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Chapter 150: Transforming vital essence into energy

After Mu Yi left the Qu Mortuary, he didn’t go too far. He stopped near the Yellow River and fell to his knees. His heart was pounding and his face was pale.

Even though he had a breakthrough, he had also used a lot of energy. When advancing in cultivation, it was better to find a calm and peaceful place and not be disturbed. Mu Yi had decided to break through during the battle and use powerful attacks.

The reason why he had managed to break through and why his body had been able to create Qi was because he had lots of mind strength and was determined. His cultivation at the first level wasn’t stable enough though and he had used all the Qi his body had created.

He felt empty. His right hand was extremely sore. Even if a cultivator of the first difficulty attacked him, Mu Yi wouldn’t be able to defeat them.

Mu Yi was happy that Qu Yang hadn’t decided to chase him. He looked for a place along the shore of the Yellow River to hide. He didn’t start meditating immediately. First, he put the Bamboo Tree of Life on his knees and inspected it to see what had changed.

The Bamboo Tree of Life had absorbed Shi Gu’s strength and had recovered. The emerald green light around it was even brighter. Mu Yi wasn’t worried about that. He put his mind strength in and the scenery inside the Bamboo Tree of Life appeared in his brain.

It was very misty. Nian Nuer was sitting cross-legged in the mist. She was trying to absorb it. When she sensed Mu Yi’s mind strength, she opened her eyes.

“Brother!” Nian Nuer said.

“Are you alright?” asked Mu Yi.

He was still worried about her.

“I’m alright. I’m sorry I didn’t help you,” she said.

She felt guilty because she hadn’t helped in the fight against Qu Yang.

“Silly little girl, you’ve helped me a lot. I wouldn’t have recovered the last time if it wasn’t for you,” said Mu Yi.

“Don’t worry. I only need to sleep a little and I’ll be able to break through. I’ll be able to help you defeat evil people soon,” she said clenching her fists.

What had happened in the Qu Mortuary was an opportunity for Nian Nuer. Even though she had innate mental abilities and would most likely be able to become a Ghost King at some point, she still needed time and opportunities.

Nian Nuer’s body wasn’t large, especially when compared with ghosts who were millions of years old. She was still a young child. In normal circumstances, she would probably need a few years to become a fierce ghost.

After she had met Mu Yi, she had become stronger. She fought a lot. She gathered lots of experience. Mu Yi had also started the sacrificial ritual on the Bamboo Tree of Life. She felt that she would be able to advance soon.

Maybe she would break through after the end of the sacrificial ritual, but it was just a possibility. Nothing was set in stone.

Mu Yi had been injured previously and she had used the strength of the Bamboo Tree of Life to heal him. It was risky to do so. Even though she wasn’t badly injured, she wouldn’t be able to advance as quickly now. Mu Yi hadn’t thought he would find a spiritual being similar to the Bamboo Tree of Life in the Qu Mortuary.

The Bamboo Tree of Life had been able to recover and become stronger than before, even though it had been a difficult battle. Nian Nuer had been hit by Qu Yang during the fight. Such experiences were good for progression. She had become much stronger. Her senses sharper as well.

Now, she wouldn’t need to wait until the end of the sacrificial ritual. She wouldn’t need to wait for a long time. She was sure she would become a fierce ghost soon. Fierce ghosts were similar to cultivators of the second difficulty in terms of strength. She’d be able to help Mu Yi all the time.

“Alright, I trust you. Go and have a good rest. I’ll wait for you to wake up,” said Mu Yi gently.

“Alright!” Nian Nuer said.

After that, she closed her eyes again and slept. Her body continued to draw in the misty Qi around her. Her Qi was slowly becoming more powerful. Mu Yi opened his eyes and took a deep breath. As long as Nian Nuer was fine, he was happy.

When he thought about what she had just told him, he even smiled. He cut his finger and continued the sacrificial ritual. It was a very suitable time for the ritual. Mu Yi had just advanced and actually needed to wait for his cultivation level to become stable but he couldn’t miss this opportunity. The Bamboo Tree of Life was extremely important after all.

Mu Yi started meditating. He breathed at the same pace as the Bamboo Tree of Life. He put his mind strength into the tree. After a short time, his mind strength started circulating differently than before.

Mu Yi had never felt this way. He felt like his mind was being purified. His connection to the Bamboo Tree of Life was deeper. Clearer imprints were appearing on the tree.  At that moment, Mu Yi and the Bamboo Tree of Life had almost fused together.

Mu Yi’s Qi gradually disappeared. He was like a lifeless stone. Even if someone walked nearby, they wouldn’t sense his presence. Mu Yi could meditate safely. If he hadn’t been far from the village and hadn’t been in a rush, he would have gone back. However, being disturbed at the most crucial moment was problematic.

Mu Yi was lucky. Nobody passed nearby until he woke up.

He had carried out the sacrificial ritual all night. He didn’t feel exhausted though. His mind strength felt almost tangible, oddly enough. His perceptions had also become more acute because his mind strength was becoming purer.

Mu Yi realized his mind strength was easier to use and he could also move more fluidly. His mind strength hadn’t become stronger but it had become instinctive.

Mu Yi could sense that something had been opened above his Mūlādhāra. It was bright. The Svādhiṣṭhāna was about the vital Qi of Yin and Yang. It was becoming more concrete and condensing. His body was transforming vital essence into Qi.

The Qi circulated in and around his body. It was rather obscure. His body absorbed it again after pushing it out. That was why Mu Yi felt numb. As the Qi circulated, his body, muscles, bones and organs became stronger.

Qi circulated form his Mūlādhāra to his Svādhiṣṭhāna unceasingly.

 The human body is such a mystery. It’s like a small world, Mu Yi thought.

He smiled and opened his eyes. Even though he had absorbed most of his Qi, his Svādhiṣṭhāna kept transforming vital essence into Qi. He was accumulating more and more Qi.

“Qi is invisible and intangible. It aggregates and dissipates, when it’s not used. It’s stored in every part of the body.”

Everything that the voice explained was happening in Mu Yi’s body.

“With the power of the mind, it can become tempestuous.”

Mu Yi condensed some Qi with his mind. Even though it was only a little bit of Qi, he could feel how powerful it would be during battles.

Mu Yi had punched Qu Yang after condensing Qi in his fist. He had knocked him back and he had just advanced. He had only punched him once. He hadn’t been able to do it a second time. Mu Yi was convinced that as he grew stronger, he would have greater amounts of Qi. Sooner or later, his Qi would really become tempestuous.

He relaxed. The Qi he had condensed dispersed and flowed back into his body. Mu Yi looked at the Bamboo Tree of Life. It was becoming brighter. Some small marks appeared around it. It looked mysterious.

He put his mind strength inside again. Nian Nuer was still sleeping. The misty Qi around her was becoming less dense. Her Qi continued condensing and accumulating. It would probably continue until she broke through.

Mu Yi felt relieved. Even though the battle had been fierce, it had also been extremely beneficial. The only thing Mu Yi regretted was that the Bamboo Tree of Life hadn’t been able to completely absorb Shi Gu. It would have probably become even more powerful.

Qu Yang was probably furious but Mu Yi couldn’t do anything about that. He was worried about Chong Jiayi though. Mu Yi really hoped Qu Yang wouldn’t discover anything about Chong Jiayi. It would be sad if he did.

However, Mu Yi was connected to Chong Jiayi thanks to the restriction. The connection was fine which meant he was still alive. Mu Yi was convinced that Chong Jiayi was cunning enough so he wouldn’t be discovered.

Mu Yi’s stomach rumbled due to hunger. He touched his tummy and glanced around before leaving with the Bamboo Tree of Life as fast as he could. The big battle, the opening of a new chakra, and all the energy he had used. All of this had made him really hungry.

Unless Mu Yi reached a certain cultivation level, he wouldn’t be able to refrain from the feeling of hunger and the need to eat. As Mu Yi passed through a small forest, his nose caught the scent of something and he stopped.

“It smells so sweet!” said Mu Yi glancing around.

After debating for a few seconds, he walked in another direction. He soon stumbled upon what smelled so sweet. There was a pot above a campfire. The soup in the pot rolled in waves. The warmth from the fire spread all around.

Even though Mu Yi was hungry, he didn’t approach immediately. He had noticed someone next to the fire so he had to be cautious.


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