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Chapter 148: Choice

When Mu Yi heard Qu Yang, he understood that that thing was called Shi Gu. The name was perfect, it looked like a gigantic mushroom (translator’s note: the “Gu” in Shi Gu is the same “Gu” as in “Mo Gu” which means mushroom).

Besides, it showed how important Shi Gu was to Qu Yang. Since it seemed so important, Mu Yi wanted the Bamboo Tree of Life to use it even more.

Qu Yang threw himself in the direction of Shi Gu, when Mu Yi saw that, he raised his right hand and white lights flashed.

Mu Yi didn’t try to make Qu Yang move back, he just wanted to prevent him from moving further.

When Qu Yang saw the evil spirit slaying charm move towards him, he punched it with both hands and the white lights instantly dispersed. The wind made his clothes flutter.

Mu Yi wasn’t afraid to fight, even without the Bamboo Tree of Life.

“Bam bam bam!”

Mu Yi jumped, threw another evil spirit slaying charm. Qu Yang seemed panic-stricken, he couldn’t do much against Mu Yi in a few seconds.

Mu Yi just needed to prevent Qu Yang from moving too much. The more time he wasted, the better it was for the Bamboo Tree of Life.

And he didn’t fear fighting in close combat, he thought of Mo Ruyan and felt grateful. If she hadn’t attacked him by surprise back then, he wouldn’t have scored a lucky hit and understood how incredible his punching technique was. It was still difficult but at least, he could do something in close combat.

Things were completely different now though.

When the Bamboo Tree of Life penetrated into Shi Gu’s rootstock, Shi Gu shook violently, it struggled. White liquid kept spilling out of the wood. It wanted to expel the Bamboo Tree of Life but it was firmly stuck inside. Emerald green lights kept flashing. It kept draining and absorbing Shi Gu’s strength.

Qu Yang had done all he could to raise Shi Gu. There were thousands and thousands of skeletons in the pit. Shi Gu was actually a spiritual creature. It had simple mental abilities.

But in comparison with Nian Nuer’s mental abilities, it was nothing.

Mu Yi had just cut some of its tentacles so it was more difficult for it to fight against the Bamboo Tree of Life. And the green smoke only worked against living beings so it wasn’t effective against the Bamboo Tree of Life or Nian Nuer since they weren’t alive.

Spiritual beings even more cruel than other kinds of creatures, for a spiritual being, another spiritual being was like food, it could feed on it, it could absorb it and benefit from its essence.

Therefore, even if Shi Gu’s mental abilities were only rudimentary, it knew it was in danger so it struggled.

Mu Yi sensed the ground shake even more violently but he had to trust Nian Nuer, especially that Bei Ming was throwing herself at him.

Mu Yi raised his hands to block, he could sense how oppressive her energies were. Mu Yi was even more furious. He used his punching technique and did some simple punches. Each time he did a punch, he condensed mind strength in his fist.

Both Bei Ming and Qu Yang were stupefied by Mu Yi’s punches. And Mu Yi was really close to them.

Qu Yang tried to move past Mu Yi a few times to go and help Shi Gu but Mu Yi stopped him each time.

“Mister Chong, go and take that thing out of Shi Gu!” shouted Qu Yang at Chong Jiayi.

Qu Yang and Bei Ming surrounded Mu Yi. Chong Jiayi was firmly holding his walking stick. He initially wanted to attack by surprise and help Mu Yi but Mu Yi had prevented him from doing so by oppressing him using his thoughts.

Even though he didn’t know why Mu Yi was doing that, he had to trust Mu Yi.

And now he heard Qu Yang ask him for help.

Chong Jiayi then suddenly remembered why Mu Yi didn’t want him to help, because initially he had asked him to help him spy on Qu Yang to obtain information about Li the Cripple.

Therefore, as long as Mu Yi didn’t say anything, he had to help Qu Yang.

When Chong Jiayi heard Qu Yang, he hesitated. He hit the skeletons in the pit with his walking stick and jumped next to Shi Gu.

When Mu Yi saw that, he punched Qu Yang to make him move back and at the same time he threw an evil spirit slaying charm at Chong Jiayi by surprise.

Chong Jiayi was terrified, he raised his walking stick and hit the evil spirit slaying charm with it. He groaned with pain, white lights dispersed and then made two steps backwards.

After that attack, Chong Jiayi looked relieved, even though the evil spirit slaying charm was powerful, it wasn’t as powerful as the one Mu Yi had used the first time they had fought. Mu Yi had used that charm to tell him to be patient.

When Qu Yang saw that, he looked even more insane, he attacked and attacked over again, he kept Mu Yi busy so that he couldn’t attack Chong Jiayi again.

And Chong Jiayi moved closer to Shi Gu which struggled even more. The Bamboo Tree of Life looked even more powerful already, like an ancient tree.

Chong Jiayi looked at Mu Yi and finally grabbed the Bamboo Tree of Life. He was trying to think of a solution to waste time.

But when he put his hand on the Bamboo Tree of Life, suddenly, a five-six year old girl appeared in front of him, he was terrified.

He ran backwards instinctively.

Nian Nuer jumped onto the Bamboo Tree of Life. Her dress was fluttering in the wind. Even though Shi Gu was shaking violently, Nian Nuer was steadily standing there. Her eyes were big and twinkling. She noticed Mu Yi who was surrounded.

Even though Mu Yi was fighting, he always had a thread of mind strength in the Bamboo Tree of Life so when Qu Yang told Chong Jiayi to attack the Bamboo Tree of Life, Mu Yi did all he could to wake Nian Nuer up.

When Chong Jiayi got close, she woke up. She was strong enough to scare Chong Jiayi.

When Nian Nuer woke up, Mu Yi took a deep breath. It also showed how beneficial Shi Gu was to her.

When Nian Nuer saw that Mu Yi was surrounded by two enemies, she looked furious. She wanted to go and help but Chong Jiayi was in front of her.

She didn’t understand because she didn’t sense any animosity from him. On the contrary, she had a familiar feeling. His Qi looked similar to Mu Yi’s. Why was he on the enemies’ side and not on theirs?

Someone who was supposed to be on her side blocked her and that made her furious.

Nian Nuer jumped towards Chong Jiayi. She metamorphosed as she moved, her clothes became green, her rosy lips and white teeth became sharp and long, in the blink of an eye, she turned into a green-faced and long-toothed monster. Her Qi also became more powerful.

As a ferocious ghost, she had already reached the top of her level. She was stronger than Chong Jiayi.

But Chong Jiayi raised his walking stick and the little jingle bell clanged. The spirit protector had used it against her before too, it wasn’t pleasant for her.

Nian Nuer looked even more furious.

Chong Jiayi didn’t know what to do, and even though it was the first time he saw Nian Nuer, he also knew that how important she was to Mu Yi. Mu Yi even did a sacrificial ritual everyday on the Bamboo Tree of Life, he even used his own blood.

Nian Nuer had come out of the bamboo stick so Mu Yi definitely had an intimate relation to it.

Chong Jiayi decided to move away.

When Qu Yang saw that, he was terrified, at that pace, Shi Gu would quickly be destroyed. He grinded his teeth and put his hand on his chest.


Mu Yi heard a loud sound, suddenly, the death Qi in the air around them stopped moving.


Then, Qu Yang opened his mouth and the death Qi which had stopped moving suddenly moved into his mouth.

Then, his body swoll, and Qi emerged from his body.

Mu Yi released mind strength and attacked Bei Ming with an evil spirit slaying charm. It propelled her backwards. Then he looked at Qu Yang, he was stupefied. He immediately took out a five thunders charm, it was his only one.

He hadn’t had much time so it was the only one he had made during those days. He hadn’t thought he’d need them.

Qu Yang didn’t move, he just looked at Mu Yi’s five thunders charm. He looked furious.


Mu Yi threw the five thunders charm and thunders descended from the sky. Mu Yi didn’t know why, maybe that it was because the death Qi was too thick there, but the thunders looked much weaker than usual as they descended from the sky.

As Mu Yi attracted the thunders, someone jumped in front of Qu Yang and thunders stroke them.

That was Bei Ming.


shouted Qu Yang furiously. Mu Yi was stupefied, did Qu Yang have feeling too? Who was Bei Ming to him? Was she just a zombie he had raised? Qu Yang hadn’t shouted in a way which resembled him. It came from straight from the heart.

The thunders dispersed. Bei Ming appeared, she was pitch-black and lying on the ground, her Qi was weak.

At that moment, Qu Yang’s facial expression completely changed. His Qi became explosive. It seemed much more powerful than before.

Even though Mu Yi was confident, he was getting worried, he had used his only five thunders charm, the Bamboo Tree of Life wasn’t next to him, he had no choice but to use the copper lamp. It was his last resort.

Qu Yang shouted furiously. On that day, someone had to die: Mu Yi or Qu Yang. However, on the other side, the Bamboo Tree of Life was still absorbing Shi Gu’s strength and it wasn’t going to stop. Mu Yi was perfectly aware that it was a great opportunity for Nian Nuer.

Therefore, he hesitated.

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