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Chapter 164: Finally There

In his room, Mu Yi shook his head. Big Slave didn’t know why Mu Yi was shaking his head.

Mu Yi took out the Bamboo Tree of Life and put it on his legs. Then he started meditating.

His copper lamp was burning and illuminated him.

Time passed. The night passed in the blink of an eye.

When Mu Yi arrived in the courtyard, Li the Good was still there. After what had happened, he admired Mu Yi even more.

“Master, the carriage is ready.” said Li the Good respectfully.

“Let’s go then.” said Mu Yi nodding. The Kang Clan and the village were just transit points for him. Nian Nuer had leveled up there, and the sacrificial ritual of the Bamboo Tree of Life was finished, those were great accomplishments already.

At least, it would be better to deal with upcoming difficulties that way.

“Roger, Master.”

After that, he wanted to help Big Slave get onto the carriage but he was too weak, his face became all red. He knew Big Slave was heavy but he hadn’t thought he’d be that heavy.

Big Slave glanced at Li the Good, then he pushed him aside and got onto the carriage without having to make any effort.

When Li the Good saw that, he ran to the front of the carriage.


Mu Yi came out through the gate and saw some old men. All those old men had seen what had happened on the previous evening.

Is there anything I can help you with?” asked Mu Yi. Even though he had broken the table, he had done it to kill the fierce ghost, and he had done that to help them, at least, the men of the village would stop dying randomly. And those poor women would stop dying so young to be honored as chaste women in the afterlife.

Besides, he had also purified them with his exorcism charms. Even though he hadn’t increased their life expectancies, he had made them healthier. They would be healthier longer.

Therefore, he didn’t owe them anything.

“Can you tell us your name? We want to erect a temple in your honor to enshrine and worship you. We also want to make a gilded image of you.” said Zhao Quan cupping his hand into the other respectfully.

The old men all looked at him with incredible admiration and respect.

Mu Yi shook his head. He knew what those people were thinking, especially after what had happened on the previous evening. They were afraid.

They thought that if they had a gilded image of Mu Yi, evil would be repelled and maybe that they would even be blessed with his icons.

“No need for gilded images, I am not a deity. You won’t be blessed if you worship me. Only you can save your own selves.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly. He didn’t know whether the few old men really believe him or not but he didn’t care.

When Mu Yi refused, they looked worried, they wanted to say something but Mu Yi glanced at them and they didn’t manage to say anything, they just gulped down.


When Mu Yi left. The few old men sighed. They were afraid.

What they had seen and heard on the previous evening had scared them to death. They didn’t manage to keep calm.


When they sighed, they suddenly heard a thunder. They almost fainted. They ran to the eastern part of the village, when they arrived, all they saw was a complete mess.

The big memorial arch had collapsed, it had been destroyed by lightning. They knew it was Mu Yi’s lightning attack, they were angry.

What bad luck. On the same day, the Kang Clan’s old woman had fallen, they had been punished, a monument had been destroyed.

After having destroyed the old woman’s monument, Mu Yi got onto the carriage and continued traveling in Cangzhou’s direction.

At that moment, something surged like a gathering storm on the way. Even though nobody knew what had happened in the village yet, there were smart people. Mu Yi couldn’t have just vanished without trace.

The members of the yamen or those who paid attention to what was going on with the keys of the Yellow River’s ancient road were all smart.

Not to mention that Qu Yang had told people about Mu Yi, therefore, many people thought he was just a lucky little boy who had managed to escape. And the fact that he had killed the second vice-president’s son and guards was something not worth mentioning.

A key could make the whole world of travelers become astir. As more and more people knew about the keys, they also discovered who had the five other keys, it was as if a hidden hand had been controlling everything behind the scenes.

On that day, in the afternoon, a group of three people stopped Mu Yi. He instantly knew who they were.

Actually, Mu Yi hadn’t expected not to be found at all. That was almost impossible. The distance from Luoyang to Cangzhou was big, it wasn’t a journey which could be done from one day to another. However, he hadn’t thought they’d catch up with him in such a short time.

The three people in front of him weren’t not worth mentioning but it could be considered as a first wave. More people would probably manage to catch up with him. Sitting in the carriage and having a peaceful and tranquil journey to Cangzhou was now impossible.

This time, Mu Yi didn’t intervene himself. Big Slave got off the carriage and instantly slapped those three people to death.

Mu Yi perfectly knew how travelers were, so he was merciless. Even if a saint had told them about principles, they wouldn’t have understood, not to mention that in the bible, saints had a holy book in one hand and a sword in the other.

Only death and blood could scare them. That was the only way.

Why didn’t anyone go to Baidi town to get the key? Wasn’t all this happening because of that guy in Baidi town? Why didn’t anyone go to Mount Longhu or Shangqing? Fundamentally, it was because Mu Yi was too weak, at least, that was most people’s perception.

And since they thought that way, Mu Yi didn’t mind teaching them a good lesson.

Even though Mu Yi didn’t like killing innocent people, since those people were causing trouble, he had no choice. People were ready to do anything for their own personal interests.

“No need to walk on small roads now. We can walk on the main road and go to Kaifeng.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly after Big Slave killed three people.

“Get rid of obstacles?” Li the Good didn’t understand. Mu Yi had hired him to go to Cangzhou, not to Kaifeng. They had to turn around to go to Kaifeng and it wasn’t near.

“Yes, the next days probably won’t be calm and tranquil. When we arrive in Kaifeng, you can go back. I can pay you more.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“Master, I am not afraid. I can take you to Cangzhou.” said Li the Good. Even though he was good and honest, he wasn’t stupid. He knew that those three people were just a sign that things were just starting.

But Mu Yi had paid him a lot of money and on top of that, he had taken care of him. Mu Yi never acted arrogantly with him. It was the first time he encountered such a nice client.

Therefore, he wanted to bring Mu Yi to Cangzhou since the latter wanted to go there.

“You’re very kind. But before that, I also traveled by wain and it drew many people’s attention. But now we’ve already been uncovered. I want to take the boat on the Yellow River. I’ll arrive faster that way.” said Mu Yi but when he mentioned the Yellow River, he had a strange feeling.

If he said the Yellow River’s ancient road had nothing to do with him, nobody would believe him. And maybe that that ancient road wasn’t far. But even if Mu Yi wanted to go there, it wasn’t the right time.

When Li the Good heard Mu Yi, he nodded. Indeed, taking the boat would be faster and more comfortable than a wain.

As Mu Yi had anticipated, on that day, four people tried to stop them. But Big Slave punched them all to death.

Big Slave liked to kill people by punching them. That was why he had given up the ax back then.

On the day after, they were ready. Li the Good was actually scared. His face was constantly pale. He had never seen as many dead people as during that trip.

Mu Yi shed blood to get to Kaifeng.

“Master, you really enter the city?”

asked Li the Good stopping in a county town after Big Slave had just killed one last person who wanted to steal Mu Yi’s key.

“Why not?” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“But…” Li the Good didn’t finish his sentence and continued galloping towards the city.

That county town wasn’t big. It looked sad too. Li the Good’s wain drew many people’s attention. Then, they looked for an inn. When Big Slave came out, Li the Good had the sensation they were being watched.

But people were scared of Big Slave so nobody attacked. Li the Good was relieved.

“No matter what you hear tonight, don’t come out.”

said Mu Yi to Li the Good. Li the Good nodded and went back to his room.

Li the Good perfectly understood that. He didn’t really understand martial arts. He couldn’t help Mu Yi with anything. He would just be a burden if he tried anything. Therefore, even if Mu Yi didn’t warn him, he didn’t intend to go out to fight.

Mu Yi had also told him that the night wouldn’t be a tranquil one.

Mu Yi went back to his room with Big Slave. As long as he the Bamboo Tree of Life, Big Slave followed him.

Mu Yi didn’t hide so when he entered his room, some people saw him.

Shortly after Mu Yi went to the inn, some carrier pigeons started flying all over the sky of the city. After taking their messages, they flew away.

At the same time, some people looked panic stricken and rushed to the gate of the yamen.

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