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Chapter 156: Suicide by Biting Off her Tongue

As those people got closer, Mu Yi didn’t seem like he was going to react. They looked happy, especially that the one who had shown Mu Yi and the others their room on the previous evening had told those people they would get a reward if they caught the murderer.

As they came closer, Mu Yi suddenly raised his hand and the few people were instantly blown away and fell down on the ground.


The crowd was stupefied. They didn’t even know what had happened precisely, they hadn’t seen anything. A moment before, they were about to capture the murderer and a second later they had been blown away and they were on the ground.

Against all expectations, the member of the clan where they were had seen things a little bit more precisely than the others and he was astonished.

The old woman gasped with astonishment and was fixedly staring at Mu Yi. She didn’t understand how Mu Yi had done that.

Mu Yi had blown them away in the blink of an eye like an extremely dangerous and threatening beast.

“What, what are you doing?” said the old woman. She didn’t move back but she was nervous and held her walking stick more firmly. She looked fierce of mien but she was faint of heart.

“I just wanted to spend the night here. I even paid. I said I’d leave early in the morning. You sent such an army to fight against me, shouldn’t I take measures? Otherwise you’d be disappointed, right?” said Mu Yi indifferently.

“You’re making an empty show of strength, we already reported the case to authorities, if you don’t want your punishment to be even more serious, you should surrender.” said the person next to the old woman.

“Since you already reported the case to authorities, perfect. Show me how the young lady died.” said Mu Yi nodding. Actually, he could leave easily if he wanted to do, nobody could stop him. But he wasn’t in a rush. Since they had prepared so much for him, why not stay a little and gather experience?

Besides, on the previous evening, when he had arrived, he had noticed that there was something wrong but he initially, he hadn’t taken it to heart, he didn’t intend to investigate, he hadn’t thought that things would not be as hoped. He initially didn’t want trouble but trouble had come to him.

“You’re a murderer, you keep plotting. I don’t trust you.” said the old woman trying to act bravely when she saw that Mu Yi didn’t intend to attack.

Mu Yi ignored her. He looked at Cui Xiang who was still on the ground and said: “Did you personally see me kill a young lady from your clan?”

Cui Xiang was shaking violently. She lowered her head, she didn’t dare look at Mu Yi in the eyes.

“Since you said that, you must bear the responsibility for your words. Bring me to the lady’s room.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“What do you want to do?” asked the old woman without waiting for Cui Xiang to reply. She sounded extremely nervous. And she didn’t dare get any closer because of what had just happened.

Cui Xiang felt petrified. She was very scared of Mu Yi.

“Let’s go!”

said Mu Yi. Cui Xiang nodded, stood up and turned around. Then she led the way.

“Damn bitch! Try and dare!” said the old woman when she saw that Mu Yi ignored her and that Cui Xiang obeyed to Mu Yi. She raised her walking stick and tried to hit Cui Xiang’s head.

Even though she was already sixty or seventy years old, she was still vigorous. Her walking stick moved towards Cui Xiang’s head quickly.

Cui Xiang didn’t notice the walking stick. She continued walking forwards.

As the walking stick was about to reach Cui Xiang’s head, suddenly, the crowd saw Mu Yi appear next to Cui Xiang, and he had raised his arm and caught the walking stick.

“Useless old biddy.” said Mu Yi shaking his head. He then suddenly snatched the walking stick from her hands with such a jerk that she fell down brutally.


The old woman gave a horrible shriek and then she shouted: “the Taoist priest is killing people, he has no principles!”

Nobody paid attention to her though. The others who had come and were initially ready to make trouble were still on the ground, they hadn’t even gotten back onto their feet but they were crawling backwards.

The old woman was furious when she saw that and said: “Little Taoist priest, I am the current Empress Dowager, they even created a chastity arch for me. You should remain faithful and loyal. If you attack me, it means you don’t respect the emperor, and you shall die for your offenses.”

When Mu Yi heard her, he suddenly stopped and looked at her: “Remain faithful and loyal? The old woman of the Forbidden City made a memorial arch in your honor? She must be blind. You don’t deserve such an honor.”

“You, you…” the old woman didn’t know what to say. As she saw it, Mu Yi was just a criminal and he kept offending her.

“Hahahaha, you’re doomed. You keep insulting me, the empress dowager, nobody can save you anymore!” said the old woman, she suddenly burst into laughter as if she had gone insane.

People around all stared at Mu Yi, he was scary indeed. Everybody knew that the empress dowager had power and influence. Even the emperor listened to her and someone surprisingly dared insult her.

Official persecution of people for what they wrote or said was normal back in the days. Mu Yi disrespected her, if anyone in the Forbidden City knew that he had said that, they would do all they could to kill his entire family.

But did Mu Yi care? Negative.

People were afraid of the old woman of the Forbidden City and didn’t dare insult her on public roads but at home they didn’t care. Some people kept cursing at her at home everyday.

For the dynasties, preventing people from learning things was the best strategy: the strategy of obscurantism.

“I don’t need anyone to tell me whether what I do is right or wrong, and I don’t need anyone to save me.” said Mu Yi. Then, he continued walking away and left the servants and the old woman behind.

The old woman felt petrified. She looked furious, shocked and nervous.

“Go to the Zhao Clan and ask for some more people. Hurry up and go to the county town. Tell Officer Zhang that it is an emergency, tell him to send as many people as possible.” said the member of the clan, he was panic-stricken.

When those people heard him, they started running chaotically and in a disorganized way.

The crowd ignored Li the Good. He went back to the room. Initially, he wanted to follow Mu Yi but now he was scared so he wanted to hide in the room, especially that Big Slave was still in there so he could protect him.

Everybody had seen Li the Good but they didn’t care about him, he was just a chauffeur who had been hired by Mu Yi. He didn’t pose a threat to them. And the crowd had seen the giant in the room through the windows but they decided to ignore him.

Mu Yi was already extremely strong after all so they all thought it was useless to offend the giant as well. Why seek for more trouble?

“Old woman, should we?” asked the housekeeper to the old woman.

“Of course we should. Let’s see how long he can play his little game.” said the old woman glancing at Mu Yi with hatred in her eyes: “Besides, don’t you like Cui Xiang? If you solve the issue, that girl is yours.”

“Thank you, Ma’am!” said the housekeeper happily.

After that, the old woman and the housekeeper walked away together.

At that moment, Mu Yi controlled Cui Xiang with his mind strength. Controlling her was extremely easy.

He could make her say or do anything but it wasn’t the right time yet.

Very quickly, Mu Yi and Cui Xiang arrived in a backyard in front of a room, as soon as they opened the door, Mu Yi frowned.

The room was in a terrible mess. Tables had been kicked aside. There was a corridor, on the floor at the beginning of the corridor, there were frames which had fallen, there were pieces of broken flower vases everywhere. And Mu Yi could also smell blood.

Cui Xiang stayed at the entrance, she didn’t dare come into the room. She was terrified, her heard was pounding.

Mu Yi didn’t force her, otherwise, she would have collapsed. He entered the room alone.

As soon as Mu Yi properly entered the room, he saw a woman lying on a bed, her clothes were ragged, her hair was messy, her clothes were torn apart so the undergarment covering her chest and abdomen was visible. The bedclothes were on the ground.

Mu Yi arrived next to the bed, he could clearly see the woman’s face. She was around twenty years old. Her facial expression was terrifying: it was a mixture of fury, fear and pain. She hadn’t died content.

Her face was swollen too. There was the mark of a hand on her face. There was blood on her face and there was a huge blood stain on the bed sheet as well as half a tongue.

When Mu Yi saw that, he frowned even more. Even if he didn’t have much experience when it came to solving crimes, he also immediately understood that she had decided to commit suicide by biting off her tongue because she didn’t want to get raped. But who had tried to rape her?

Mu Yi didn’t see anything in the room which could have belonged to a man. Since that woman was a noble lady, she probably had a husband already. But where was he? And such an incredible thing had happened, why was there no man in charge of taking care of that?

Apart from the old woman, there was a housekeeper, he didn’t look brave enough to do something like that. Besides, if any servant had done that, she wouldn’t have needed to find him.

As Mu Yi was thinking, he heard some steps outside.

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