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Chapter 154: Big Slave, Kill Them All

Nobody had had time to react but Big Slave had already started attacking and nobody could resist against him.

“Bam bam!”

Horrible shrieks spread in the air. The few people around Big Slave were all blown away. He even broke the neck of one of them, it was completely broken, when he fell onto the ground, his face was facing backwards. He looked dead.

Mu Yi had told him to kill them all so Big Slave was merciless.

“Kill him, hurry up!”

shouted the prince in white clothes when he saw that. He was terrified, he didn’t look arrogant like before.

When his people heard that, they turned around and moved away from Big Slave, then they took their bows and arrows and started shooting.

Big Slave’s defense was incredible though, piercing through his skin with arrows was difficult, especially for those lackeys who liked to act tyrannically but weren’t that strong. When the arrows crashed onto Big Slave’s body, they just broke and fell down. Not even a single mark appeared on his body.

At that moment, those people’s facial expressions changed drastically. They had the impression they were fighting against a terrifying monster.

“Prince, that giant is a sorcerer, let’s flee.” said the page in black clothes next to the prince. He was shuddering with fear. He had read legends about creatures against whom sharp blades were useless. He had never thought he’d ever see it in reality.

And the giant had started slaughtering them, even those who didn’t die were badly injured.

“Yes, that one is the sorcerer though, so kill him first!” said the prince pointing at Mu Yi. After all, Big Slave’s behavior had changed after Mu Yi’s arrival, and Mu Yi looked ordinary.

All those people galloped towards Mu Yi at full speed when they heard the prince, like drowning men clutching at a straw, they raised their blades and pointed them at Mu Yi.

Mu Yi looked calm and serene. He was furious when he arrived but now he had calmed down. When he saw those people gallop towards him at full speed, he shook his head.

Mu Yi didn’t feel compassion at all for those people, Mu Yi hated them, especially the prince. Those people were evil and worthless.

Mu Yi jumped forwards and landed in front of a man. He quickly stole his broadsword, when the man realized what was happening, he looked furious, but then blood splashed.


Then the blade twinkled in front of him, drops of blood dripped from the blade.

Then Mu Yi continued lacerating people all around him, after a few seconds, there were corpses all around him, they were bathing in ponds of blood. Big Slave also slapped the last person to death.

“You, don’t come here!” said the prince. He was terrified. Mu Yi was like a demon. He wanted to run away but his horse didn’t move.

“I, I can give you money. I can give you much money! Please spare my life.”


Since the horse didn’t obey, the prince jumped off the horse, he fell onto the ground, he struggled to stand up, he wanted to escape, his body felt all soft, cold and petrified. He also wetted his pants.

“But my grandfather…” said the young page in black clothes coming in front of the prince. Even though he also looked terrified, he tried to keep calm and act brave.

But when before he even finished talking, a blade twinkled.

“You, you…” the prince was scared to death. He seemed devastated.

Mu Yi didn’t let him off, he immediately finished him and beheaded him.

“Let’s go.” said Mu Yi to Big Slave. He didn’t even glanced at the prince. He just stuck the broadsword into the ground next to him.

It was the first time Mu Yi slaughtered ordinary people. Even though they deserved it, he still didn’t feel comfortable with the idea.

Mu Yi and Big Slave walked to the carriage. They remained silent.

“Chauffeur, we can leave.”

The chauffeur’s heart was pounding, he had seen everything. But he didn’t ask anything and left.

Big Slave sat in a corder of the carriage. He was fixedly staring at the Bamboo Tree of Life. Mu Yi was looking out of the window, the public road looked eerie and desolate.

He was still thinking about what had just happened. He had killed coldly and without emotions. Was he the same person he used to be? In the past, he hadn’t thought he’d become a cold-blooded killer.

If his enemies hadn’t been guilty of countless monstrous crimes, if they had been ordinary people, would he have killed them anyway? Would he have killed them for him and Big Slave not to be uncovered?

Actually, Mu Yi had become colder than before. A moment before, he had sensed something.

Mu Yi could have as many excuses as he wished to kill people but it didn’t change anything to the fact that he did kill people.

“Old man, you told me that no matter what, when you do something a lot, it becomes normal. Does it apply to killing as well?” Mu Yi lowered his head and looked at his hands, they were still white, there was no blood on them but it was as if he could see blood.

Mu Yi remained pensive for a long time and then he got tired and closed his eyes.

Mu Yi left so he didn’t know that what he had done had drawn people’s attention in Luoyang.

The world was in a situation of chaos and many people died but when the crowd heard about that crime, they were still shocked because his father was the second vice-president. And the capital city wasn’t safe so the second vice-president wanted to bring his beloved son back to their hometown.

With his power and influence, his children were safe in Luoyang. He wasn’t worried for his children’s safety. They could usually bully anyone.

Nobody would have thought that young master would get killed there.

All the yamens of Luoyang were stupefied. The magistracy officers and investigators all started investigating, they didn’t immediately accused Mu Yi but he was definitely suspected.

After all, Mu Yi had been hiding in town and then he had left with a carriage. Some people had seen him leave and they had seen him move in the direction where the young prince was.

Presumption of innocence didn’t really exist though so naturally, Mu Yi became a target.

At the same time, in a courtyard in Luoyang, Mo Ruyan calmly looked at Uncle Cai and said: “Are you sure?”

“The magistracy officer I bribed told me about what they had found on the site, I’m almost sure. The clues are clear.” said Uncle Cai smiling wryly: “What happened drew many people’s attention. Apart from that key, high officials have been offended. That traveler caused trouble once again.”

“Are you sure that the Qu Mortuary spread the news about the key?” asked Mo Ruyan.

“Indubitably.” said Uncle Cai.

“Hmph. Sooner or later, I’ll go and avenge our brothers whom the Qu Mortuary killed.” said Mo Ruyan groaning in a cold way. After having arrived in Luoyang, she had investigated a little bit. She had guessed that the ones who had attacked them were from the Qu Mortuary. But she wasn’t sure. Now, with the news regarding the key, she was sure.

“Master, stay safe. We need time to think of a solution.” said Uncle Cai hastily. Even though the Far Ink Professional Organization was famous and had a good reputation, they were less famous than the Qu Mortuary.

And Uncle Cai didn’t think that the Far Ink Professional Organization could compete with the Qu Mortuary. Therefore, he warned Mo Ruyan, he didn’t want her to act recklessly.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Cai. I’m talking about the future. I need to become stronger first.” said Mo Ruyan. She knew that Qu Yang was much stronger than her. Even though she really wanted to get her revenge, she knew she had to be careful.

“Alright, good.” said Uncle Cai nodding.

“By the way, when you go back, tell my dad that I’ll come back next year for his birthday.” said Mo Ruyan suddenly.

“Alright.” said Uncle Cai nodding. Then, he opened his eyes widely and said: “Master, are you not coming back with us?”

“No. I want to go and travel. I want to level up. Then I’ll go back.” said Mo Ruyan straightforwardly.

“If you don’t come back, our master will be angry.” said Uncle Cai smiling wryly.

“I need to buy some things these two days. Bring the armed escorts back. He knows what to do.” said Mo Ruyan ignoring what Uncle Cai had just said.

“Master, is traveling and leveling up really your only purpose?” asked Uncle Cai shaking his head.

“Of course.” said Mo Ruyan sound sure of herself.

Mu Yi didn’t know what was happening in Luoyang and even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.

The wheels of the carriage rolled and caused a cloud of dust to rise around. It bumped on the public road and couldn’t move faster. Mu Yi’s eyes were closed. He seemed to be sleeping.

Actually, he wasn’t sleeping, he wasn’t even meditating. He was just thinking.

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