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Chapter 165: People Who Enjoy Killing Often End Up Getting Killed!

“Scumbag of mankind! Come out and die!”

shouted someone furiously. Mu Yi who was reading the ghost controlling scriptures put them away. During those two days, the little girl hadn’t come out. She was still trying to stabilize. Because Mu Yi was worried, he took out those scriptures he had taken from Xugui and decided to study them.

Even though he already knew the content by heart, his cultivation level was now much, much higher than the first time he had read them, so his perceptions and understanding were different too.

Maybe that what he was learning from that book wouldn’t help him become stronger right away but someday, he’d be able to use the content properly and that’d be explosive.

And regarding Nian Nuer, he was now reassuring himself by telling himself that the longer Nian Nuer took to stabilize, the better it was, it meant that her potential had no limit.

“Scumbag of mankind! If you don’t come out, I’ll burn the inn!” shouted someone outside when they saw that Mu Yi wasn’t coming out.

When Mu Yi heard that, he smiled coldly. He put his book away and then stood. Big Slave and Mu Yi left the room together.

Maybe that Mu Yi had done it on purpose or had just forgotten, but he didn’t take the Bamboo Tree of Life. He left it on the table of the room.

At that moment, the atmosphere was lively outside and some people were threatening to set the inn on fire. Mu Yi took that threat seriously.

But when everybody realized who the person outside was, they were furious but didn’t dare speak. They were even trying to think of a place where to hide. Some others wanted to switch to another inn.

When Mu Yi came out, he saw the man who had threatened to set the inn on fire. Cui Heng, the travelers with the two spears. He was famous for being extremely violent and aggressive in the world of travelers.

Of course, he wasn’t an overlord, he was just known to kill people easily without saying anything, but because he was extremely strong, he could live free and unfettered.

And from Luoyang to Kaifeng, Mu Yi had gone through a lot and his adventures spread around quickly. And that aggressive man had also heard about Mu Yi’s adventures of course, to him, it was an opportunity the gods gave to him. Otherwise, why would all this have happened near him?

According to legends, not only did the Yellow River’s ancient road have incredible and priceless treasures and miraculous drugs but it was also said it had some godly weapons. And most travelers dreamt of finding it precisely because of those incredible weapons. Another name for the Yellow River’s ancient road was the “Grave of the Yellow River’s Dragon”. It was said that a real dragon was buried there. And receiving the real dragon’s legacy would allow anyone to become so strong they would become like a god.

Many people were restless because of that legend.

Back in the days, when the Qin Dynasty had collapsed, miracles had occurred. Now, the Qing Dynasty had collapsed too, so miracles were obviously going to occur as well.

If anyone found the real dragon’s heritage, they would become godly, they would be able to gain power and rule over the whole nation. Of course, even if the legend wasn’t true, it didn’t matter because they would still be able to find some incredible treasures which used to belong to the previous dynasties.

Many travelers weren’t that ambitious, if they could already obtain a godly weapon, or some mysterious scriptures, that’d already be great.

They didn’t dare go to places like Baidi town but now a small Taoist priest had suddenly appeared and he had a key, so many people cast greedy eyes on him.

Cui Heng considered himself quite lucky because all those who had tried to steal the key from Mu Yi had died so it was still that little Taoist priest who had it, if he managed to kill Mu Yi, he’d be able to steal the key and go to the Yellow River’s ancient road.

And whether some stronger cultivators would come to steal the key from him after having stolen it from Mu Yi, Cui Heng didn’t think about that. Or maybe that he was confident he would be able to protect the key even if some strong cultivators came to attack him. Many people thought the same of themselves as Cui Heng thought of himself. Many people thought they were so strong that not many people could compete with them.

Mu Yi came out of the inn and looked at Cui Heng, he had to small black spears in his back. The tip of the spears was extremely sharp and were one third of the whole spear in size.

Cui Heng was tall. He looked powerful and mighty but in comparison with Big Slave, he wasn’t that tall.

When Mu Yi and Big Slave came out, people walked away. People were afraid of Big Slave as soon as they saw him. Mu Yi only reached Big Slave’s chest in height. He looked like a kid next to him.

Even though it was the first time Cui Heng saw Mu Yi and Big Slave in reality, he had already seen their portraits so he instantly recognized them. He was overjoyed to see them.

“Scumbag, you killed sixteen of my fellow people from Henan so far. You are a disgrace for mankind. Today, I will avenge those people and send you to hell.” shouted Cui Heng.

“Alright, come and avenge them.”

“Yes, I will kill the scumbag that you are.”

Cui Heng’s voice echoed and people around started whispering all sorts of things which boosted his morale.

He justed looked at Cui Heng and said, “But the problem is that to avenge those people, you need to see how strong you are. The consequences could be the opposite of what you were expecting and you could die too.”

“How insolent and arrogant, you little scumbag. Nobody dares underestimate me and my fellows from Henan. Today, I’d like to invite some friends to help me get rid of that scumbag.” shouted Cui Heng.

Mu Yi had heard of Cui Heng, he was nicknamed Cui Heng the Aggressive but now Mu Yi understood that Cui Heng was aggressive but not reckless. It was normal though, if he had been reckless and stupid, he would have died a long time before.

It didn’t mean he wasn’t strong, it meant he anticipated things.

Even though Mu Yi didn’t seem dangerous at all, his giant did. Cui Heng had already thought of that, he was confident but the best was still to avoid to get injured. So the best was to ask some people for help.

He would have less pressure that way, he wouldn’t get injured, and after killing Mu Yi and the giant, he would steal his key. He would be able to kill two birds with one stone that way.

“Count me in.”

said someone as soon as Cui Heng said that. And when someone said that, it broke the ice, so several people came out of the crowd.

“Me too!”

I, Chang Qi, will also help, for justice.”

“What are you doing here Chang Qi?”

“Today, that scumbag will die!”

Several people came out of the crowd but Mu Yi didn’t even pay attention to them. The only one who drew Mu Yi’s attention was Chang Qi.

Chang Qi was a middle-aged man. He looked ordinary except for his hands. His fists looked big and heavy. Standing next to him, one felt under pressure.

“Alright, Brother Chang, with your help, we’ll definitely crush that evil scumbag!” said Cui Heng trying to look heroic and valiant, but actually, he remained vigilant and cautious when he saw Chang Qi appear.

He initially wanted to make the whole crowd help him and use them as cannon fodder. He would have sent them to the fire line like a lamb to the slaughter but now that Chang Qi was there, he had to be careful because Chang Qi wasn’t weaker than him.

Chang Qi glanced at Cui Heng and nodded. Actually, Chang Qi had followed him but he hadn’t shown himself.

Even though Mu Yi didn’t look dangerous at all, Chang Qi didn’t underestimate him. And regarding Big Slave, Chang Qi knew he was probably extremely strong, but also extremely slow.

And if the giant was extremely strong but not quick enough to reach his opponents, then it was useless to be strong.

“What a pity!” said Mu Yi suddenly shaking his head.

The crowd didn’t understand what he meant, Was it a trick to destabilize them?

“Scumbag, you’re going to die, is there anything you’d like to say before?” said Cui Heng glumly.

“People who like to kill end up getting killed, sooner or later!”

said Mu Yi suddenly. He sounded sharp. His eyes were filled with murder.

“Big Slave, kill them!”

said Mu Yi after.

Big Slave walked forwards and Qi emerged from his body and rolled in waves launching a furious whirlwind attack on the enemies.


When the crowd sensed Big Slave’s Qi, they suddenly didn’t feel like causing trouble anymore. What a joke. The key was important but nobody was willing to throw away their life.

Even though many people wanted to prove Cui Heng how strong they were, many others also understood.

Cui Heng and Chang Qi frowned. Even though they had anticipated that Big Slave would be strong, they hadn’t thought he’d be so strong. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to defeat Big Slave alone, but they thought that if they joined hands with other people, it’d be easier, and it was impossible to know whether they were right or wrong before trying.

They glanced at each other and decided to give it a try.

“Everybody, together! That giant is extremely slow. Let’s get rid of him first and then we’ll get rid of the scumbag!” shouted Cui Heng glancing at Mu Yi evilly.

People’s eyes gleamed with ardor and fury again. Big Slave’s Qi had scared them but now, Chang Qi and Cui Heng were leading the way, so why not give it a try?

“Die!” shouted Chang Qi furiously. He raised his fists, they became red as if they were burning.

Cui Heng grabbed the spears in his back and threw them up, then he caught them again. Their blades gleamed with ice-cold lights.

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