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Chapter 158: Mu Yi Likes Justice

Mu Yi was a bit surprised at the answer. The people around them didn’t know what they were talking about. Even though what Mu Yi had done was daring, it wasn’t as if everybody knew about it.

The only reason why Xue Wu recognized Mu Yi was because he had seen a picture of him previously. He had heard that Mu Yi had killed the second vice-president’s only son.

Even though Xue Wu was an officer, he still had the beliefs of the brotherhood. He had never liked people who took advantage of their positions to bully people like that young prince. He could only warn Mu Yi. He was a member of the yamen after all. They fed him.

Of course, he didn’t think he would run into Mu Yi. He had come after being called and was facing him. He didn’t know if he was lucky or not. No matter what, he had arrived and he had to do his best to solve the issue. If he got Mu Yi to come to the yamen, he wouldn’t have to be the only one to decide what to do.

The problem was that Mu Yi had realized what he was trying to do. A direct confrontation was the only remaining solution it seemed. Mu Yi didn’t release any powerful Qi but he had been able to kill the young prince even though he had so many guards with him. It wouldn’t have been possible if he wasn’t been strong.

Fighting wasn’t the best solution. There was the potential that he would lose. He had traveled the world for many years, he knew not to offend anyone. Mu Yi was someone he couldn’t offend based on what he knew.

“Second vice-president? What a great high-official,” said Mu Yi smiling icily.

He knew the prince probably had a high social status at the time. He didn’t care then. Now that he knew his actual social status, he still didn’t care. He wasn’t worried because he was strong.

If it had been half a year before, Mu Yi wouldn’t have done something like that. Back then, he hadn’t accomplished that much. Even if the second vice-president had power and influence, the capital city was beyond the reach of his power. Plus, the rules travelers had to abide by and the rules ordinary people followed were different.

Mu Yi was hesitating, not because of the second vice-president, but because of the key. His opponents would continue to be stronger because of the key.

“It doesn’t matter what you did before. What matters is what happened here. Please come to the yamen to explain yourself,” said Xue Wu.

He cupped a fist in hand before his chest politely again but a bit more firmly. Mu Yi could see that Xue Wu wasn’t a despicable person. He wasn’t selfish or corrupt. He still had passion and determination. He was valiant.

If it had been because of the young prince, maybe he would have let him go. However, there was the young woman and the housekeeper. He had to do something. He couldn’t just let Mu Yi leave.

“Yamen? You think the yamen is a good place to talk about principles and justice?” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

He didn’t intend to go to the yamen. He didn’t wait for Xue Wu to reply either.

“Even though I can’t go to the yamen with you, I want to be like a just official today. What do you think? Do you want to watch a great play with me?” Mu Yi said.

“Eh…?” Xue Wu said.

Xue Wu wanted to refuse at first but since Mu Yi looked so calm he decided to trust him. He didn’t know why. Mu Yi stood up. Everybody looked at him. The old woman and the housekeeper had a bad feeling about it. Zhao Quan also remained silent.

“You said I attacked the young lady of your clan. You said she struggled. When she knew she was definitely going to get raped, she committed suicide by biting off her tongue. She did it to protect her honor and dignity, right?” said Mu Yi .

“Indeed, that’s correct,” said the housekeeper.

He stepped back unconsciously. He didn’t dare look at Mu Yi. Mu Yi took a step forward and put his hand on the housekeeper’s shoulder.

“Now, if you can move, even if you just blink, I lose,” said Mu Yi.

He calmly stepped aside. Xue Wu, Zhao Quan and the old woman were staring at the housekeeper. They didn’t understand what Mu Yi was doing. They realized something was wrong quickly.

After Mu Yi tapped the housekeeper’s shoulder, his body became stiff. It felt as if he had turned into a wooden dummy. He couldn’t move anymore. He couldn’t even blink.

“That’s…” Xue Wu  started.

He frowned, but he didn’t finish his sentence.

“You, what did you do to him?” shouted the old woman.

“I just wanted to show you that if I had wanted to do anything to the young lady, she wouldn’t have been able to move at all. She wouldn’t  have been able to bite her tongue off,” said Mu Yi.

Xue Wu and the others looked at the housekeeper. They were thinking. Mu Yi didn’t directly prove he hadn’t done anything but it was a good point. There were many things that ordinary people couldn’t do.

Xue Wu understood that the young lady couldn’t possibly have bitten her tongue off when facing Mu Yi. At the same time, he also had more esteem for Mu Yi. Even though Zhao Quan wasn’t as knowledgeable as Xue Wu, he wasn’t stupid.

“A wizard, you’re a wizard!” shouted the old woman.

Mu Yi ignored her. He walked over to Cui Xiang. He stared at her.

“Have you really seen me personally do anything to the young lady? Have you really seen me escape?” He asked.

“I, I…” Cui Xiang said.

She was scared and panicking. Mu Yi didn’t insist that she answer. He walked to a table and put his hand on it. They wondered what he was doing. They heard some cracking sounds and the table disintegrated.

They were all shocked. A moment before, Mu Yi had tapped the housekeeper’s shoulder to immobilize him. What he had just done was terrifying. The table was solid, even with a hammer, it would have been difficult to break it. It could have cracked or broke in two, but it couldn’t possibly have disintegrated.

Xue Wu understood this point. Even though he used to be nicknamed Xue the Iron Fist and was confident in his abilities, what he had just seen was impressive. “Iron fist” sounded like a joke while he was in front of Mu Yi.

“If I had really come with evil intentions, you think a little girl like you could stand there criticizing me?” said Mu Yi.

Everybody was silent.

“You’re the one who called outsiders and plotted to kill Lanr and then accused the Taoist priest, right?” said the old woman to Cui Xiang.

She jumped in front of Cui Xiang and kicked her. Cui Xiang screamed. She fell to the ground in pain.

“Ma’am…” said Cui Xiang.

She was struggling to stand up. She wanted to speak.

“Shut up! I’ll make people beat you to death!” said the old woman.

Cui Xiang was so scared she was shaking.

“Master, I understand now. She is a little traitor. I nearly accused you. Luckily, I realized in time. I’m so sorry. I will send some people so that we can pay for your travel expenses,” said the old woman to Mu Yi.

She smiled at him. She wasn’t being mean anymore but she wasn’t fooling anyone. She still did it though since as long as Mu Yi left, everything would be easier. If she accused Cui Xiang, she could maintain her good reputation. She could also use the corpse.

In the “Ministry of Rites’ Legal Code”, there were certain laws. People who raped women had to die. Usually women were ready to commit suicide to protect their chastity. They sometimes even built a temple in their honor.

If two of the members of the Kang Clan had monuments, it would be a great honor. Was the old woman stupid? She was the last of her line. She didn’t even have a daughter-in-law anymore. What was the point of having such a prestigious social status?

Mu Yi didn’t think she was stupid. He looked at her vile face and shook his head.

“You started all this but you’re not the one who can say when it stops,” said Mu Yi.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Master? Could it be that you want to kill an old woman like me? I’m an old woman and I’m the only one remaining in the Kang Clan. Be fair and just to me,” said the old woman.

She tried to change her tactic. She was obviously panicking.

“This Taoist priest…” Zhao Quan said.

“Granddad, if I were you, I wouldn’t make irresponsible remarks. Your integrity could be ruined,” said Mu Yi.

He glanced at Zhao Quan. Zhao Quan hesitated after hearing that.

“You forced her to death. You forced your daughter-in-law to die. You’re the last in the Kang Clan? That wasn’t necessary,” said Mu Yi.

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