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Chapter 162: Fierce Ghosts, Fierce Ghosts

Mu Yi used exorcism charms on everybody. He didn’t want to be someone who tried to be on good terms with everyone but he didn’t want to end up alone after the ritual. Besides, no matter what, they were there because of him so he had to ensure their safety.

Not only could exorcism charms purify people from resentful Qi but it could also protect them from it. Mu Yi ignored the people’s reactions of surprise. He turned around and threw a five thunders charm. The crowd heard an explosion and lightning struck the roof of the temple.

A hole opened in the roof. Brick and tile flooded down.  The old men around Xue Wu were stunned. If Mu Yi had only used the exorcism charms on them, they could have conceived it all. Yet he could also make lightning descend from the sky. They looked at him with respect after that. They didn’t even pay attention to the hole in the roof.

“Ah!” someone screamed.

It was a gloomy sound that came out of the temple. A strong wind started blowing. A black shadow appeared in front of Mu Yi. The shadow floated halfway up in the air. It was surrounded by black Qi. It looked like a man but it was already a ferocious ghost, no, it was a fierce ghost.

The ghost’s Qi wasn’t weaker than Mu Yi’s Qi. It also had mental abilities.

“They’re not afraid of yin Qi or fire. They can condense their mental abilities. Those are fierce ghosts.” Mu Yi recalled being told that. The lightning hadn’t worked as he had expected. It hadn’t destroyed the ghost. There was a fierce ghost in front of Mu Yi. It was something to be cautious about. It even had mental abilities which meant it was as smart as someone alive.

“Stinky Taoist priest! Why do you mean me harm?” said the fierce ghost staring at Mu Yi.

Since Mu Yi had started traveling, the ghost with whom he had conversed the most was Nian Nuer. She had innate mental abilities and acted like a normal little girl. Therefore, Mu Yi wasn’t surprised to see a ghost who acted like a human.

“If I’m not mistaken, you’re the xiucai from back in the days?” said Mu Yi.

The people around him felt like they were going to faint. They were scared just thinking about it. The xiucai from back then?! Wasn’t he dead? How could he still be alive? There was something wrong. He had turned into a ghost!?

They shuddered with fear when they thought about it. Some people turned around. They wanted to run away. The ghost nodded, glancing at the few old men before looking at Mu Yi again,

“Indeed. I wouldn’t have thought someone would remember me after so many years,” said the fierce ghost.

“You turned into a ghost because of resentment but you still understand suffering. You don’t feel good about the lightning strike, right?” said Mu Yi.

Mu Yi thought of the lightning strike which had happened. Maybe someone had done that on purpose?

“Little Taoist priest, what do you want to do?” said the fierce ghost.

He didn’t do anything reckless. He felt threatened by Mu Yi, especially after having seen the lightning attack. Even though the attack wasn’t as powerful as the one ten years ago, he still couldn’t afford to underestimate Mu Yi. If he had been struck by the lightning directly, he wouldn’t have enjoyed it. It could have been dangerous as well.

“I’m here for those women who died unjustly. I want to avenge them,” said Mu Yi.

His real goal was more complex but he didn’t need to tell him everything.

“Their deaths have nothing to do with me. If you want to avenge them, you should talk to them,” said the fierce ghost pointing to the crowd.

The old men around were scared. They had taken steps backward. Their legs felt like cotton. Some of them even fell to the ground.

“Hahahaha! Did you see that? Even though I built the temple and practice cultivation here, I’ve never injured someone. Don’t you know how to distinguish between right and wrong?” said the fierce ghost to Mu Yi.

“Those women didn’t die because of you, indeed. What about those men who died suddenly in the village? After they died, they were supposed to reincarnate but you imprisoned them. You probably used them for your cultivation, right?” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“Hmph! If they hadn’t been greedy, nothing would have happened to them. I don’t feel like replying to your last question,” said the fierce ghost shaking his head disdainfully.

“You’re right,” Mu Yi said.

The crowd thought Mu Yi would refute what the fierce ghost had said.

“Haha! Not bad, not bad. You’re not confused,” said the fierce ghost bursting into laughter.

“Actually, I was just talking shit,” said Mu Yi.

“What do you mean?” asked the fierce ghost.

He didn’t understand what he was saying. Even though he had mental abilities, he had been meditating in seclusion for many years. He wasn’t used to communicating anymore.

“Travelers are all like that before they start slaying evil spirits,” said Mu Yi smiling.

“Are you messing with me, little Taoist priest?” said the fierce ghost.

A cold wind started blowing again.

“No, I’m just teasing you,” said Mu Yi.

“You really want to die!” the fierce ghost said.

He was angry. He threw himself at Mu Yi with a lot of power. All the torches on the walls were blown out. Only the moonlight illuminated the area but it wasn’t enough to see clearly.

Mu Yi didn’t mind. As the ghost threw himself at him, he kept calm and took out the copper lamp. He didn’t move slowly. He was quick. The copper lamp shone brightly and illuminated the fierce ghost.

“Ah!” the fierce ghost shouted.

It flew back quickly. Mu Yi was holding the copper lamp with his left hand. He raised his right hand and white lights flashed. He had thrown a few evil spirit slaying charms. When the evil spirit slaying charms disappeared, the fierce ghost had already reached the ceiling of the mausoleum. He was staring at Mu Yi angrily.

Mu Yi still looked calm. He took out a five thunders charm. Lightning descended from the sky and aimed at the fierce ghost.

“Ah!” The fierce ghost screamed.

Even though this time Mu Yi was facing a fierce ghost, it didn’t matter. It was equivalent to the second difficulty, which was Mu Yi’s current stage. The fierce ghost wasn’t very skilled. It didn’t seem to be able to compete with Mu Yi.

Mu Yi had the copper lamp and five thunders charms. The ghost didn’t have experience in fighting against humans. Fierce ghosts who had experience weren’t as easy to suppress. That lightning wouldn’t suffice to kill a fierce ghost. At their level, their defense was good. Unless Mu Yi used the last two five thunders charms he had, he might not  be able to defeat the ghost.

He wasn’t there to deal with him though, even if he had committed crimes. Mu Yi didn’t care. When he had said he was there to avenge the women, it was just an excuse. Actually, what Mu Yi really wanted to do was help Nian Nuer using the fierce ghost.

Nian Nuer was only one small step away from breaking through. If they waited a few more days, she would be able to advance by herself. Mu Yi didn’t intend to wait anymore because of what Xue Wu had said. People who wanted to steal the key from him would find him quickly. They might even come tomorrow.

Mu Yi would definitely need help. It was better if Nian Nuer broke through in a safe environment, not during a battle. Therefore, the best solution was to do it before any enemies found him.

It was a great opportunity. When Mu Yi had noticed the resentful Qi around Zhao Quan’s body, he had come up with the idea. The temple didn’t disappoint him. Not only was there resentful Qi inside but there was also a fierce ghost. Mu Yi was delighted.

He was convinced that if the Bamboo Tree of Life absorbed the fierce ghost, it’d help Nian Nuer. Mu Yi would maybe be able to finish the sacrificial ritual of the Bamboo Tree of Life. That would be amazing.

Besides, if Nian Nuer advanced, she’d be able to come out during the day as well. As long as she didn’t come out when it was noon when the sun was high and it was the hottest. If Nian Nuer reached the second difficulty, Mu Yi would feel reassured. He would be much stronger.

The lightning disappeared and the fierce ghost reappeared. He looked miserable. He was all black. Half of the black fog which surrounded him had disappeared. He was emitting sad and plaintive cries. He quickly realized something was wrong. He wanted to escape but Mu Yi didn’t let him.

“Bamboo Tree of Life, quickly!” shouted Mu Yi, pointing at the fierce ghost.

The Bamboo Tree of Life which was on the table started shaking. Tt was the first time Mu Yi had used another ghost for the sacrificial ritual. Emerald green lights flashed and the Bamboo Tree of Life stabbed into the fierce ghost’s body.

“No, stop!” the fierce ghost yelled.

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