by the pit. He recognized Mu Yi at first glance even though Mu Yi was bathing in flames. He recognized that enemy, he had had one of the most difficult battles in his life against him.

The gigantic creature in front of his eyes was Shi Gu, that creature fed on rotten corpses, it ate corpses and transformed them into death Qi. It was a precious treasure for people who raised corpses, for Qu Yang, it was even more important than religious tools.

The reason why the Qu Mortuary had such a thick and dense death Qi was Shi Gu. Shi Gu was one of the most important things of the Qu Mortuary. The reason why Qu Yang’s Qi was made of fifty percent of death Qi and fifty percent of life Qi was Shi Gu too.

Shi Gu was even half of Qu Yang’s life.

Usuall, Shi Gu was hidden, Qu Yang never summoned it. Even if some people came there and saw that hole, usually they left immediately and even if they stayed for a few minutes, they never noticed it.

Not to mention that Shi Gu wasn’t very powerful, it could release an invisible smoke and when people inhaled it, they instantly felt numb. In the end, Shi Gu devoured them alive.

Because of that, Qu Yang wasn’t worried about Shi Gu, even if some found it, they usually died.

He hadn’t thought Mu Yi would do that.

If Mu Yi didn’t have the Bamboo Tree of Life, Shi Gu wouldn’t have reacted that way. It wouldn’t have come out of the ground.

If he didn’t have the copper lamp, he would have even died.

Mu Yi had used the Bamboo Tree of Life to attract Shi Gu actually, he had just used the copper lamp to control Shi Gu.

When Qu Yang arrived, Mu Yi luckily came back to his senses.

Even though he had used lots of energy, he had removed the bad energies from his body already. Even if he didn’t have the copper lamp, he didn’t need to worry.

But he was more frightened than hurt. Luckily, Qu Yang had chased Xu Le and the others before. Otherwise, he would have been scared of Mu Yi, even with the copper lamp.

Mu Yi took back the copper lamp and looked at Qu Yang.

Qu Yang was furious. He looked at Shi Gu, he was devastated, Shi Gu was injured. It was extremely painful to see it like that. He emitted sad and plaintive cries. Shi Gu looked wretched and miserable. He had done so much to raise Shi Gu. He wanted to crush Mu Yi to mush but he didn’t act blindly without thinking.

He perfectly knew how strong Mu Yi was, especially with his copper lamp. He was their enemy. Even if Mu Yi had already used much energy, Qu Yang didn’t dare underestimate him.

The previous time, Mu Yi had cut off one of his arms.

“Pfew, pfew!”

After that, another silhouette landed next to Qu Yang, that person was wearing a mask, it was Bei Ming.

Even though Chong Jiayi wasn’t slow, he was slower than them. When he saw Mu Yi, he looked stupefied.

But he pretended to be even more surprised at the right moment because Qu Yang glanced at him too.

Actually, Chong Jiayi had already guessed it was Mu Yi but he pretended to be surprised because Qu Yang was there and it had worked.

Qu Yang had to be vigilant, so many things happened on that night, first, the Earth Walker, Xu Le and the others had come, now Mu Yi, one of his enemies, had come too. Qu Yang was wondering whether it was just a coincidence or not.

However, he was convinced that Chong Jiayi had nothing to do with the member of the Shangqing School and even less with Mu Yi.

“Leader, I hadn’t thought you’d show up so quickly.” said Mu Yi smiling at Qu Yang.

Mu Yi smiled, but Qu Yang looked furious, his eyes were filled with flames of fury.

Qu Yang’s chest was pounding violently and he pulled a long face.

“Why do you want us to be sworn enemies?” said Qu Yang grinding his teeth and staring at Mu Yi. Luckily, he had come back early enough, if he had come back too late, Mu Yi would have completely destroyed Shi Gu. Qu Yang had spent half of his life to grow Shi Gu. He was extremely sad for it.

“Leader, I didn’t want us to be enemies. You want us to be enemies.” said Mu Yi firmly. If Qu Yang hadn’t stolen the key and hadn’t attacked the Far Ink Professional Organization, Mu Yi wouldn’t have tried anything against him.

Mu Yi wanted to find Li the Cripple and he initially just wanted to obtain information from Qu Yang.

The Xie’s had gone to Cangzhou. They were still a bit far from there. No matter what, Mu Yi hoped that they had found clues now.

Mu Yi had asked Qu Yang about Li the Cripple because they were enemies and secondly because they both dealt with corpses so they probably knew things about each other.

And regarding Bei Ming’s real family name, whether her family name was Li or not, and whether she really had something to do with Li the Cripple or not, only Qu Yang could know those things.

“Alright, I will kill you both tonight.” said Qu Yang suddenly. Even though he sounded heroic, Mu Yi noticed that he had his hands clasped in his back and he seemed to be moving them.

At the same time, Mu Yi also noticed that the gigantic mushroom was moving back into the ground. Mu Yi’s Bamboo Tree of Life started shaking violently. It looked nervous.

Mu Yi noticed that the Bamboo Tree of Life looked nervous so he decided to trust it, and Nian Nuer who was inside.


Mu Yi suddenly threw his right hand, the Bamboo Tree of Life turned into an emerald green light beam and bombarded the rootstock.


Suddenly, the gigantic mushroom shook violently.

“You injured my Shi Gu! You will die!”

shouted Qu Yang, he became very angry.


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