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Chapter 160: Dirty Souls

“If you can leave, then leave,” said Mu Yi indifferently.

“You’re going against your promise!” said the second young master.

“Is that so? I said I wouldn’t kill you. That doesn’t mean other people won’t kill you,” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

Xue Wu looked at the second young master. Concealing the case had become impossible. He couldn’t let the second young master leave. Mu Yi had said he wouldn’t kill him but someone else could kill him. However, Xue Wu didn’t have time to act. The second young master’s eyes widened.

“Aren’t you dead? You’re a ghost! Don’t come closer!” the second young master shouted.

The crowd had really thought the old woman had gone insane. She hadn’t been talking nonsense it seemed. The second young master looked terrified. He was firmly holding the knife. He kept stabbing the air in front of him.

“Master, that’s…” said Xue Wu in a low voice.

“Just watch,” said Mu Yi.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” shouted the second young master unceasingly.

His eyes continued to widen. Finally, his eyes became so big that they popped. He fell to the ground and screamed in pain. Xue Wu and the others’ hearts sped up and their hair bristled.

What they saw after that was extremely frightening. The second young master stood up but it didn’t seem as if he was controlling his body. He looked like a puppet. It seemed as if something or someone was holding him by the neck.

The second young master put his hands on his neck and pulled. It was as if he wanted to get rid of something but the crowd couldn’t see anything. His breathing became extremely quick. His face turned red and blood kept flowing from his eye sockets. It was horrible to look at.

Finally, the second young master’s body shook violently. His hands loosened and he let go of his neck. His arms fell to his sides and he collapsed.

“You got your revenge. You can leave now,” said Mu Yi.

He looked like was talking to nothing. Zhao Quan and the old man were shaking. They were terrified. Even though Xue Wu looked less scared, his face was pale. Cui Xiang had fainted.

“Granddads, please go inside and have a look. I think her eyes must be closed by now,” said Mu Yi.

“What? We?” Zhao Quan said.

He didn’t understand why Mu Yi was sending them.

“Of course you! Could it be that you want to leave with him?” said Mu Yi.

He glanced at the second young master’s body that was lying on the ground. Zhao Quan and the old man’s bodies stiffened. They glanced at each other and walked towards the room. At least, Mu Yi allowed them to go together. The two old men entered the room.

“She closed her eyes. She closed her eyes,” they shouted.

“So, do you still want to take me to the yamen?” asked Mu Yi.

“You’re joking. I already feel ridiculous in front of you, Master. I’m like a buffoon,” said Xue Wu.

He wasn’t stupid. He knew Mu Yi could easily destroy him. Mu Yi hadn’t even killed the people here himself. Nobody would know what methods he used to kill people.  Xue Wu was a senior official. He had this job to eat. He didn’t need to risk his life or his colleagues’ for such things.

“What about you?” said Mu Yi looking at Zhao Quan and the old man.

“We?” asked Zhao Quan.

“Actually, not only you, but everyone in the village,” said Mu Yi nodding.

“Please tell us what you mean, Master,” said Zhao Quan respectfully.

“If I am not mistaken, there must be many chaste and pure women in the village, right?” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

Zhao Quan glanced at the other old man but only hesitated for a moment.

“To tell you the truth, there are quite a few chaste women in the village. There’s even a temple of virtue and principles. We even burn incense for them,” Zhao Quan said.

“Temple of virtue and principles. How many slatterns are inside?” said Mu Yi.

“Master, you should speak cautiously. All the women inside are considered pure, honest and innocent. They never had sex outside of marriage. They didn’t remarry after their husbands’ death. If you say such things in public, you will offend the government,” Zhao Quan said with a fearful expression.

“Offend the government? That old biddy has a chastity arch in her honor. Do you think she was qualified?” said Mu Yi disdainfully.

He pointed at the corpse on the ground. When the old men heard Mu Yi, they didn’t say anything else. He was right. There was nothing to contradict. There were many scandals that had come out.

If nobody was interested in that, it didn’t matter. Tf someone did some research and found out about it… When the two thought of that, they worried. Zhao Quan bowed before Mu Yi.

“Please tell us what to do, Master,” he said.

“Go and prepare some sacrificial material. In the evening, I’ll come and perform a ritual to purify everything,” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“Alright, we’re going to prepare things,” they said.

The two old men didn’t believe Mu Yi. They just thought he was trying to get money from them. They just wanted to give him the money and see him off. They wanted the village to be peaceful again.

After the two old men left, Xue Wu didn’t feel relieved. In the room, there were three people. Cui Xiang was unconscious so he was alone with Mu Yi. Plus, he was scared of him. Mu Yi didn’t care about Xue Wu’s state of mind.

“Are you satisfied, Officer Xue?” asked Mu Yi.

“I feel enlightened,” said Xue Wu after remaining silent for a few seconds.

“Do you think I am purposely making a mystery of a simple thing as well?” asked Mu Yi.

“I wouldn’t dare!” said Xue Wu shaking his head.

“You can leave, Officer Xue. I’m sure that you know what to say when you go back, right?” said Mu Yi.

“The old woman of the Ka Clan had an illegitimate son who killed her daughter-in-law, then an accident happened. The housekeeper died and I killed her because she went insane,” said Xue Wu.

He knew he couldn’t mention Mu Yi.

“Alright, I trust you, Officer Xue. I’ll let you take care of the situation here,” said Mu Yi nodding.

Mu Yi left. After he was gone, Xue Wu sat down. Even though all this hadn’t taken a long time, it had felt like ages. The pressure was terrible when facing Mu Yi. It was worse than when he faced the county magistrate.

After resting for a short while, he looked at Cui Xiang. She was still unconscious. He called people to clean up the mess and take the corpses away. When the two investigators grabbed the second young master’s body, Xue Wu suddenly saw two black handprints on his neck.

They looked like a woman’s slender hands. When Xue Wu recalled how the man had struggled not to die, he shuddered. He had traveled a lot but he didn’t believe in ghosts. He was convinced that everything that happened before was because Mu Yi was extremely strong. He was convinced that Mu Yi had resorted to martial arts.

Strange things did happen in the world but usually they had a rational explanation. But the two black handprints on his neck were extremely strange… Had a ghost killed the second young master? Or Mu Yi?

“Wake up,” Xue Wu said.

He walked over to Cui Xiang and kicked her. Cui Xiang quickly came back to her senses. She still looked terrified. When she saw Xue Wu, she stood up and hugged his legs.

“Uncle! Please save me, I didn’t injure the lady, please believe me!” she said.

“Stop crying,” said Xue Wu frowning and breaking free from her grasp.

“Now, I need to ask you some questions and you must tell me the truth, okay?” Xue Wu said.

“Yes, yes, uncle, don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything, I promise!” said Cui Xiang nodding hastily.

“Did you personally see the one who hounded the young lady to death?” asked Xue Wu.

“Yes. When it happened, I wanted to call someone but the second young master prevented me from calling anyone. He said if I called someone, he’d sell me to a brothel,” said Cui Xiang crying.

“Did you see what happened after she committed suicide by bitting off her tongue?” asked Xue Wu.

“Yes, yes I did,” said Cui Xiang shaking.

She looked even more scared when she recalled it.

“The young lady’s eyes were open or closed after?” asked Xue Wu.

“Open,” said Cui Xiang without hesitating.

“Are you sure?” asked Xue Wu.

“I am sure. Her eyes were open. She was even looking at me. I was scared,” said Cui Xiang.

She wanted to hug Xue Wu’s legs again but he walked away. He went into the room again. Cui Xiang hesitated but didn’t follow him. After a short time, Xue Wu came back out.

“Everybody can forget everything you heard or saw here. Alright?” Xue Wu said.

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