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Chapter 152: Person of Unusual Ability

At that moment, Mu Yi regretted. He didn’t regret he had disturbed Qu Yang, he didn’t regret he had offended him either, he regretted he hadn’t done all he could to slaughter him.

If he had done all he could using his copper lamp and relying on Chong Jiayi’s help, his chance of killing Qu Yang would have been seventy percent or above, but if he had killed him, the situation would have become more critical.

Besides, after killing Qu Yang, Li the Cripple wouldn’t have come at all. And killing Qu Yang was risky too. Therefore, Mu Yi had preferred to be careful so he hadn’t killed him.

But now he regretted, he wished he could go back in time to the previous evening.

Unfortunately, there was nothing which could make him go back in time. Mu Yi regretted but the most important was still to think of how to deal with the man in front of him.

He was convinced that Jiao Hua wouldn’t fool him, Qu Yang was probably telling everybody about Mu Yi and the key.

News spread quickly amongst travelers, especially news related to such mysterious places as the Yellow River’s ancient road. Of course, many people paid attention to such news.

Mu Yi was convinced that many people would start watching him if he continued traveling, and he would have more and more problems. So unless he was as strong as the leader of Baidi town or unless he belonged to a group such as Mao Shan or Mount Longhu, he would be in great danger.

Therefore, Mu Yi asked straightforwardly if Jiao Hua wanted him to hand the key over.

“Why hand it over?” said Jiao Hua shaking his head, against all expectations.

“May I ask you for help, Master?” asked Mu Yi immediately. He was convinced that Jiao Hua probably didn’t just want to warn him, otherwise he wouldn’t have talked that much.

Mu Yi didn’t believe that a stranger could be good to him for no reason.

“You should find a place where nobody knows you and live incognito. Then, you shouldn’t show up again until you’re strong enough to protect yourself.” said Jiao Hua glancing at Mu Yi indifferently.

“I can’t do that.” said Mu Yi shaking his head. He couldn’t go and live incognito because of that key. The most important thing for him was to find the old Taoist Priest. He was willing to give up the key for that reason.

“As you wish. Sometimes you’re lucky once, and then twice, and then you realize you’re not as lucky anymore, and also you’ll suddenly realize you’re not qualified to compete anymore.” said Jiao Hua shaking his head. He had a dramatic facial expression.

“Well, luck is of no important if you need to be extremely strong to keep something, right?” asked Mu Yi.

“Alright, stop asking me questions. You’re not very strong but you can protect yourself. But you need to continue becoming stronger and level up as soon as possible. You’ll see whether that key is your luck or your misfortune. If you die, you can’t blame anyone, if you live, you’re lucky. Anyway, I have a request.” said Jiao Hua in a grave and solemn way.

“Please tell me, Master.” said Mu Yi.

“Treat that little girl properly and well. Never give her up.” said Jiao Hua suddenly.

Mu Yi shivered, Jiao Hua’s facial expression suddenly became sharp. Mu Yi said: “Who are you? How come you know Nuer?”

“The little girl’s name is Nuer?” whispered Jiao Hua but he continued: “I don’t know her. I just recognize that Bamboo Tree of Life. Forty joints, forty years.”

said Jiao Hua sighing. He looked nostalgic and sad.

Mu Yi believed him because Jiao Hua had no reason to lie. He definitely didn’t want to steal the Bamboo Tree of Life from him, Mu Yi could see it from his facial expression. Maybe that he had seen that tree in the past and that he hadn’t seen it in a long time now.

Besides, he sounded so sure, so he couldn’t be mistaken.

“Do you know Nuer’s father, Master?” asked Mu Yi immediately.

Even though Nian Nuer had never asked him to help her find her father, if Mu Yi had the opportunity, he’d be happy to help he though. He would be happy to know what had had happened back in the days, what had happened? Why had Nian Nuer’s mother ended up alone with her child? And what disease did Nian Nuer have back in the days? Since medication was useless, it could only be due to a ghost, especially that she couldn’t live away from the Bamboo Tree of Life.

“Of course I do.” said Jiao Hua straightforwardly nodding. Then he looked at the Bamboo Tree of Life in Mu Yi’s back and said: “Not only do I know that little girl’s father but I also helped him obtain the Bamboo Tree of Life. I would have never thought I’d see it again during this life. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence.”

“So who is Nuer’s father and where is he now?” asked Mu Yi.

“That little girl’s father is called Nian Weiyi. He’s a person of unusual ability. Unfortunately, he was born at the wrong time, if he had been born thirty years before, things would have been different for him.” said Jiao Hua. He sounded sorry for him.

“Is he still alive?” asked Mu Yi.

“He’s dead. He died a long time ago.” said Jiao Hua straightforwardly in a cold way.

“He’s dead?” Mu Yi’s face stiffened. Even though he had thought Nian Nuer’s father could be dead, he still sounded disappointed when he heard Jiao Hua tell him that. As soon as he heard that, he decided not to tell Nian Nuer about that. He didn’t want her to be sad.

Even though Mu Yi didn’t know what Jiao Hua’s relation to Nian Nuer’s father was, Jiao Hua didn’t seem to harbor evil intentions, otherwise Mu Yi wouldn’t have dared act recklessly.

Mu Yi couldn’t make things change easily but he had to be ready, he had to know who his enemies were. Even though the five other people who had keys belonged to powerful and influential groups, Mu Yi didn’t think anyone would come to him to steal the key.

One key was enough, so they could already take measures. They didn’t need to waste time and energy to go and gather all the keys, most especially for two reasons: the first one was that it was unnecessary, the second one was balance of power.

Sometimes, there were things which were obvious even though no formal agreement had been made.

And as long as the few influential groups didn’t take the initiative to do something, Mu Yi didn’t need to worry too much. And if enemies came to him, they probably wouldn’t be so strong that Mu Yi wouldn’t be able to compete with them.

Mu Yi just felt under pressure because he had the impression he had to become stronger quickly.

“Alright, I told you everything I wanted to tell you. I prepared this dog meat especially for you. I added many good things in it. It’ll help you recover. I’m off.” said Jiao Hua standing up and rubbing his back.

He started leaving before Mu Yi even had the time to react.

“Venerable Master, please tell me where I can find you.” said Mu Yi suddenly looking at Jiao Hua.

“I’m just a beggar, don’t call me “venerable master”. Anyway, if you become strong enough to destroy the whole city in the blink of an eye someday, then come to Nanhai to find me. I’ll offer you something incredible.” said Jiao Hua disappearing in the horizon.

The pot didn’t smell as strong as before and Mu Yi didn’t feel extremely hungry anymore but he still ate. He quickly finished eating. After that, his face became red, his forehead was covered with sweat.

Finally, Mu Yi used his hands to stand up, he looked determined. Since he couldn’t change anything, he would have to deal with all this. He had reached the second step of the second difficulty, he also had the copper lamp and the Bamboo Tree of Life, he didn’t need to fear his enemies.

After that, Mu Yi turned around and left. He was still thinking about all the things Jiao Hua had told him.

Mu Yi didn’t know what city Jiao Hua had meant when he had said “if you can destroy the whole city”. But he was convinced that if he became strong enough, he’d know it. What kind of relation did Nian Weiyi and Jiao Hua have though?

Mu Yi was also wondering what incredible thing Jiao Hua would give him if he became strong enough?

Of course, that wasn’t something he’d know soon. He would need much time. First, he needed to deal with those who would want to steal his key. Besides, he needed to pay attention, he couldn’t make Chong Jiayi’s village wait any longer, and he couldn’t let Chong Jiayi get involved, otherwise, they would maybe face a calamity and then Mu Yi wouldn’t have anyone to watch Qu Yang anymore.

Mu Yi wanted to slaughter Qu Yang but he controlled himself. It wasn’t the right time. He needed to find Li the Cripple and the old Taoist Priest first. Then he’d get his revenge against Qu Yang.

Mu Yi had never considered himself as someone magnanimous. On the contrary, he didn’t have much patience.

Because Mu Yi didn’t walk in the same direction, he didn’t know that, at that moment, Jiao Hua was standing on the shore of the Yellow River and that a young Taoist priest was standing in front of him. The young Taoist priest looked at Jiao Hua with respect and admiration. And that young Taoist priest was Dragon of Righteousness, the Earth Walker of Mao Shan.

“Master, are you sure he can protect that key?” asked Dragon of Righteousness. He didn’t understand.

“Whether he can protect that key or not, does it matter? It’s only one key. And even if he can enter the Yellow River’s ancient road, so what? What belongs to the past can’t be changed anyway.” said Jiao Hua. His hands were joined together. He didn’t look incredibly strong.

Dragon of Righteousness remained silent. He didn’t know what to reply.

“Little Dragon of Righteousness, do you think many people drowned in the Yellow River?” asked Jiao Hua suddenly.

“Many.” said Dragon of Righteousness nodding.

“Wrong. Not many, not enough.” said Jiao Hua in a cold way. Dragon of Righteousness shivered and looked scared.


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